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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Attachment leads you to trouble

Hi Folks, Today’s topic is of about attachment. Attachment leads you to the wrong path and atlast will give you only grief and sorrow. Attachment towards materialistic possession will never solace you and your demand for new will get intensify and will put you in to trouble.

We undergo attachment with any one for getting returs from it. A father always has an attachment towards his siblings as he thinks that they are my own blood and never deceives me in my life and when it turns out to be opposite of his expectation it will lead to burn out and break off the relationship with his children.

I met an old man who was very happy with his family, He has a strong confidence towards his children and finally he got deceived by his own sons and his life got ruined and became turbulent. We have to be strong enough to take upon the returns as a result of an attachment whether the results may come positive or negative.

Resistant play a very important role in maintaining the relationship. A father cannot expect the same returns from all of his sons. Some sons may fulfil his needs and expectation of their fathers and some may not. We should not make hue and cry for the negative results but always see on the other side like,

1 ) my life does not get affected with anyone, I have my own savings and income which I rely upon. A man could not spend his entire earning for his children but he should be aware of keeping some portion out of it as saving for his old age.It is well go on saying that no one come up in your rescue except you have your own money.

2 ) Have expectation from God,. God is only the entity which gives you relief from your pains and will never deceive you in your bad times but always cares for you.

I can give an example of a man who was all alone in this world but at the times when he got old and he was finally looked upon by God through his neighbour who had cared him so much that he said finally that even my own son could not have cared me that much.

We have heard from many people that at their difficult time their children had turned them away and it was finally those (strangers or friends) who rescued them.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gain Traffic to your Websites- By Sam Barns

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If someone else is hosting your site, most likely they'll have a traffic analysis package that you can access through the control panel. Packages such as Webalizer or AW Stats are common. Even if one of these web site traffic analysis applications is not offered by your host, most likely you'll still have access to the log files and can download these to a PC and use an application such as Funny Web Analyzer to give out the necessary stats.
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Once you have an idea of how many visitors per day you're receiving and where they're coming from it is time to start using some methods to gain web site traffic.
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Role Male model

Hi folks, there is a huge demand not only for females model but also male model. There
are heavy shows conducted for males and every year there is a Mr India or Mr world.

In this competory world there is a huge demand for male role model not in the terms of their deeds and vigour but also in their attire, looks, personality and outer form.In ancient times the people ideals in terms of males were Subhash Chandra Bose, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Lala Lajpatrai etc, Nowadays role models of todays people are Hritik Roshan, Salman Khanm etc.

Todays man have become very cautious in terms of thier looks and attire.Recently an add
has come for man's glory and fairness cream i.e "Mardon Wali Cream" to look shiny and fair. Sharukh Khan appeared in a bath Tub of Lux Advertisement, many anti-persperient spray with only male role models are seen with half nude bare chest and sometimes an erotics scenes also with females.

There is a lure and demand for good looking guys with body build and wide chest. So many health spa and beauty saloons have been opened to lure males to make excite and gorgeous in front of females. Males join the gym to make their body mould and look more handsome and lovely going with thier females counters.

I can narrate my example where I had been boarded in a hotel and to the next door there was a man . I happened to suddenly entered in his room by mistake and was astonished to see his stuff with so many beauty aids and attires which he was very found. i saw there is a one man show spray, gel cream for his hairs, Danddruff shampoos with conditioner, toiletery soaps and tissues, creams, shaving creams, After shave lotions, Fairness cream, Dyes and colors for hairs. and bla blka.

Indeed really no one can say that only womens are happen to look gorgious and good looking. Today even a man want to make his look attractive, slim , trim and his ideals are always one of some our boolywood heros like JOHN ABRAHAM or SHAHID KAPOOR.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bad Transportation

Hi Folks, Today's life has become very hectic day by day and thanks to our transportation of our country, which add only dismay to our life. A very rare BEST Buses found to propogate the large population of this contry. Day by Day eveyone sees the huge stempede in Trains, Buses, Serpentine queues for Auto Rikshas and Taxis.

Todays transportaion becomes very weak to inculcate the huge population of this country. People only rely with only one resource of Buses and Trians which thus leads to chaos and terrible reprimand and battling with each other. Its an horrible experience to wait for 30 to 40 minutes for buses. Trains are also not enough for this population esp Virar trains which after every 15 minutes.

People at the surburbs falls a very bad at the hands of Local Trains and thus their transit from office to home causes a great dismay ,turmoil and hardships. I love to live in suburbs of its great serenity and beauty but I get stop because of this great hardship while in transist between to and fro. I think that private companies should open their doors for transportation and provide relief to a common man.

There should be a substitute for these subtle local trains and BEST Buses. Private Companies should allow to ply thier own vehicles besides these modes of transportation. Everyone will get relief and feel energetic and happy. Half of our energy goes only in travelling and that to a very gruesome travelling where a man does not get a sit to seat or rather put in this that he does not get space to even stand also. There is no value for ones life. A man can esaily gets dropped standing at the doorstep. Even Passenger Trains are also highly gets flooded and not to say how these passengers travel by standing for so many hours.

This is a very high time to come out with alternative ways to combat the gruesome situation of our infrastructure of transportation. Otherwise a day will come that these only one transportation could not cope up with the rising population of this country and ultimately it will collapse.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Health Spa

Hi Folks, Health is an important topic which cannot be forgotten. Heath is wealth. If you are healthy than you are capable to accumulate wealth. An Apple a day keeps a doctor away.Healthy body and mind keeps away from dreadful diseases. Precaution is always better than cure. There are many disease which happens only when we live a unheathy life.

Unheathy in the sense that we are least bother of our food. We normally go with our taste buds and usually consume fast food which is very unhealthy to our health. Fast Food normally consists of more calories, fats and carbohydrates and it gets very difficult to our body to burn those extra calories and fats and thus leads to give rise to various types of diseases like diabities, Heart attacks etc.

We should increase the intake of fibres, vegetables, fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables to increase our metabolism activity in our body and besides consume lot of water like 8 to 10 glass atleast in a day. WorkOuts, Brisk walking, Aasans helps us in reducing the weight of our body.

Recently I joined the Gym not of to build my body and biceps like an atheist but to maintain and keep my body light and flexible and touch wood I am really feeling easy going and felt very much enthusiastic all the whole day. Besides I had changed my food habits like I became a totally vegetarian from non vegetarian.

I had learned from my health tutor that slowly slowly you should change your habits. If you suddenly stop from anything whether it is related to food, lifestyles, business than you have to compensate a lot and it is very difficult to bring the change. First, I was used to dring 2 to 3 big cups of strong milk tea with 3 spoons of sugar daily in morning. After with the direction from my tutor I had reduced the intake of tea day by day and today I had come down with only 1 cup of tea with only one spoon of sugar.

Normally your diet plans should always starts with a cup of orange juice or papaya juice in the morning afterwards with two brown breads, a cup of tea and other snacks like Idli, Dosa, Pavwa etc

9.00 am A glass of Plain milk,
11.00 am light snacks like ground nuts, grams, popcorns
1.15 pm 2 chapaatys, vegetables, soups, salads and rice
3.45 pm a cup of herbal or green tea and light maria biscuits or light farsan
5.00 pm snacks like vegetable sandwich, fruits juice, popcorns ets
8.30 pm 2 chowpattys, soups, vegeatbles boiled, curd and rice
10.00 pm a cumcumber or carrot or carrot juices.
and besides 8 to 10 glass of water.

Go to your gym regularly do brisk walking avoids using lifts instead use stair case, Avoid drinking synthetics Sharbats, Colas , Candies, pastries, fast foods, non- veg, Maintain your body by intaking proper nutrients and your mind will also starts developing by generating positive ideas, thoughts, creative thinking and proper judgement.

It is well go on saying like where there is a proper food to intake and so there is always a positve and healthy mind and body.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Dream Of Mine

I dream of... A life without pain...
I dream of... Love that I can't explain...
I dream of... Eyes not plagued by tears...

