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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Amazon's Prime Air drone is a delivery system in development that will use remote-controlled robotic vehicles to transport goods from the company's order fulfillment centers to the consumer. 
Amazon's drones are small, unmanned octocopters -- helicopters with eight rotors -- that use GPS navigation. The drones have electric motors, which makes them more environmentally-friendly than delivery trucks. 
The company says that the aircraft will deliver customer orders of five pounds or less, which includes 86 percent of all Amazon orders. Customers within a 10-mile radius of a fulfillment center should be able to expect delivery inside of 30 minutes. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

No Khan or Kapoor: Hugh Jackman is the face of Micromax

India's leading mobile phone company Micromax has appointed Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman as its brand ambassador.

In a first of its kind association for the brand, the actor will be seen endorsing the Canvas series of smartphones for Micromax. The association will kick off with the new Micromaxsmartphone-CanvasTurbo, to be launched soon in the Indian market.

Oddly enough, Micromax being an Indian brand has chosen a Hollywood celebrity as their brand ambassador.

Talking about the association with Micromax, Jackman said, "I am extremely thrilled and honored to be part of the Micromax family. I am a huge lover of India as it is one of the most exciting countries in the world and we also share our love for cricket."

Monday, August 05, 2013

The Real Happiness

Hi Folks, We always find happiness outside in terms of prosperity, achievements, victory, honour, medals, status and monetary gains.But these are all vanishable and perhaps these happiness are always combined with the other dark side of depressions and saddness.

Why not to find happiness which gives utter peace and comforts and which always remains permanent in youir whole life not to say but after your death also. It is one saying that "FAME DIES BUT COURTESY NEVER DIES".

But how this happiness comes from,this comes from within,insight from our heart, soul and mind. When mind corealtes with your heart and in turn your heart co related to your soul and when each of one co relates with each other then the real and true happiness comes from within.We have to be very natural, pure both from inside and outside.

We find people who are always good and pretty from outside but inside there lies an enemity and turbulent. Todays men are totally different from both within and outside.Your Deeds has to go for what you think and what you do. There should be conformity in doing and thinking.

So, the happiness is creative and it is created from inside by doing good deeds and to become pure both from inside and outside.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I, me aur Main leads you to Unhappiness

Hi Folks, When we take care of other properties or do the work of others we don't care as much as what we does for our own sake. Whatever the result comes we get least bothered since this was not belonging to me. We are least bothered when any disaster takles place to our neighbours or relatives we take things lightly.

The responsibilty only comes when it happens to us. Our minds and hearts gets filled with sorrow and blues that  is it the me that I have to suffer all such worst things or rather Why God is choosing me for the grievences.Why I left behind, what about my family, my children who will take cares, what about my parents.
Parents will say what about my childrens. This I, Me and Main gives you a lot of disagreements and disloyaly to you. In the influence of I me and Main we start doing wrong deeds only to fulfil our arroganance of I me and Main.

How to escape from I me and Main. The only one way out is to make yourself as a trustee and think over it who am I?.What I have brought in this life when I was born and what I will take during my death. Just rely on the saying that Came with Blank handed and will go with these blank handed.Consider life as a drama and yourself to be an actor, no doubt about it do your duties as per your capacity and if not don't cry for I me aur Main. Leave it upon the God and this wordily materialistic and mundane are destroyable the only thing is undestroyable are your good and divine deeds.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Power of Inner Happiness

Well, Hi Folks. There is a lot of resentment and hue and cry in our lives.We for no reason get sad and sacked from our mood due to the resentment from our fellow members and friends. Why one should get its mood off when some one speaks wrong to you or against you. Our remote control has been given to others and if others says wrong to us so our mood gets off. Our remote control should be in our hands. We should judge and resent whenever we want. Why our happiness and resentment depend upon others.

It is only that we listen them we take their talks, resentment in to our self and the result is we become the victim of resentment and sadness. Be light and free yourself from whatever like and dislikes of others, no matter what would be their response but that should not also go to the extreme means without caring of others and to spend the life at our own will.We should live as per the bouindaries set up by our laws and culture.

Do your duty properly and fulfillingly and if you don't get the results don't be ashamed of yourself. Thsi is the best you have done and no issues it does not realte to the outer results. If you get victory than it would be fine if no, then your inner happines should not get detioreted. Inner happiness palys a very important role. Inner happiness should not depand on outer things but it should directly co realted to your soul.

