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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Todays Accurarcy and Perfectness of a customer

Todays economy has changed in to reverse gear. Previously poeple used to save a lot and spending less. Their richness and greatness were counted in the form of wealth, valuables, lands, plots, farmhouse which were accounted in the form of savings.

They used to give their belongings in the form of security and hypothecation for applying any bank loans. Banks previously used to get many formalities from the applicants for loans which were in the form of rights of ownership of their belongings in their name. There were very lenghty process to obtain loans from the Banks and Financial institutions. People were turmed and toiled for obtaining loans.

People were considered rich and great in the primitive stage when they were used to give loans to others for which they were used to charged a very high rate of interest compared to banks.They were called money lenders and Marwaris by keeping the pledge of their belongings with them.

Today it has got reversed, Banks do not take any hypothication or pledge of our goods and belongings which is gained by our savings but sees our expenditure. Todays world is more emphasised not by savings but expenses.

Todays to obtain loans one has to give IT returns and Bank statements so as to show them that we incur heavy expenses on our daily transactions. Banks are eager to know ones liabilities rather than assets. If you have credit cards of more than one banks you can obtain easily the credit cards of another banks. There is no significant of FDRs to show the security for obtaining credit cards.

I dont understand to check the correctness of someone, what one has to see? his expenses or his assets. Todays criteria is that if you owe a liability of one banks you can easily owe a liabilty of many banks.

Banks are fools in their dealings they need to check the credibility of a customer not in the terms of his spendings but in the terms of their savings. I need to give an example of mine for applying the credit card. A Tele marketing girl wantedfrom me the credit card of another bank so as to give credit card of her bank. I explaind her about my Fixed Deposits standing in my name with her bank. She did not convinced and rejected my application for Credit card.

The ground is that dont save but spend a lot in the form of Loans, Creditcards etc to considered yourself to be more geniunine and accurate.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The role of festival in our life

I have seen people gives a lot of importance to one religion. They become very pious, true, generous at the time of feast. when feast goes they again restore to their original life which is full of bias and corupt.

Why it is like so you tend to become generous and good only at the time of festival why not to your entire life. Religion always shows the true path to follow throughout to ones life and festival is an impact to put in to practice those path. Here it is only temporary phase of those path when it goes, every thing will be forgotten. People like to live in dust since they are corrupted, Corrupted in the sense that they become selfish, greedy, anguish, arrogant,bewildered and anarchy in their approach by fighting with each other to get their hand always on the top, for that they become thirsty of their own blood by killing their own brothers and sisters and tends to put dispute in the society.

News always come for the politicians fighting for their seats and trying to pull down thier competitors by showing their greatness. People are holding their job and business only for profits. Life has become corrupted and exploited in the hands of richer towards poorer. Poverty is taking place to a larger extent and the gap between the rich and poor has been widening. When festival comes people becomes sober and soft in their daily doings by givings alms, donations and serving the mankind. If this great good acts has been put in to practice then the slavery from this world will go and everybody will lead a peaceful life.

Try to make your life with all days of festival, then festival would not be at all there in our country like INDIA.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Managing Stress

Stress is a part of life. Even under the best conditions you can experience stress. The key to handling it is to develop a plan for managing stress daily.You cannot pop a pill now and then make it go away. Instead,you need to change the way you live and how you respond to events in your life.

Regular exercise and good nutrition help combat the physical effects of stress. Common examples includes walking, jogging or bicycling.

Good nutrition means a well balanced diet,eating moderate quantities,limiting caffeine and maintaning proper vitamin levels. It also helps to discontinue harmful habits such as smoking.

Combating the emotional part of stress calls for relaxation. Relaxing allows you to release fear and frustation, clearing your mind of tense or troubling thoughts. This can be done in many ways such as laughing, praying,meditating, sleeping, listening to music or reading.

Yes, your stress can be managed, but you must have a sensible plan for achieving it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Being polite costs nothing

Have you ever thought about how much nicer the world would be if you were always polite to the people you meet ?. Being polite costs nothing, but it pays greater dividends.

What is the success of growth in a big organisation, definately its management and its infrastructure. Both depends on the morale and efficiency of its employees. The employer should always be polite and sweet in his approach towards his employees. He should always praise for the small efforts and output of his employees. Moreover he has to consider even his flaws and errors in their work. Workers and urchins should also be allowed to participate and also to view their opinions in the management of the company. They also should be treated as a part and parcel of the company.

Employees are not always found of money. Besides money they want respect, gratitude, regards , Love and affection from their employers. One of my friends who works in a same company for a longer period of time with a meagre amount of salary. When asked he told me about his satisfaction, Likeness, belongness and loveness towards his staff, management and the owner of the company.

The story of Lord Krishna and Sudama in this regard is a very famous story of politeness, and loveness. Once Lord Krishna was passing from the house of Sudama when he was very hungry. He visited the house of Sudama and said for the food. Sudama got ashamed of not having any food stuff but a grain of rice to offer to eat to Krishna. He placed a grain of rice with a glass of water. Krishna was amazed to see the hospitality of sudama. Shree krishna said to sudama the costs of this grain of rice is very precious since it involved a love of yours for me in it. People are always thrive for the true love and politness from others irrespective of the monetary transactions.

So always show love and respect to others and always be polite in your approach.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Short Story of a king who had lost his only son.

We all are very bound to our habits. We moreover exercise our duties which are abound by our habits. One should always be dynamic to recast from ones habit. Habit or daily routine plays a very important role in our life. One can easily capable on going to its daily chores which are fixed by certain rules and restrictions which becomes our habit.

To get breakthrough from our habits gives us a new look and insight of any matter and issues. We are bound to do a particular task because we are traditionally fixed to it. We cannot cross its boundaries as we are attached to it. Habit is directly influenced by our current sceneraios of economic, cultural,religious and political boundaries.

One can become an extraordinary when one can removes its habits. one should be so couraged to try out some different ways to come out from routine. Everyone and everybody follows the same path but no one comes out with new and different proposal. One can become special when someone comes with new inventories like Newton- For its gravitational force, Mahatma Gandhi -As a non violence freedom fighter.

There was a king who had only one son who was born and brought up with a lot of pampers. One day a son got lost in a jungle when king had gone for hunting. The King got very upset and he declared a huge price for his small son who was hardly a year old. With great efforts from his people all had gone in vain. The king had lost his hope of about his son.

After seven years of time the king had gone to jungle for hunting. In jungle he got a very strange creature, a creature who was looking like a human being but behaviours liks a bear. The king got that creatiure to his kingdom and after great examination he assumed that he is no more a creature but his lost son.

After imparting knowledge and education , He told the king that I was lost in jungle and I had been brought up by a small groups of wild cats and bears. Living with them he forgot his own indentity of a human being and started realising that he himself is a bear.

So ones habit is so grossly embossed by its influence and environment one become used to it and one really face hardships and troubles in his own life.