I dream of... A soul without fears...
I dream of... A pure, unbroken heart...
I dream of... A hope of never growing apart...

I dream of... The smile on your face...
I dream of... A better place...
I dream of... The things I could never do...

I dream of... A dream

Friday, November 16, 2007

Punjabi Mania

Hi Folks, This is related to the culture and standard of living of our various caste and creed in our country. We get influenced by their traits, customs and cultures and we adopt their life styles in our life. We found many people who does not belong to South, are very fond of south Indian food and dishes.

People of india are found of Chinese Dishes, Fast Food Like Pizzas, Hand burgers, Continental Dishes. People does not go in terms of food but they get influenced by their outfits and costumes. In this subject we find we are basically got so much trapped with Punjabi Triats, food, Outfits and with their trends.

Punjabi stanzas and many other proverbs and saying are very much found in our bollywood cinemas. Our bollywood stars always churn and sing many of the songs which almost contains Punjabi rythmes and lyrics like BALE BALE, CHAK DE. As when movie CHAK DE got released everybody humes here and there in sports, tounament and many other activities CHAK DE to boost the morale and to intensify their enthusism towards their work, game or tournament.

CHAK DE is normally an expression given to welcome the players to win and boost their morale. In Gujrati Garbah people normally hum like "ARE HALO" to win the enthusiam and to create amicable environment. It changes the mood of the players and people get arose and gets towards more to their game. In English It is "COME ON".

Punjabi food and outfits and even ther language is famous against all other religion food, outfits and language. In terms of food people are very much adorable with Punjabi dishes and foods . People are very much connessiur to Punjabi foods and thier taste buds gets really satified with Punjabi foods like CHOLE CHANA, PANEER MASALA, ALU MUTTER, DAL FRY, DAL TADKA and etc.

Salwar Kuta becomes the best dresses for ladies and they feel very much comfortable and looks gorgeous in this outfits. So friends when you come across with anyone just see in them that some how or the other they gets influenced with the punjabi culture and triats.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spiritual Education

Hi Folks, This is regarding the lack of knowledge of spiritual education in ourself. In Today's world where there is impact power of Science and Technology in our life,making our life comfortable and ease on one side with an opposite effect of growing competition and stressful life on the other side.

Today man cannot cope up with these changes thus leading himself to stress and depression. To combat with depression one needs spiritual education. Spiritual education brings peace, love, happiness, purity inside and these qualities teach the individual to live with his fellow beings with harmony and compassion in syncronizing with the development of science, communication and technology. Spiritual awakening teaches us to use the gifts of science for the betterment and not for the destruction of mankind.

People are not happy in the present scenerio of the development of science and technology. The materialistic world cannot give the happiness to the man. The ignition of happiness has to create from inside of our being. Inspite of this technology, people still suffer from one sort or another. They are not happy and satisfy with their present living.

Day by Day the new versions of mobile sets, accessiories, computers, multimedia are getting invented making people to lure and indulging them to buy thus making people greedy, arrogant, selfish, pride and these hapiness last only for short interval period of time. It is been rightly said man can buy costliest to costliest bed to sleep but he cannot buy sleep. Sleep is natural and it comes from inside when you are contend and satisfy.

Spiritual education teaches you to live happily in your present stage and deriving happiness with your existing valuables and accessiories without the cry for want of more. It gives you sound sleep and sweet dream in night, it teaches you to combat the stress and depression and how to face the difficult situation with contentment and ease, It removes from you impurities like anger, greediness, arrogantness, attachments, and all ill habits like smoking, drinking, gambling etc.

So as to lead a comfortable and enjoyable life in tune with the development of science and technology one has to observe spirituality and value education through RAJYOGA meditation and studying the spiritual course of 7 days which is totally free of cost from BRAMMAKUMARIS Organisation.

One can visit to the site of this organisation at http://www.brahmakumaris.com/

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ram Teri Ganga Maili.

Hi Folks, I have read an interested article in Gujrati Newspaper i.e. GUJRAT EXPRESS the article on the river of Ganga. Last week also there was a beautiful scene of the people taking a Holy bath in the river of Ganga in the recently realesed movie BHOOL BHOOLAIYA and LAGA CHUNARIYA PE DAAG. We come across with all such scenes of Ganga River, where people deep in to the water and get salvation.

They do POOJA and worship of the river and believe it as a Holy Water where one has to deep himself in to Ganga to make oneself pure and celibacy. People gives lot of respect to this river and there is a huge crowd at the time of festival. The situation of this river is really very pathetic inspite of the people respect and devotion to this river.

Firstly, people come there to pour the ashes of thier deceased and makes the water impure and dirty. Sometimes with addition to the ashes, the left over unburn bones and skeleton of the body gets mixed up with the ashes and does not get dissolved in water and makes the water to stink and dusty.

In the paper, the photograph of the left over of unburned bones and skeleton's was shown and thus makes the water dirty and smelly. In addition to that people deep to take bath and thus ganga water becomes MAILY (Dirty). Moreover, Thanks to our industrial development growth which throw their wastages and damages to this water making the river more polluted and dirty.

The real picture of Ganga is not pure and beautiful but becomes totally dirty and still it flows from the Homalayas and gets mixed up in to the sea without complaining and restricting to flow. It carries away the dust, impurity of Industries, Sin and sorrow of Human beings. It is ready to absorb all the dirtness of this world as to think in future that people will become pure and sinless. On the contrary, The wrong doings, sin, sorrow, humility, enemity, hatred are rising giving more burden to this river.

Our Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has taken a plan to clean the water of GANGA and hopefully the project was about to go and in beetween he died by leaving our ganga water like this. It is been rightly said that instead of getting drowned to the river as to make our body clean, one should be ever ready to clean his soul and mind first and then body.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What has happen to the people in Todays world

Hi Folks, Nowadays in media all offbeat news comes to hear and its all no nonsense topics. Its really amazing to get all this news which is totally believable and remarking. Its is beyound our imagination and belief but it is still there to convince and believe.

There are several news related to spiritual, social and cultural which is very hard to listen and digest. I had seen one news related to a diaety in some remote town where a Goddess continue to cry and we had seen our own eyes the tear drop comes from the statue of that mother god.

One is not to say but it is not concern with the human beings and it was related to an animal. The animal name is Lady monkey. That Lady monkey use to do glamour and puts on heavy make ups during her dating with the males. It is really a laughing joke where she puts on the heavy dresses and sits in front of the mirror putting the dark lipstiks and talcum powder.

One was a monk which was very famous for curing any type of disease. The infected person shows his illness and shows the place of his body where he actually suffers and that monk use to put his groom on his infected area to make his disease disapper within no seconds of time.

This is really awesome and amazing that people spends lots of money after doctors and they does'nt gets relief and this saint use to cure as if it his right hand job. The one over here is very interesting and its about of ghost. A small girl in a remote town was getting disguised of some ghost in her body at a particular period of time to solve the problems of people. Everybody gathered around her and everybody was narrating ones problem to that girl when she got disguised. At this disguised stage she was showing some magic and extra powers to make people beleive that she is Devi and coming in the body of this girl.

One subject of news was related to a person who was GAY and his wife openly agreed and suite a file against him that he is GAY and no longer to be remain as a husband for her. She showed the person video where he is having an affair and she narrated that at her wedding night her husband told that he is GAY and he is not interested in her at all and he got married to her for the sake of society and his family.At her wedding night her husband got so many SMS from his GAY friend mentioning he cannot live without him, I LOVE YOU.

She said, her life got ruined in the hands of her husband and the flaws in him got open only after her marriage. She will compensate her by taking the divorce from him and financial support from him.

This is really absurd that now there is no secrecy in relationship or whatsoever. Today women gat opened in fighting their rights and our law is also more co opearting towards more to women's issue. Women's hands have become always on top at the cost of lives of men. Today society will consider only women's problem and they believe they are honest and sincere. This may not be true always, and it could happen vice versa also.