A thief always knows from his soul that he is doing wrong deeds so his soul will never get happiness and on the contrary the fear, dismay and embarassment will fill in his soul as a permanentt residence in himself.So be try to get fulfilled with your strong inner happines in such a way that you can fortify yourself that no matter if outer happines does'nt come to you. Outer happiness is only supplement to you inner happiness but not a substitute.

Inner happiness can only develop when you doesn't take anyone remarks within yourself irrespective of good or bad. Since good remarks also destroy your inner happiness and bad remarks feel more low of about you. Be in a position to remain stable and powerful and there should be a total trust and confidence in you. This trust and confidence comes only and only if you are true to yourself. Your soul feeling and your outer appearance should coincide with each other.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Property Buying Tips

Buying property? There is more to it than getting the finance and picking a reputed builder. Here is a quick run through of common sense tips. You already know it all, but the best of us, forget the best of things at times.

1. The Real Reason: Why do you want to buy the property? To have your ‘own’ home, for investment purpose only, a holiday home, a place to retire to, or to relocate? Once you know the reason, you will be more clear on what type of property to zero in on. This is especially important if you are buying a home outside of your city or even country.
2. Research: This is very important. Before you set out, read up, browse through several websites, talk to people, use your network to know more. And, yes… prepare a checklist of what you want.
3. Visit: Of course, you must pay a visit and check out the property or properties, as the case maybe. Go along with someone — a relative, a friend, or better still, someone from the town/ country! This is because, that person may bring in a fresher perspective and probably see what you don’t! Ask questions. Click photographs and go through your checklist!
4. Repeat Visits: Try visiting the property several times before you pay up, and visit the place at different times of the day.
5. Facilities & Amenities: Look for what the builder-developer is offering you vis-a-vis the price you are paying. Also, its important to know how far the nearest medical care unit, school, railway station, airport, shopping mall, etc., are located.
6. Language: In case you are relocating to another city or country, you must be prepared to learn the local language as also about the culture of that place.
7. Time: Be prepared to invest time into the project. You cannot expect to find your dream home the first time around!
8. Insurance: Go through the due diligence bit and get home insurance done. It’s really a must!
9. Solicitors: Pick someone you know. Avoid solicitors who have been recommended by agents. Find an independent one of repute.
10. Survey: Get a property survey done by a professional — someone who is familiar with local construction processes and materials

All this apart, enjoy the process. The journey is always more important than the destination.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is the Whole World really happy?

Hi Folks, We come across with proverbs, sayings, slogans which though give us inspirations and knowledge to lead a more better life than previous one I really appreciate with all theses slogans which gives satisfaction and relief in our life. I personally read all the messages and slogans when feel depressed or rather during my free time.

One of the slogan is very heart touching it says that "Picture is more beautiful and grateful than the persons as time changes picture does not change but the person changes". It is nourishment and food to our mind. We get peace and spirituality while reading all these messages. Our problems and diffculties automatically gets solved when we come across any of the messages which is connected to our problems.

I should tell to my friends that once in a day you should read the spiritual message and slogans and in additions to that one has to apply in his own activities than only there would be a use of all these messages.
Simply reading once and repeating has a great effect. Repeating or mesmerizing these messages makes you aware of any problems in your life.

The main discussions here goes on that there is a weakness or rather it ends with a sad note, apart from these messages I come across with TV soaps which ends in a dissapoint note or the sufferigs. The sufferings and dissapoint lies in all these messages, slogans, movies and serials. one slogan is that "Don't force sumone to remember u all the time, just stay silent & let them realize how will they be without u in their life." It ends with a sad note.

The sadness, suferings, weakness, loneliness, helplesness and spiritual messages shows that we human beings are not totally happy in this world. The messages should be one to promote relationships, loveness, happiness, faithfullness on the controray it shows the signal in all these messages even there are the slogans which really unrespect marriages and marriage life. Like as an "Shhadi Ka laddo khaya to bhi bura aur nahin khaya to bhi Bura", SHAADI KARKE PHAS GAYA YAR"

I mean to say that what is exact if the other is wrong the first one should be perfect. There is decieveness, unlikness and illness in all the realtionships and there are the messages which even has not left GOD also.

So on this regard I would believe that the Whole word is unhappy and has a lot of sufferings in it.