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Friday, November 23, 2007

Health Spa

Hi Folks, Health is an important topic which cannot be forgotten. Heath is wealth. If you are healthy than you are capable to accumulate wealth. An Apple a day keeps a doctor away.Healthy body and mind keeps away from dreadful diseases. Precaution is always better than cure. There are many disease which happens only when we live a unheathy life.

Unheathy in the sense that we are least bother of our food. We normally go with our taste buds and usually consume fast food which is very unhealthy to our health. Fast Food normally consists of more calories, fats and carbohydrates and it gets very difficult to our body to burn those extra calories and fats and thus leads to give rise to various types of diseases like diabities, Heart attacks etc.

We should increase the intake of fibres, vegetables, fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables to increase our metabolism activity in our body and besides consume lot of water like 8 to 10 glass atleast in a day. WorkOuts, Brisk walking, Aasans helps us in reducing the weight of our body.

Recently I joined the Gym not of to build my body and biceps like an atheist but to maintain and keep my body light and flexible and touch wood I am really feeling easy going and felt very much enthusiastic all the whole day. Besides I had changed my food habits like I became a totally vegetarian from non vegetarian.

I had learned from my health tutor that slowly slowly you should change your habits. If you suddenly stop from anything whether it is related to food, lifestyles, business than you have to compensate a lot and it is very difficult to bring the change. First, I was used to dring 2 to 3 big cups of strong milk tea with 3 spoons of sugar daily in morning. After with the direction from my tutor I had reduced the intake of tea day by day and today I had come down with only 1 cup of tea with only one spoon of sugar.

Normally your diet plans should always starts with a cup of orange juice or papaya juice in the morning afterwards with two brown breads, a cup of tea and other snacks like Idli, Dosa, Pavwa etc

9.00 am A glass of Plain milk,
11.00 am light snacks like ground nuts, grams, popcorns
1.15 pm 2 chapaatys, vegetables, soups, salads and rice
3.45 pm a cup of herbal or green tea and light maria biscuits or light farsan
5.00 pm snacks like vegetable sandwich, fruits juice, popcorns ets
8.30 pm 2 chowpattys, soups, vegeatbles boiled, curd and rice
10.00 pm a cumcumber or carrot or carrot juices.
and besides 8 to 10 glass of water.

Go to your gym regularly do brisk walking avoids using lifts instead use stair case, Avoid drinking synthetics Sharbats, Colas , Candies, pastries, fast foods, non- veg, Maintain your body by intaking proper nutrients and your mind will also starts developing by generating positive ideas, thoughts, creative thinking and proper judgement.

It is well go on saying like where there is a proper food to intake and so there is always a positve and healthy mind and body.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Dream Of Mine

I dream of... A life without pain...
I dream of... Love that I can't explain...
I dream of... Eyes not plagued by tears...

I dream of... A soul without fears...
I dream of... A pure, unbroken heart...
I dream of... A hope of never growing apart...

I dream of... The smile on your face...
I dream of... A better place...
I dream of... The things I could never do...

I dream of... A dream

Friday, November 16, 2007

Punjabi Mania

Hi Folks, This is related to the culture and standard of living of our various caste and creed in our country. We get influenced by their traits, customs and cultures and we adopt their life styles in our life. We found many people who does not belong to South, are very fond of south Indian food and dishes.

People of india are found of Chinese Dishes, Fast Food Like Pizzas, Hand burgers, Continental Dishes. People does not go in terms of food but they get influenced by their outfits and costumes. In this subject we find we are basically got so much trapped with Punjabi Triats, food, Outfits and with their trends.

Punjabi stanzas and many other proverbs and saying are very much found in our bollywood cinemas. Our bollywood stars always churn and sing many of the songs which almost contains Punjabi rythmes and lyrics like BALE BALE, CHAK DE. As when movie CHAK DE got released everybody humes here and there in sports, tounament and many other activities CHAK DE to boost the morale and to intensify their enthusism towards their work, game or tournament.

CHAK DE is normally an expression given to welcome the players to win and boost their morale. In Gujrati Garbah people normally hum like "ARE HALO" to win the enthusiam and to create amicable environment. It changes the mood of the players and people get arose and gets towards more to their game. In English It is "COME ON".

Punjabi food and outfits and even ther language is famous against all other religion food, outfits and language. In terms of food people are very much adorable with Punjabi dishes and foods . People are very much connessiur to Punjabi foods and thier taste buds gets really satified with Punjabi foods like CHOLE CHANA, PANEER MASALA, ALU MUTTER, DAL FRY, DAL TADKA and etc.

Salwar Kuta becomes the best dresses for ladies and they feel very much comfortable and looks gorgeous in this outfits. So friends when you come across with anyone just see in them that some how or the other they gets influenced with the punjabi culture and triats.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spiritual Education

Hi Folks, This is regarding the lack of knowledge of spiritual education in ourself. In Today's world where there is impact power of Science and Technology in our life,making our life comfortable and ease on one side with an opposite effect of growing competition and stressful life on the other side.

Today man cannot cope up with these changes thus leading himself to stress and depression. To combat with depression one needs spiritual education. Spiritual education brings peace, love, happiness, purity inside and these qualities teach the individual to live with his fellow beings with harmony and compassion in syncronizing with the development of science, communication and technology. Spiritual awakening teaches us to use the gifts of science for the betterment and not for the destruction of mankind.

People are not happy in the present scenerio of the development of science and technology. The materialistic world cannot give the happiness to the man. The ignition of happiness has to create from inside of our being. Inspite of this technology, people still suffer from one sort or another. They are not happy and satisfy with their present living.

Day by Day the new versions of mobile sets, accessiories, computers, multimedia are getting invented making people to lure and indulging them to buy thus making people greedy, arrogant, selfish, pride and these hapiness last only for short interval period of time. It is been rightly said man can buy costliest to costliest bed to sleep but he cannot buy sleep. Sleep is natural and it comes from inside when you are contend and satisfy.

Spiritual education teaches you to live happily in your present stage and deriving happiness with your existing valuables and accessiories without the cry for want of more. It gives you sound sleep and sweet dream in night, it teaches you to combat the stress and depression and how to face the difficult situation with contentment and ease, It removes from you impurities like anger, greediness, arrogantness, attachments, and all ill habits like smoking, drinking, gambling etc.

So as to lead a comfortable and enjoyable life in tune with the development of science and technology one has to observe spirituality and value education through RAJYOGA meditation and studying the spiritual course of 7 days which is totally free of cost from BRAMMAKUMARIS Organisation.

One can visit to the site of this organisation at http://www.brahmakumaris.com/