So, the life has become very Dull, always filled up with boredom and tension. The issues which was considered TABOO in past has now been taken as considered. Nothing is hidden from anyone whether it is in the form of religious, cultural, political and social. I had seen many people changing their Gender, Religion, & Family. There is a hue and cry for kidnapping, assault, sex abuse, murder, all around the corner of our society.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gandhi Jayanti

Today is a 2 nd October, i.e The Birthday of our Freedaom Fighter Mahatma Gandhiji. It is a pride for our country to have such a great freedom fighther. I salute him for his great work and I always got inspired by him about his struggle in getting back the freedom of our country from British through Non- Violence.

I missed the oppurtunity to go to MANI BHAVAN at Girgaun (Chowpatty) to his residence to show the greatness and love towards him for his prestigious movement in bringing back to our country. I really admire him for his prestige thoughts and non- violence. Today, Mrs Sonia Gandhi really admire and preaches Gandhian thoughts and non - violence. She said at the meeting in United Nations "It is not the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi that is in question today... it is whether we have the courage to emulate his preachings and what he lived and died for," she said in an address to the United Nations General Assembly. She was heard in rapt attention by leaders from different nations and her son Rahul Gandhi, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee and his deputy Anand Sharma."

She said the world is facing violence of various kinds and there was a collective failure of the international community in tackling terrorism and checking nuclear proliferation.Plz check at the site http://specials.rediff.com/news/2007/oct/02slide1.htm

Its really true there are nuclear wepeons to destroy the terrosim . To tackle the terrossim by non-violence is the sign of courage and bravery.she said, was his belief that strength comes from righteousness, not force, power comes from truth, not might, victory comes from moral courage, not imposed submission.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cricket Mania

This is to share the joyous event of winning the 20-20 World Cricket Cup in favour of our country. Our Great New Captain Mr Mahendra Singh Dhooni had embarked the great achievement in his life history in his first captainship for an Indian Team. Congrats to Mr Mahinder Singh Dhoni and to his family Members. The full Jharkhand in Ranchi are in the mood of celebration of India 20-20 World cup under the leadership of Mr Dhoni.
This match was snowballed as it was between India and Pakistan and Morever it takes a turning point as we made 157 runs and the Pakistan batsman was out at zero run. The bluez of the people wiped away as they saw continuously falling the wickets of Pakistan. Again the grip got increased with anxiety and curiousity when the fast pacer Mr SREESANTH gave too many runs in his overs. But thanks to Mr Afridi who got out at zero run.
Lastly, it was an interesting match as no one could predict that who will won and lastly the vaccum of curiousity and tension got rise as Pakistan team has only to score 6 runs out of 4 balls. But at the last moment Irfan Pathan took the wicket and finally the victory came in India's hand. There was a giltz and glamour all around and why not India had won the World cup after 24 years. It was in the year of 1983 when India won the world cup in the captainship of Mr Kapil Dev.

There was a huge embarkment at the house of R.P.Singh at RAIBAIRELI as R.P. Singh took the 2 wickets of Pakistan and the full trust was all upon the Pacers of Indian team. There was no electricity in RAIBARELI but everybody was worried that there are still hope and chances to win for an Indian team and that full faith was upon R.P. SINGH.
Anyways, it is immaterial to tell what got happened and how they win, but atlast we got relief that India had come up at the very first 20-20 World cup. I really got happy to see my pride and prestige of my country, and finally I was sad also at the same time that what's the use to get happy and whatever the rewards i.e Rs 1 CRORE to Mr Mahender Singh DHONI and 20 Lakh Dollars to Indian Team will going to go in their pockets.
The poverty problem of India will not get solved until and unless if these players will play not for the commercial purpose but rather some social cause. The monetary benefits will definately will going to pass in our economy and there will be Good Nutrients, hygiene, Housing, Education, Empolyment will get solved. The rich people day by day are becoming rich, So there is a need for an hour to solve the key problems of our country and will finally say that India will always should be in front not only sports but in also all other areas.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Satyamev Jayate.

Hi Folks, This is really absurd when I come accross with any person who always speaks lie. Liars always gives you trouble in your life they are never to be trusted and always mislead you. I really hate with the liars and I always incorporate in my life that whatever the situation arise I will always speaks truth.

Once a teacher shows the picture which shows that there are two paths, one path is covered with red carpets and flowers and other path is covered with thorns, leaves, dust and stones. Then the teacher asked a questions to her studends that which path you will choose, all of them chosen the path which was covered with flowers.

So as in todays life also by speaking lies one gets escaped temporaily and in future they have to repent thier wrong doings as well as false statement given to unhide their doings. Truth will harm you temporaily and it will give you better results afterwards as what the two paths shown by the teacher.Intially at the beggining the flowers were seen and later on when you move futher the flowers will soon disappear and will be replaced by thorns and stones and vice versa.

There are many types of lies. One is lie to defend himself from a difficult situation, Another lie is to brag and boast, third type is to give temporary happiness to others like eg a husband always flatter his wife but his affair also goes on with his secretary or girl friend, fourth lie is that there is no any formal reason but it is there because of habit and it is found specially in childrens. All forms of lies are harmful and the person is not trusted at all and his character will get lost. Once the character is lost it cannot be rebuild fast and lie is one of the greatest evil among all other evils.

One more thing to observe that a when a person speaks lie he is always found to take a vow or promise of the dieties or other beloved person to prove his genuity. So, Please be aware of this evil it will disturb your life as well as of others. One good example in a movie where Munnabhai depicts his wrong doings to the soul of Mahatma Gandhiji and the soul says that you should have a strength to speak truth and confess your guilty. It is very easy to speak lie but one has the strength to overcome the situation not by speaking lie but to face the situation with calmness, peacefulness and truthfulness.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Reduction in Wastages and Expenses.

Hi Folks, I met a dietician few days back to check my health status. That is another question of related health problems but she quoted a remark to me as soon as she checked my pulse rate that I am very managable person and I would not let the things go off in the air without looking in to it. Why not, We have to care our belongings, Our Financial Plans and strategies. Each Issues whether small or big cause you.

I came across with many people who always take the things on stride and they never hassle to see in to it and thus making an increase of wastages. One has to avoid wastages in terms of Money, Time , Energy, Labour and Expertise. You can take my example as well to develop this blog of mine I had spend 1,400 bugs and first my blog got stucked because of the fraudalent clicks on the google links. I got dissapointed but thanks to my courage and motivation I did not let goo off my money in waste. I had continued and started incorporatng other links on my sites.

I intially got confused what to write on my blog as an article to make my blog continually going and moving. I struggled and maked hard efforts and studied other blogs too and therby gaining some sort of knowledge I continued my blogging and today as of now I had finished my one year with this blogger party.

I notice from others they always complain of time. They dont have time for nothing. As In my case I really dont understand about the time problems. If Interest stimulates in your mind than there is everything without any complains. I can full heartedly convinced that I had made proper use of money of 1400 bucks spend on making this block.

In big companies and Industries there is problem of wastages in terms of production, management, planning, organising etc and as if in the long run if these wastages are not put in to control then there is definately bound to shut that industry and organisation. To earn more means to avoid your wastages, or rather to convert your wastages in to some produstive use. Majority people thinks to grow more always in terms of money, Sales Turnver, Capital Markets but no more think to reduce their expenses and wastages.

Only intellegent and strong IQ level person has that expertise to reduce the wastages and expenses and thus shows the overall development.

Friday, August 31, 2007

I and GOD

Well, This is to tell you all about the relationship of me and GOD. I make the companion of god in all my work. I feel the presence of god and he is there with me always. I use to remember him everytime and everywhere and I churn myself with his name. I do perform religious rituals, beliefs and prayers.

