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Monday, March 26, 2007

The More you Want , The More Difficulty you face

Hi Folks, I"ll Discuss today about how to remain static, spiritual in your life. Spiritual people are always satisfy and happy from inside. They are melodious and spend a luxurious life. I have seen many poor people always happy. They are self contented with their basic necessities and they never cry for more. More really curse you and makes ones life miserable. Why more, if you are happy from inside with your present situation you need not be so eager to run for more or some or other.

This some or other will be an added advantage or benefit for you if you can adjust or rather satisfy or rather more happy with your present scenerio. One has not to be arrogant and not to be boast of your status. One of my friends always tends to say whenever someone asks him about his business and standard of living. He gutters and remarks with an pleasent note that by the grace of GOD I am very happy and thankful to GOD for giving me such a nice and wonderful life.

He always prays to GOD not for his achievement and advancement but thanking him for his present life and wants to ever remain in this status and begging him for the sinful deeds which he mistakenly did from his unknown senses. A beggar who was so hungry not even getting food and water for so many days and let it to be put aside for not having his clothes to wear. In this shabby condition he atleast thanks to GOD for giving this air to breathe.

We have to learn this lesson that if one become spiritual and follow the good deeds with positive thinking and with attachment to GOD one gets ample of energy to remain patience, righteousness, gentleness, positivness, straightness in building the relationship with others. A yogi is not at all affected with the sceneraio going around it. His mind and soul are in the tune melodious tune with the almighty.

So need to practice a real meditation is first to have your own insight to check out your loopholes and slowly slowly with dfue prayers and self meditation can burn those negativoity. Once when negativity will disappear then there comes with a slow and slight tune of happiness and joy in the form of your lifestyle. You would feel happy with small issues and with your present surroundings. Forget about delicious foods and lifestyles. You would even feel with a great taste Simple DAL BHAT chappati and rice.

So why there is so hoopla with more and more or happen to be grow more in your life . Wanna achieve your success and make yourself happy with the present situation and see even a slight gain you get will create you more happy and delightful from inside.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Positve VS Negative

Hi Folks ! Better the person is better his managment. Management is to deal with oneself tasks and his ambience. The success only comes to your way when you deal with the positve attitude to others. In your life one has to take care first for others. I found many people who really takes cares for others. They take their ownself to a stride for others.

Positive thinking makes a person perfect. Perfect in all ways in terms of his health, emotions, attitudes and feelings towards others. A good example is a short stanzas where by a teachers places a white sheet of paper on a black board and splitting a black ink dot on it and turning the attention of the students towards the black board. He asks one of a student to notice on the board and asks what did he find. He pointed to a black dot on a paper. The teacher informed him why he could not see the full white paper and only that tiny black spot.

Today we find here and there that people gets indulged in wrong thinking and his attire and attitude also gets changed in to negative. There are conflicts and disputes in the name of religion. All are wanted to be in a top among others. This creates a lot of negativity among us. Our own brothers fights themselves and become a blood thirst for each other in the name for deceased property. Why there is so hue and cry in general. No one wants to come down or put his low attire and esteem.

I can narrate to you with one incident which stopped me in wrong doing by keeping the mind balance and positive attitude. Where not by mistake a person got knocked by my motor cycle. That person indulged me in to dispute but witthout uttering a word I accepted and said sorry to that guy who then remained cooled and said that he knew that it was not my mistake but he was in tense with the other issue and for that he was deppresed.

One always should know another mind. We should always take it easy for wrong doings of others. Rather taking revenge we should feel pity on him and estimate that he might be suffering from a lot of trouble for that he is passing some of the deppression to us in the form of wrong doing.

You know the story of a women and her six month old child where her husband had petted a mangooese to take care of her child. His wife had a wrong and negative emotions towards that mangooese. They lived in a deep forests where there were a lots of snakes.

One day that lady killed that mangooese thinking that he had killed his child when she saw the red blood of cobra on his body. Atlast she came to know that he has not killed his child but a black cobra which had come to kill his child.

Negative thinking and thoughts spoils ones relation and there is a huge hue and cry in the family. It is like go on saying a one dirty fish makes the whole well dirty.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Live like a life of king size.

Hi Folks ! Its very suprising to know that as a customer in the market you get host of facilities. You are in a position to choose from a wide range of products. For very money you spends it counts to your sellers. Depending upon the availability of the products or services that you demand.

I could not understand how the sellers survives, mean to say that had happened to me before a year back. I had gone to seee a movie in single silver screen which costs me around 60 bugs per ticket whereas in multiplexes it costs you around more than 100 bugs. I think even one can enjoy in the same way as the do enjoy in multiplexes.

One can shop in a big malls and even with the hawkers. You can get a wide range of stuff ranging from leather belt up to an electronics items from these hawkers with a slight lesser in quality as compared to big shops and malls. In todays world one can enjoy even with 10 bugs as compared to 1000/-bugs but slight in a change of quality.

Thanks to a varied credit cards floating in the market for which you can shop as many stuff for a credit period of more days. I personally shop with my credit card for which I save a meagre amount everyday to finish with that limited period of time. I spend and enjoy my every movies in multiplexes rather than single theatres which was cheaper earlier to me .Now it costs me around Rs 5 to 7 everyday for 25 days of the credit period of my credit card.

Customers today can bargain for the better products and quality at affordable prices. Not to say of manufacturers today even traders and retailers offer thier customers reward points for their purchases for which they can redeem against their offer gifts in addition to the credit period from thier credit cards. I even purchase my grocieries and provisional items not from shops but from big outlets having all this facilities as described above.

Low prices, Cheaper products, more discounts, free samples, credit period, EMIS instalments, Travellers cheques, reward points, ets makes a person to become expert in buying their products and services.

So let not to save but make to try to spend more so as to take more advantages from the market in every possible ways. Todays bank also spread their arms to give you cash through ATM for all 24 hrs.

Todays agenda of the market is to spend, spend and spend and live like a life of a kingsize.