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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Good Speaker is the one who Preaches to give Speech

Hi Folks, I could not wait to tell or rather very eager to inform you that all which happens to be a seminar, conference, Trade fairs, Get Together, Speech, Summons are held to show or to teach a good path to one 's life. The preacher who address to their followers on any issues related to one's life, points out the defects and rectify or gives the solution in general to thier followers on any subjects which relates to them.

Whether these leaders, preachers really implements the morality in their own life or rather they are there only to come up with their shows and to narrate their noble and divine ideas to the public in general. The ideas and values becomes noble not only to share and communicate with others but to make those ideas to incorporate in our own daily life.

I have come across with many leaders and organisers who are unscrupulous and they are there only for the role to give speeches and arrange seminars. If one to give any sppeeches on morality or spirituality, they have to check themselves first whether those moralities are presnt in them. It is very easy to give advice to others but it is very difficult to incorporate those advice in ones life.

I attended a seminar on health and holistic approach, I got so stuck and amazed with the speaker for their noble and divine speeches. I personally got so emotional to thanks them for giving those noble ideas on the health & holistic approach. Then, there create a doubt in my mind to know whether these ideas and thoughts given by them, gets really implemented by them in their own life or rather they are there only for the speeches and advice.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Silent is Bliss

Hi Folks. Todays world is very dramatic and artificial. there is no true and perfect relationship. There always lie unscrupulous and disorted tie ups. People today are very much immune to routines and forcibly living their life not for the sake of thier own but for others.

Happiness and bliss has gone from this world. People tends to remain happy from outside but in their uncouncious mind sorrow and sins settles. Selfishness, greatness, arrogantness always settles in our mind and therefore the result comes that peace has completely wiped out from our life.

Silent is the bliss. Silent or rather peace makes the mind relaxes and gains the intellectual. I can narrate an example of one of my friend who always remain happy and cheerful in whatever the circumstances he meets me. I asked the reason for this about his youthfulness and gentleness. He told me I take eveything to a stride and doesnt get involved in an unimportant issues. I free my mind from all the worries which comes as an obstacles. Obstacles prevents your mind to develop and futher degenrates in making new ideas. His business got developed so much day by day now he is earning crores of rupees.

He always fufils the demands of others., Like he always give raise to his employees as per their desires. If he opposed and objects his opponents he would make his mind tense and confuse.In such senerio his mind gets rotates or retaliates with his past issues rather developing new thoughts and ideas.

Secondly, he always wants to detach himself from others. He always like to remain reserve and lonely. He likes loneliness very much as he gains bliss from loneliness, as loneliness is always be there when there is a silent. He defines loneliness as meditation for developing ourself and to remain content with others. It is rather to put in different way that silent is minds yoga where you come in touch or contact with God.

Today no one gets the time to remain with oneself completely in isolation. Eveybody has to come in contact with one and another. Our minds works for every hour except at sleep. So one has to devote atleast 5 to 10 minutes away from this mundane to rejenuavate our inner self so as to gain bliss. The good example is take 10 minutes nap in the afternoon or rather do your prayers or take a lone brisk walk or sit in isolation to make you free from mundane and keep you fresh and lively.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Effective Time Management.

Hi Folks ! Time plays a very important role in ones life. Once time has gone you will be looser. You cannot recall your past time back. A perfect man does all his work at an accurate time. He is very efficient and properly handles and tackles his task at correct time.

Time management does become a hour of subject matter. I have seen many person who always complain about time. They in fact don't have any time for any issues. They always crawl upon for any work and could not complete at an exact time. They even dont have a time for their food. It is all sheer nonsense and could not be said to be a perfect and manageble man. A man does manage himself for his no complain of time. He does all his work at a proper time and thus ready for the new work to be carried upon.

I have seen many of my friends who doesn"t have a time and always complain that time is flying away like anything and could not be able to accomplish their task. There should be a solution for that, I understand that thier vocation needs atleast 10 hours of work and not to say the time goes for travelling to and fro from office & residence. Its really a very high time to see and allocate and to give time to all the issues without only concentrating only at one partyicular issues.

The rules to be followed for an effective time planning are :-

1 ) Change of Habits and life Styles, stay away for time being to your daily routines and set
some time for the new issues.
2 ) Delegating those areas that are less important.
3 ) Avoid personal visits and clear your doubts and work on the telephone itself.
4 ) Set your goals and agendas for your forth coming days as to avoid wastage of timings .
5 ) In Short Delegation, Planning setting priorities, staying away from your trivial work and
setting agendas are useful skills that can help anyone.