I determined that the powers and love from GOD cannot be obtained in worship rather than by making god as our close associate. We have to remember him from our conscience and insight of our deep knowledge. We should first understand him, his existence, his powers and his likings. By worsipping and perfomining rituals does not make ourself pure and generous. We have to be pure from our soul.

Soul is only the eternity that can encompasses the powers and light of God. To enlighten ourself is to enlighten our soul. We are soul that is made up of accurate and concreate light which cannot be seen with our own eyes. The soul can be imagine only by its feelings and likings. The body is made up of matter which is corporeal and last with only its existence and it is the soul which exists for ever.

Soul changes its form from one to another as if we change clothes in our daily life. Soul takes one body in one birth and after the death of our perishable body, soul takes over another body and persists in that body until the death of that body.

God does not look our body which is a subject matter of substance but the soul. Soul has to be get interacted with our supreme father which is also a soul like what we are. But that soul is not ordinary soul and it is called supreme soul GOD. The interaction of Soul and Supreme Soul can only takes place through RAJA YOGA. This RAJAYOGA and the spiritual knowledge can only be given not by any other but rather than non other by GOD himself through the medium of common man's by incarnating in his body and giving the sermons and imparting the correct knowledge and identifying himself.

It is out of prieview of all the religions which only identifies their devotees and its sects only by its births. This is the soul world and knowledge and everybody is invited to be a path and parcel of this knowledge irrespective of any religion. This is been done through ISHWARYA VISHWA VIDHYALA BRAHMA KUMARIS where is Head Office is located at MT Abu and it has many branches all over the world.

You can visit their websites at http://www.brahmakumaris.com/ to get other information like stree free life, Copying with negativity, Healthy and Wealthy life, etc.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life Full of Corruption and Injustice.

This is related to uncoventional issue which really matters us and confuse us. We probably have a respest and etiquette to our elders, leaders, teachers, priests and of a person with high profiles. We consider them as our guide and moreover protests in our rescue. We impart knowledge from them and have a due respect for them. They play ideal roles in our life. We follow their paths and teachings and incorporate in our life to defend oursef from obstacles.

Moreover, Someone treat them as if they are dietes and starts worshipping them. I came across with our grat superstar Amitabh bachhan treating him as diety and starts worshipping him. What absurd is like this, Is he will play the role of a diety, he himself gets deeply borrowed in the world of sin. One can make somone ideal and follow his path if that person is free from all worldly mundane of life and he is completely pure and virgin in all respects.

But as been told by our elders and leaders that to give respect to our parents, aged people and take the guidance from them, as can be said that they have seen the life and they know more than us. This is OK but if this situation gets reverse and instead of giving examples to others and if they themself doing sins and concieve the bad character? The world will become best if you yourself gets improve and make an example of yourself to your youngsters.

Religions Priests, saints, and leaders follow us the good path towards better living and building up a good chgaracter and if these saints gets spoiled and concieve the bad character then where the people will go for the moral education and divine knowledge. I always used to give good respect to my elders and high status people, but suddenly I lose faith and trust as they themselves are so bad in their dealings and character that instead of touching thier feat for bestowel they are not in a place to take advice.

So the same way goes with the religion and their priests. Here also malfunctioning takes place in their dealings and superior people always gets their hands first. There are sacred teachings in all divine books and knowledge but whether the said teachings have been put in to practce by them, No. This is to only make the people to show and only for sermons and speeches.

There is no purity, justice, honesty, solacecity and on the contrary there takes the place of arrogantness, jeolousy, enimity etc. In this place it is very difficult to judge as to whom to give regards and respect. It is immaterial to give respest to the person of high profiles and elders.
No one is to be consider to be pure and honest. Where the normal person will go for justice as the courts and laws have become frudalent and moreover many play badful tactics in the name of religion.

Injustice... Can I change it?
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The world isn’t fairI’ve heard some complainThe injustice in the worldCould drive a man insane.Some are paid unfairlyOthers disrespectedWhile others who don’t deserve itAre constantly protected.Racism runs rampantThought those days were past!Hatred is the only thingThat most people think can last.Death and taxed are certainBut is the unfairness just as sure?How much more can common manBe pressured to endure?Those who need medical helpAre denied it every day.Then those who are hypochondriacsKnow exactly what to say.Male assistants are hired At a higher rate of payThan those whom they work underIf it’s a woman of modern day.Murders get off Scott freeIf they are attached to fame.While citizens with minor violationsGet treated the exact same.What happened to the class?The respect we all deserve?Should we all just stand and take itAs they grind at our last nerve?Amanda Martin

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Inputs - Efforts / Success - OutFlow

There always lie a success for any sort of efforts. Many people gets success with no efforts or with lesser efforts. We should not give up the battle for no achievment of any results. Success will bound to happen until and unless we struggle for several times.

The good example of ants trying to crawl upon the wall with a bit of minute feed in their mouth they fall and again rise and ultimately they reach to their destinations. Always try and try no matter don't forsee your destination , see and learn new things out of your failures.

Once I was working with a marketing company and my work was canvasting and getting the orders from the clients. I used to convey a lot at far distant places. I came in to blues with no results or no orders from my side. I relatively console myself and encouraged my enthuthiasism with no problems of getting orders but I learned something that I came to know the new places, markets, enviornment, people. Finally I got the orders coming from that place for which I had lose the hope.

Don't loose your hope but try to put more efforts and the result will bound to happen not now but after a longer period of time and one way after putting so many sfforts and if success comes than it makes lot of happiness and satisfaction to the achiever. If every thing has to get at a one go or in easy manner then there would be no charm in the life and every success whether big or small wouldnot have any importance in one's life.

The very good example of children of elite and rich people . They do not have any value for their money as they got it from their parents and they even don't dare to know the sufferings and hardships to earn and to live ones livelihood. They are pampered so much that they don't value their life and believe Money can only rule in one's life.

While on other hand those who are poor and service oriented people work with struggle and after their hard inputs they get their salary and with that salary they live with their livelihood.
They know the importance of money and belongings and they are always satify and happy with their achievements.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anti Depression Tactics

Hi, folks! don't act like you fel, act the way you want to feel.Depression is the root problem of any disease. Todays life style is such that every one has to pass with blues and depression. If you fell insight in depression the result will be that you come out with the most difficult phase.Let it pass out the depression and feel in the opposite way in that way you will cope up with the bluez.

When you are depressed start smiling out not only with your mouth but also with your eyes. Think about something funny. Read a joke book. Listen to a comedy tape. Dressing up helps too. When you are down in dumps, pick your loveliest dress or your best looking suit. L ooking good makes it easier to feel better about your self.

The best thing to remove stress is to fake it out. Don't act like you feel, act the way you want to feel. If you feel depressed , act as if you are happy. If you feel like sighing, langh instead. Believe it or not, pretending is good for you. The more you act like you are happy, confident and relaxed, the more you feel like you are happy,confident and relaxed. In other words, your actions can change your feelings.

Happier in the sense that it should be in the preview of limits. There are various ways that one can get happiness like gambling, smoking, drinking, drug trafficing, molestation, eve teasing, which causes harm to others and to oneself. This happiness will last only if there activation gets over. This is a temporary relief and it causes great harm to our body and mind.

Monday, July 23, 2007

On Saturday Eve night

Hi Folks, This is to tell you that there is a different feelings and happiness on the weekends sep during the saturday late evenings and nights. There is more relaxation, peace of mind, happiness in each and every mind when saturday comes and why not since there is a great enthusiasm for the next day to come i.e on SUNDAY.

SUNDAY is the day which is offbeat and its a common man's day as they are free to do anything as they desires. SUNDAY is the king of all the days where we get the time to leisure and relax ourselves and thereby the day to meet our near & dear ones. The day which brings a lot of aroma of happiness and delightfulness in our dealings and behaviour.

