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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What has happen to the people in Todays world

Hi Folks, Nowadays in media all offbeat news comes to hear and its all no nonsense topics. Its really amazing to get all this news which is totally believable and remarking. Its is beyound our imagination and belief but it is still there to convince and believe.

There are several news related to spiritual, social and cultural which is very hard to listen and digest. I had seen one news related to a diaety in some remote town where a Goddess continue to cry and we had seen our own eyes the tear drop comes from the statue of that mother god.

One is not to say but it is not concern with the human beings and it was related to an animal. The animal name is Lady monkey. That Lady monkey use to do glamour and puts on heavy make ups during her dating with the males. It is really a laughing joke where she puts on the heavy dresses and sits in front of the mirror putting the dark lipstiks and talcum powder.

One was a monk which was very famous for curing any type of disease. The infected person shows his illness and shows the place of his body where he actually suffers and that monk use to put his groom on his infected area to make his disease disapper within no seconds of time.

This is really awesome and amazing that people spends lots of money after doctors and they does'nt gets relief and this saint use to cure as if it his right hand job. The one over here is very interesting and its about of ghost. A small girl in a remote town was getting disguised of some ghost in her body at a particular period of time to solve the problems of people. Everybody gathered around her and everybody was narrating ones problem to that girl when she got disguised. At this disguised stage she was showing some magic and extra powers to make people beleive that she is Devi and coming in the body of this girl.

One subject of news was related to a person who was GAY and his wife openly agreed and suite a file against him that he is GAY and no longer to be remain as a husband for her. She showed the person video where he is having an affair and she narrated that at her wedding night her husband told that he is GAY and he is not interested in her at all and he got married to her for the sake of society and his family.At her wedding night her husband got so many SMS from his GAY friend mentioning he cannot live without him, I LOVE YOU.

She said, her life got ruined in the hands of her husband and the flaws in him got open only after her marriage. She will compensate her by taking the divorce from him and financial support from him.

This is really absurd that now there is no secrecy in relationship or whatsoever. Today women gat opened in fighting their rights and our law is also more co opearting towards more to women's issue. Women's hands have become always on top at the cost of lives of men. Today society will consider only women's problem and they believe they are honest and sincere. This may not be true always, and it could happen vice versa also.

So, the life has become very Dull, always filled up with boredom and tension. The issues which was considered TABOO in past has now been taken as considered. Nothing is hidden from anyone whether it is in the form of religious, cultural, political and social. I had seen many people changing their Gender, Religion, & Family. There is a hue and cry for kidnapping, assault, sex abuse, murder, all around the corner of our society.

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