Precedent to Sunday is the day of SATURDAY evening and night with a great array of festive time to enjoy, merry go round, parties, dance shows and pubs where number of people takes advantage of this time and satisfy their urges at this period of time. I am probably not a party goer and at this moment feels to ralaxed and planned for the next day for some excitement, munchings, outgoing, errands and lots more. Saturday evening is the dream for SUNDAY which will going to happen and for that we get busy in making schedule for our sweet SUNDAY.

And, finally our curosity and form gets fulfilled when SUNDAY comes, and the most worst part of the day also gets counted for SUNDAY as SUNDAY evening is the most worried and horrible part of the day as every one gets indulged for the next day i.e. busiest day of the week to see the arrogant and wild face of our boss and seniors.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

HIV and its sex related issues.

This is to the reference to the most dreadful disesese of HIV its causes and cures. The propaganda is going all around to prevent the HIV by using condoms and other lubricants. There are helplines, clinics, hospitals, care centres, rehabilitation, to help the patients to cure the disease. I don't know much about this disease its symtoms and cures. I really aware and visualize in TV and radio about on going struggle and efforts againts this HIV.

There is an anti HIV drive amongst the sex workers and urchins regarding its prevention and cures. It is going to seem to be good to acquaint the people to fight against HIV. There is one question which arises in mind that how this disesase comes or rather where is the root cause of this HIV.

The answer is simple is that our society becomes very open and liberal towards sex related issues and thanks to internet and other medias for the sites and shots which are very much vulger to see. Today even a child knows very well about this issue. Not to say to school and college goers they are very much advanced in this topic.

Prostitution, raping, kidnapping, smooching, romance in open air, etc makes the people more erotic which subjects later on sex. Opposite sex attracts each other with their outfits. women especially expose their body giving attraction of sex to males, which indulge in to sex relationship. Sex has now not become a taboo in our society anymore which gives rise to this HIV disease.

To prevent HIV , our norms of society should gets changed which discourage sex instead of encouraging it. Stop showing erotic movies, porn sites in internet, restrictions to be made in the outfits for college govers and office goers. This leads to the inclination of raping, indulging in bodily relationship, prostitution etc.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Helping Hand

Hi Folks ! There are certain activities which does not involve an element of gain or whatever sort in doing that work. There are people who are willingly helping others for not any gain. They do so as to make their self pleased with the good deeds and helping others in their difficulties.
They find their place on the top and in the eyes of others and they do believe that their life has been given by GOD to make helpful to others. They spend their life in doing services for others without any intention of gain. Helping others not in the sense of money but also in other forms. A beggar in the street always tell other people that he help others or to his fellowbeings. Once asked how its possible he himself sort the help from others. He replied that he always atleast pray to GOD for the well beings of others.
Prayers for others also comes under the terms of help. God is the almighty to give us whatever we are in a need and if that need for others we inform almighty to fulfill his needs also comes under the purview of helping others.
On the contrast, don't harm others and also do not play with their emotions. Always have a positive approach and attitude towards others. Back bitting, revenge, treachery, turbulent are the opposits side of support and help. Atleast say some good words or praise anyone with their outfit, intellect, that also contribute of making you fit in the eyes of others.
Helping even for trival makes you worth in front of others like pick up groceries for an elderly neighbour, give a lonely looking stranger a smile, or any sort of work without any return can also make you fit and you will become a HERO in front of others.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sometimes, to become an Extra Ordinary

Hi folks want to be a successful bussinessman ? Want to be a No 1 in your business ? Want to make your company grow? These are all related questions that comes in to foray while perspecting the above issues.

Normally, the people tends to go in a systematic ways and approach to achieve the above targets like costs minimisation, quality control, time management, automation, labour costs etc.
These are all prime factors that has to be there for which there is no way out and why not, one cannot oversee these factors. www.AmericanSmallBusiness.com

Apart from the above factors there should be intense with the HRD Department which involves the administration and appproach towards its employees. Routine chores ammendment is fine with the management but besides these there should be more for which it contributes the overall growth and development of the company, like announces the special package for those who finishes their work for lesser time, outing, one day picnic for the staff, recretational activities, etc which could not be the part of their activities.

Inner cost minimisation and towards it if there is an increase in the morale and efficiecy in emplooyees then there is a bound of growth for the company. The sense of belonging has to be created in the minds of the employees .

Like wise in our personal life also there doesn't remain harmony with our family members.
Love, trust, mutual understanding had foregone and they live as they are forced to live with each other. The bond of relationship has to be remove, otherwise it is very difficult to live in the same house. One has to be open with each other as under prescribed boundaries and limits.Besides, fulfilling our daily chores with each other sometimes one has to become an extraordinary to create fun and thus to increase charm and love in one's relationship.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life After the Age of 35 years.

Life seems to be very miserable and confusing at the time of starting carrers, application for jobs, marriages, after marriages and then after the future of our kids. It is never ending process and continues. It is non stop and we people are endulged in fulfilling our responsibilties.

It is more to be complex and comprehend at the beginning of our teenagers as we had finished schooling, then comes for addmission in colleges and universities. After than that the confusion and stress comes for the jobs. After than that the choosing the correct life partners than the housing problems, family affairs, and other stuff. After that kids and their education. We never become tension free in life as it continues one after the another.

But as I said the life becomes very smooth and comfortable after the age of 35 years since all the process which he has to get completed has been almost done and that to successfully. The man looks more smart and handsome as compared to teenagers as he is very well secured with his life,wife, jobs & childrens as exceptional some are not happy with their jobs, family, financial problems as it is a different issues.

If all these above process can go along with the time and as he gets good results out of it so the man is complete in himself accurately after the age of only 35. As been said there are ups and downs in life and as rarely someone gets benefits at the age of 35,. I think only the Luckiest person gets happiness at this age otherwise there is a roaring and crying with some or other sorts of issues. A man doesn't gets all the things in a good ways. He suffers from one sort or other, like he is there with a good job but not good wife and vice versa and there the frustutation begins.

Normally, at the age of 35 a man can complete the whole process properly as he gets the resources in a proper way, otherwise his life will always be in tense even at the age of 75.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Creditworthiness of a Wealthy Person.

Hi Folks, This is wanna something related to show of to others in th form of attire, status, royality etc. I don't understand is that it counts to others in quality. Quality does not mean to lead a comfortable life or rather to put an image of an elite to others. Money, richness cannot judge the worthiness of a person.

On the Contrary they are very worst than to the ordinary people. They (Big tycoons) are very greddy and miser in their dealings. They are only there to accumulate weath but cannot give to others in the form of donation, charity or by helping others in the monetary form. They are there only to spend money on gambling, discotheques, Horce Races, Kitty parties, Buying all prestigious and valuable stuff. They make cry to their employees, workers by making them helpless and extracting very hard and more work from them.

I thought that they are ever happy in their life than to our ordinary people, but I was wrong they live a very hectic life and thay are always puzzle with their life. Their business mostly of them goes on a rolling basis. They are in a deep debt with the banks and financial institutions. Inspite of this they dont understand but always wants to show their richness by making a show of them with buying new bunglows, flats, large scale parties and wedding, so their reputation does not get disturbed among their circle.

They take due care of their prestige and status and they always maintain their status in the market and in their family at the expense of their life. They are very poor and sad from inside and always feel insecure with their life. What is the use of this wealth which cannot give happiness and comfort. They are very egostic and never manage themselves in low key areas.

They does not get a sound sleep but always getting worry with some sort or other. With this their heath gets affected and gets attached with many dreadful diseases. More the person is wealthy more he is close to diseases. I had seen many posh people consume more medicines than to hard working labour jobs. This is a lesson to you that money makes a person arrogant he loses his own identity and treating others as slaves. He becomes restful and so he gets caught by many diseases.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Adaptation for to go in the Changing Scenerios

Hi Folks ! There is need to be careful in this changing scenerio. I had observed a person who dare was a biggest enemy with his stenchmen and after couple period of time they again came close and afterwards again seperated and again came foreword. I did not understand their repo with each other. After with deep intitution it happen me to understand that in this world no one remains constant as every differs and change at a very specific time period.

To keep on going in to this world remember one proverb "lets forgive and forget others " . Not to remain in to the dogma of our principle line of code of conduct. The occean sometime become wild and stormy but it also have other shades of peace and calm. The best example is of the occean which keeps on changing its form from one to another like stormy, demon, wild, silent, slowy, etc. It is very important to be dynamic in this world you have to compromise with yourself to keep on going in to your life but not to that extent that it costs or need to pay price for some sort.

The management of a company was so superb that it can survive with any changing political, economical, natural scenerios. Why not because the dogma of the objectives was not fixed. One has to be flexible for others happiness and to our own habit. Remove the stigma of Stubborn from yourself and anything can happen at any point of time.

The agenda of the meeting was fixed that not to be part with their customers who have not cleared their dues mean time but it can be revoke after sometime only after detail study and the demand of changing time. Time plays very important role and time only says worthiness of clients. People are not bad but time makes them bad and they are coerce to do that work because of their dire needs.

There once travelled three persons in the yatch belonging to the different caste. The storm had taken its toll and they were toiled but indeed went in to vain. At the last moment they all three prayed to their respective diety for their saviour. Christian got acknowledge from his saviour. Muslim also got response from his saviour. The last one who was Hindu was a stong worshipper of Lord SHANKAR. His dogma remain fixed with his code of principle of worship that he died but never taken help from others who had come in betweem in disguise of fisherman, aircraft, loundge. His intellect said that LORD Shankara personally come to save him.

After his death, his soul departed to heavenly world where he met SHANKARA to remorse his death. SHANKARA told him that he knows that you are my true follower and I love my all followers. I came to your rescue but you denied and stuck to your dogma.

Turning point can happen at any time and at any momment but if you are flexible in your perception you can pursue this golden oppurtunity at an ease. God helps us that it does not mean that there will be rain of money. Rain of money will be their in the form of great business deal, unexpected flow of income, lottery winnings, legal heir in deceased property, Discounts, profits, increament, promotions, lieutments etc.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happiness is to make yourself happy.

Happiness not lies in attaining the goals or desired hopes. It lies with what you are and your present scenerio and surroundings. I always point out the most relevant points in almost all my posts of spiritual and positive thinking.Spiritual people are least effected in their ups and down in thier life rather they are with the melodious tune with the almighty.

They adjust their present scenrio and are are contend and happy with thier life. We normal people has a swinging mood of happiness ana sadness. The strong people can be called who knows to adjust with materilastic and mundane and calm down their nerves to soothe thier inner soul and intellect. They never get annoyed, happy, sad and arrogant as they think themselves that they are the actors in the drama and link this life which is full of happiness and sorrow as their stage which they want to perform in any changing situation.

Spiritual people prayers differ from our prayers. They meditate and link with the god to have a loveful and sweet conversation with him as we pray only for our hopes, desires, achievement which is never to be get ended. We people are very selfish and only ask for more and more to GOD instead of thanking and grateful to him with our present life and comforts.

I can narrate the best example of my friend who always seem to be very happy to others since he is a only son of the big business tycoon. I once asked him that you are lucky of having a big business, prestigiuos life & good comforts, he complained that he is very back as against with his compitetors in his business. He want to become a No 1 in his business field. He always complain to GOD for lacking of his knowledge, experience, know how & expertise in his business as compared to his competitors and thats fore his mind gets confused and always to be found in dilemma stage. Though he tends to remain happy from outside but inside he is half complete and lost his feeling of senses.

I made him understand not to under estimate yourself, rather stop brooming aroung your problems and grievences. Console yourself first, work as per your capacity, have a faith in GOD, dont look up but always looks down the people that atleast you have that advantage to live in palace and having a rich palate of dishes and food. Dont complain to GOD and fell regress as compare to your competitors but thanks to almighty for fixing him in the banner of his under arms and to remain always with him in the pink of health.

He practised the way which I taught him and soon his perception and attitude of life got changed with the happiness and spiritual sparks which he had from inside which was also getting tuned with his outer appearance.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Goods Deeds, What God Needs.

Good Deeds, Indeed Good deeds to say is to pray to god and observing rituals. In a complete sense it include all those stuff which makes you feel pure and better so as to able to live happily and to others. I had seen Gurus, Saints, Sanyasis, Maulana who are very religious and dear and near to God. Its really to believe are they happy from inside or pious in their dealing with others.

Enchanting Mantras and Rosary does not make one to come near to God. What God wants do all they people knows. They only know to worship almighty one has to go to Temples, Gurudwara, Masjid, Mosques, Church, Fire Temples, Pagoda etc. Worship in the real sense is to make capable to ourself in such a way as you cannot swing your mood in any circumstances. Anger, Greed, Arrogant make the man Evil. God like only those who can empower with all these evils.

To remain calm and intellect is the prerequsite to come close to almighty. I can narrate the very good example of Mr Swami Vivekanand, Who once visited to British Council at London. To show his generousity and populace of him he never got annoyed when the Bhagwat Geeta was placed at the bottom of all the religious books. The Veteren Officer insulted him by telling that Bible is more Popular and believable than Bhagwat Geeta. That's Why it is been placed on the top of all religious books.

Mr Swami Vivekanand did not lose his temper and he laughed and slowly he pushed the Bhagwat Geeta little to make all the books fall at one go. He explained and said that of on all the books bhagwat Geeta is the base or Foundation. If some one would there at his place he would make the situtation tense and wild and put unnecessary violent at the council. Everybody got admire with him and praised his intellect.

Even helping other in their rescue is the biggest prayers of all the prayers. Once in a temple the saint gone to a pool of water to have a bath for his session of mantras and artis to begin in a short time. When he saw the lady getting drowned in the pool, he abondoned his prayers for the sake of a lady to get her save from the death.
So be wanna become the children of God by only throwing the tantrums and becoming spiritual as shown in the above examples.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ways to Generate more income

I have noticed many people who are very eager to earn more as to make easy going with their livelihood. Working hard do not put you in to loss, but extremely too hard can cause a subtle effect. There should be always to maintain a balance in life. Too much or too less can put you in to harm.

There are side effects for any cause. Working more than 8 hours in a day puts your health in a pathetic conditions and you will be in the hands of many dreadful diseases. So one has to be very careful to take up with any issue, one has to study its pros and cons.

I can give you the best example of my neighbour who had come for my advice to give job to his wife from my circle. I told him that doing a job is not easy and that to ladies. He narrated me that there is no solution to run our house. I gave him a niche idea why you dont cut down your costs in your routine life so as to save more money and there by generating more income.

Cutting down your costs or expenses can give you better relief and peace of mind and thereby generating more income Like suppose

1 ) If you are non- veg put in a habit to become veg as non veg foods are more expensive and more over veg foods enhances your health and put you out from many dreadful diseases.

2 ) Try to make home made dishes as freaking out would be more expensive and time consuming.

3 ) Like wise for shorter distances go by walking instead of using vehicles there by reducing the costs of your fuel and moreover you would be getting good exercise to your body in the form of walking.

4 ) House wives also generate income in the form of saving as with office goers women in the form doing the household chores like cooking, washing, cleaning, buying groceries, caring, supervising, imparting education to their kids. As office goers women don t get the time and as they keep maids for which they have to incur higher expenses.

5 ) Changing habits and life styles also make contribution in the form of savings. Lead a normal and simple life which make you feel better and comfortable.

6 ) Showy people spend extravagant to show its prestige and there by incuring heavy expenses and loss.

7 ) Meditation, yoga, prayers makes your mind cool and relaxed and you will spend only on those subjects which really minds you.

There are many ways to make your expenses reduce but it should not go in that way that make you to put it in a great hardships otherwise the life will become dull and boring and make other people seem to believe that he is so miser that he cant intake proper food as to save his money.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Travelling - Mania

This is with reference to the trips done. People travel from one place to another with reference to holidays, relatives, native place or casual trips.

In journey we come across with many people and make friendship with them. We become so close that we get indulged with them and we cannot like by leaving them aside. Whereever we go we take with them. I remember my honey moon trip to Mahableshwar there we came across with a couple whose nature was very similar to us.

We used to had Lunch & dinner with them and for the sight seeing also we two couples were together. We used to share our feelings and opinions about our martial life and other issues with them. How we had spend those golden days that when I recollect those memories I really feel to get back those days again in my life. Really one can get very close to each other especially durng the journey.

There were many trips there we had done afterwards. Not to mention those trips where we made the friends in train journey. What had happened afterwards that all these freindships turned futile. They were the friends only with the journey and when journey got over they didnt remember and had gone to their real life.

Trips and journeys are forgetable, but the sweet memories spend with someone is not easily forgetabble and to retain those memories one has to keep in touch with those journey friends to make those memories in to reality.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Good Speaker is the one who Preaches to give Speech

Hi Folks, I could not wait to tell or rather very eager to inform you that all which happens to be a seminar, conference, Trade fairs, Get Together, Speech, Summons are held to show or to teach a good path to one 's life. The preacher who address to their followers on any issues related to one's life, points out the defects and rectify or gives the solution in general to thier followers on any subjects which relates to them.

Whether these leaders, preachers really implements the morality in their own life or rather they are there only to come up with their shows and to narrate their noble and divine ideas to the public in general. The ideas and values becomes noble not only to share and communicate with others but to make those ideas to incorporate in our own daily life.

I have come across with many leaders and organisers who are unscrupulous and they are there only for the role to give speeches and arrange seminars. If one to give any sppeeches on morality or spirituality, they have to check themselves first whether those moralities are presnt in them. It is very easy to give advice to others but it is very difficult to incorporate those advice in ones life.

I attended a seminar on health and holistic approach, I got so stuck and amazed with the speaker for their noble and divine speeches. I personally got so emotional to thanks them for giving those noble ideas on the health & holistic approach. Then, there create a doubt in my mind to know whether these ideas and thoughts given by them, gets really implemented by them in their own life or rather they are there only for the speeches and advice.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Silent is Bliss

Hi Folks. Todays world is very dramatic and artificial. there is no true and perfect relationship. There always lie unscrupulous and disorted tie ups. People today are very much immune to routines and forcibly living their life not for the sake of thier own but for others.

Happiness and bliss has gone from this world. People tends to remain happy from outside but in their uncouncious mind sorrow and sins settles. Selfishness, greatness, arrogantness always settles in our mind and therefore the result comes that peace has completely wiped out from our life.

Silent is the bliss. Silent or rather peace makes the mind relaxes and gains the intellectual. I can narrate an example of one of my friend who always remain happy and cheerful in whatever the circumstances he meets me. I asked the reason for this about his youthfulness and gentleness. He told me I take eveything to a stride and doesnt get involved in an unimportant issues. I free my mind from all the worries which comes as an obstacles. Obstacles prevents your mind to develop and futher degenrates in making new ideas. His business got developed so much day by day now he is earning crores of rupees.

He always fufils the demands of others., Like he always give raise to his employees as per their desires. If he opposed and objects his opponents he would make his mind tense and confuse.In such senerio his mind gets rotates or retaliates with his past issues rather developing new thoughts and ideas.

Secondly, he always wants to detach himself from others. He always like to remain reserve and lonely. He likes loneliness very much as he gains bliss from loneliness, as loneliness is always be there when there is a silent. He defines loneliness as meditation for developing ourself and to remain content with others. It is rather to put in different way that silent is minds yoga where you come in touch or contact with God.

Today no one gets the time to remain with oneself completely in isolation. Eveybody has to come in contact with one and another. Our minds works for every hour except at sleep. So one has to devote atleast 5 to 10 minutes away from this mundane to rejenuavate our inner self so as to gain bliss. The good example is take 10 minutes nap in the afternoon or rather do your prayers or take a lone brisk walk or sit in isolation to make you free from mundane and keep you fresh and lively.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Effective Time Management.

Hi Folks ! Time plays a very important role in ones life. Once time has gone you will be looser. You cannot recall your past time back. A perfect man does all his work at an accurate time. He is very efficient and properly handles and tackles his task at correct time.

Time management does become a hour of subject matter. I have seen many person who always complain about time. They in fact don't have any time for any issues. They always crawl upon for any work and could not complete at an exact time. They even dont have a time for their food. It is all sheer nonsense and could not be said to be a perfect and manageble man. A man does manage himself for his no complain of time. He does all his work at a proper time and thus ready for the new work to be carried upon.

I have seen many of my friends who doesn"t have a time and always complain that time is flying away like anything and could not be able to accomplish their task. There should be a solution for that, I understand that thier vocation needs atleast 10 hours of work and not to say the time goes for travelling to and fro from office & residence. Its really a very high time to see and allocate and to give time to all the issues without only concentrating only at one partyicular issues.

The rules to be followed for an effective time planning are :-

1 ) Change of Habits and life Styles, stay away for time being to your daily routines and set
some time for the new issues.
2 ) Delegating those areas that are less important.
3 ) Avoid personal visits and clear your doubts and work on the telephone itself.
4 ) Set your goals and agendas for your forth coming days as to avoid wastage of timings .
5 ) In Short Delegation, Planning setting priorities, staying away from your trivial work and
setting agendas are useful skills that can help anyone.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The More you Want , The More Difficulty you face

Hi Folks, I"ll Discuss today about how to remain static, spiritual in your life. Spiritual people are always satisfy and happy from inside. They are melodious and spend a luxurious life. I have seen many poor people always happy. They are self contented with their basic necessities and they never cry for more. More really curse you and makes ones life miserable. Why more, if you are happy from inside with your present situation you need not be so eager to run for more or some or other.

This some or other will be an added advantage or benefit for you if you can adjust or rather satisfy or rather more happy with your present scenerio. One has not to be arrogant and not to be boast of your status. One of my friends always tends to say whenever someone asks him about his business and standard of living. He gutters and remarks with an pleasent note that by the grace of GOD I am very happy and thankful to GOD for giving me such a nice and wonderful life.

He always prays to GOD not for his achievement and advancement but thanking him for his present life and wants to ever remain in this status and begging him for the sinful deeds which he mistakenly did from his unknown senses. A beggar who was so hungry not even getting food and water for so many days and let it to be put aside for not having his clothes to wear. In this shabby condition he atleast thanks to GOD for giving this air to breathe.

We have to learn this lesson that if one become spiritual and follow the good deeds with positive thinking and with attachment to GOD one gets ample of energy to remain patience, righteousness, gentleness, positivness, straightness in building the relationship with others. A yogi is not at all affected with the sceneraio going around it. His mind and soul are in the tune melodious tune with the almighty.

So need to practice a real meditation is first to have your own insight to check out your loopholes and slowly slowly with dfue prayers and self meditation can burn those negativoity. Once when negativity will disappear then there comes with a slow and slight tune of happiness and joy in the form of your lifestyle. You would feel happy with small issues and with your present surroundings. Forget about delicious foods and lifestyles. You would even feel with a great taste Simple DAL BHAT chappati and rice.

So why there is so hoopla with more and more or happen to be grow more in your life . Wanna achieve your success and make yourself happy with the present situation and see even a slight gain you get will create you more happy and delightful from inside.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Positve VS Negative

Hi Folks ! Better the person is better his managment. Management is to deal with oneself tasks and his ambience. The success only comes to your way when you deal with the positve attitude to others. In your life one has to take care first for others. I found many people who really takes cares for others. They take their ownself to a stride for others.

Positive thinking makes a person perfect. Perfect in all ways in terms of his health, emotions, attitudes and feelings towards others. A good example is a short stanzas where by a teachers places a white sheet of paper on a black board and splitting a black ink dot on it and turning the attention of the students towards the black board. He asks one of a student to notice on the board and asks what did he find. He pointed to a black dot on a paper. The teacher informed him why he could not see the full white paper and only that tiny black spot.

Today we find here and there that people gets indulged in wrong thinking and his attire and attitude also gets changed in to negative. There are conflicts and disputes in the name of religion. All are wanted to be in a top among others. This creates a lot of negativity among us. Our own brothers fights themselves and become a blood thirst for each other in the name for deceased property. Why there is so hue and cry in general. No one wants to come down or put his low attire and esteem.

I can narrate to you with one incident which stopped me in wrong doing by keeping the mind balance and positive attitude. Where not by mistake a person got knocked by my motor cycle. That person indulged me in to dispute but witthout uttering a word I accepted and said sorry to that guy who then remained cooled and said that he knew that it was not my mistake but he was in tense with the other issue and for that he was deppresed.

One always should know another mind. We should always take it easy for wrong doings of others. Rather taking revenge we should feel pity on him and estimate that he might be suffering from a lot of trouble for that he is passing some of the deppression to us in the form of wrong doing.

You know the story of a women and her six month old child where her husband had petted a mangooese to take care of her child. His wife had a wrong and negative emotions towards that mangooese. They lived in a deep forests where there were a lots of snakes.

One day that lady killed that mangooese thinking that he had killed his child when she saw the red blood of cobra on his body. Atlast she came to know that he has not killed his child but a black cobra which had come to kill his child.

Negative thinking and thoughts spoils ones relation and there is a huge hue and cry in the family. It is like go on saying a one dirty fish makes the whole well dirty.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Live like a life of king size.

Hi Folks ! Its very suprising to know that as a customer in the market you get host of facilities. You are in a position to choose from a wide range of products. For very money you spends it counts to your sellers. Depending upon the availability of the products or services that you demand.

I could not understand how the sellers survives, mean to say that had happened to me before a year back. I had gone to seee a movie in single silver screen which costs me around 60 bugs per ticket whereas in multiplexes it costs you around more than 100 bugs. I think even one can enjoy in the same way as the do enjoy in multiplexes.

One can shop in a big malls and even with the hawkers. You can get a wide range of stuff ranging from leather belt up to an electronics items from these hawkers with a slight lesser in quality as compared to big shops and malls. In todays world one can enjoy even with 10 bugs as compared to 1000/-bugs but slight in a change of quality.

Thanks to a varied credit cards floating in the market for which you can shop as many stuff for a credit period of more days. I personally shop with my credit card for which I save a meagre amount everyday to finish with that limited period of time. I spend and enjoy my every movies in multiplexes rather than single theatres which was cheaper earlier to me .Now it costs me around Rs 5 to 7 everyday for 25 days of the credit period of my credit card.

Customers today can bargain for the better products and quality at affordable prices. Not to say of manufacturers today even traders and retailers offer thier customers reward points for their purchases for which they can redeem against their offer gifts in addition to the credit period from thier credit cards. I even purchase my grocieries and provisional items not from shops but from big outlets having all this facilities as described above.

Low prices, Cheaper products, more discounts, free samples, credit period, EMIS instalments, Travellers cheques, reward points, ets makes a person to become expert in buying their products and services.

So let not to save but make to try to spend more so as to take more advantages from the market in every possible ways. Todays bank also spread their arms to give you cash through ATM for all 24 hrs.

Todays agenda of the market is to spend, spend and spend and live like a life of a kingsize.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hard Peoples are real life heros.

Hi folks ! Hard people always gets due respect in the society. They always like and love their work. They are work alcholic. They used to manage their work so efficiently and effectively not to describe in words. They always prosper and gets achievement in thier goals.

They want to keep themselves always in their work. They think, write, talk, listen and with every moments of their body wants to get involved in their work, In fact they are very hard working and deligent in their approach.

I wanted to share my experience with many guys who were really mind blowing in thier work. I really got enthusiasted and learned from them how to become smart, talented and easy going to your work. These two of my friends are doing not white collor jobs but as a salesman. This friend named RAJU who is doing the duty of 13 hrs in his vocation as a salesman in a medical shop.

Though I am from different field but I got impressed from his personality and the way of doing the work. This chap is working like a machine and that to non stop. He doent get the time even for his food. He narrates to me that he really gets exhausted and tired when he reaches home late night.The medical shop where his job is also located in a posh area and they have a huge clientele lists. He himself does a business of nearly 50,000/- to 75,000/- per day. He is really a mind blowing guy and he definately became one of my good friends.

I doesnt like people simply wasting time in unimportant issues. I hate lazy and dump people. I really doesn't like teenagers going to colleges in the name of studies but busy getting involved in some other unrelated subjects.

So, Keep your mind always busy in your work which keeps you energetic and successful. Epedemics and diseases always gets caught to those people who are lazy and lethargic. They have a very slow sysyem of digestion then to hard working people.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Procastination Leads to Failure

Hi Folks ! Procastination creates hampers in ones life. One cannot achieve success and attaining the goals of life. If one pushes its work for a longer time, he would not come out of it. The work becomes subtle afterwards. one can gets sublime if the task is finished within no seconds of time.

I had observed that man gets lazy and hestitate for a certain type of work. Why ? the reason is that , might that work is least interested to him or he is coerce to do that work. If one prolonges his work he will lose interest in that and he will never finishes his work.

I had seen in many big organisation, the management and infrastructure of that company is so build that they can achieve even a very substantial tasks through effective planning and proper management. If you manage your task even the boring work also will create an interest and you will be directed to finish it soon. If you could not cope up with your projest and eliminating by procastinating you will never accomplish it. Break thats tasks in to small modules and take those modules one by one so as to finish up that tasks fully.

Achievement and success will only comes in a way when you will tactfully complete that tasks. Completion of tasks will only takes place when it has been done fully. I observed the work in process to finish that tasks goes very smoothly and when it comes to near completion the hindrances arises in the form of procastination like people feels now there is more time to submit the reports or to take the blue prints or rather when the completion of repairation of any machines is done it does not mean that work has completed. The work only gets completed when its tools and other equipments for the repairation of machines has been placed at its original place.

Last time never comes and we loose the oppurtunity though we had done our great tasks but we fails to deliver it in a propoer time only for the procastination which we held at the last moment.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Intractable Issues

We hear ed many times the news which are very difficult to listen or rather to get understand. It is out of perception, beliefs and intractable. One cannot understand how this can happen. We get amazed and shocked to hear the typical news and information.

We need to go insight of this problem and need to redress this suffering's and turmoil of this news. In today's world we get all types of news only related to sorrow, criticism, sufferings, hardships, corruption and exploitation. The world is now no more philantrophic in its nature. Everywhere and every now and than the disasters, untoward and catastrophe events happens which brings blues in to our life. Forget about natural calamities but man made calamities are very brutal and violent in nature.

I shall discuss of my personal incident which happened to me where all the roads and ways were chocked off at the deluge day. News were spread not to come out from your houses because the heavy rain happened to be for next twenty four hours except in case of an emergency. I managed to get an errand with my brother at coastal dock where the security prevented us not to go near. I regretted him and told that it would be better for me to die in the hands of nature.
Why to die in Trains, Buses, Taxis or rather any public places where man made bombs has been clandestinely placed. It is better to give our life to god.

I never get scared of death. Who wants to live in this dark and black world where life is full of dust and waste. Where people makes money in the name of religion, Where there is no respect for elders, no respect for parents and teachers, Artificial life, Kidnapping, Raping, Aassination, rampage and etc.

One has to lead a beautiful life with as much as love and caring from others. Life should be filled up with Joys and delight. There should be a flora and fauna in our surroundings. There should be a happy and great news when someone glue to their TV. Otherwise it would be very hard to live in this demons world.