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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shopping Bonanza

Hi Folks, This is my experience about the feeling and joyful experience which I get while shopping. I normally do shopping once in a week to make myself rejenuvate and to get out of stress. Shopping changes your mood and you will feel recreate in yourself.

During my free times I normally go to Big Bazaar to buy my groceries, provision and other items and not to say you might avail heavy discounts, cash back facility, surprise gifts, coupons and lots more in addition to your credit cards which gets atleast 50 maximum days of credit.

If you add to your chart in addition to shopping to go to sizzlers or in restaurant to have delicious meal. Thanks to multinational banks offering various types of credit cards to lure their customers.

Shopping is a great deal to shop. I had observed that buying from the local sellers will not give any advantage either in cash or kind. You can avail heavy discounts, free items and lot of amenities when comes to shopping in to mall. I really gets benefits while purchasing my provisions and groceries in big mall like Big Bazaar and SUBHIKSHA.

It comes with alot of amenities where you can purchase with your credit cards as by very low amount also. Apparels, cosmetics also can get at a very reasonable rates. It depends upon your appetites to control yourself while shopping at big malls.

The only disadvantage is that you come out with an extra ordinary purchases which you really don't need it and especially to women's. My perception is I love to go in maals with my credit cards and I buy onlt those which I reaaly had an urge to buy and also see other benefits attached to it in the form of discounts, free gifts, etc.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Quick, Fast & Instant with just a click of button

Hi Folks, Today world has become fast, In this motion fast world one has to compete so as to come out with first rank or category in terms of quick service, information, reply, support, help, communication. No one has the time to wait upon for any subject. Thanks to internet and other media which gives fast access and provide information with no seconds of time. With this fast pace of technology one gets a lot of advantages by sitting at one corner of the office like instant access of his bank accounts with just a press of keyboard buttons, mobile payments, tours and travels, shopping, air line and railways booking. In this IT world ther is so much comfort and luxury which caanot be imaginable.

Internet has given a host of services to the people of this world. With on line payments of utility bills, easy access of bank accounts, and any other damp information can get fulfilled with the internet. I think a day will also come that you get ready made parents also on line apart from your kinsfolk parents.

I really gets mercy upon the people of ancient age where they were not having the resources to spend their livelihood. To travel the distance they were using bullock carts, or going walking from one place to another and ot say about long distances where they were used to spend the number of days in jouney with comparsion at present only for two or thre days to complete that trip.With the growing technology and science to give benefits to the poeple ,it leads to also some drawbacks which in turn of loosing patience and getting intense irritation and wild in nature.

I can tell my example to which it direclty soar my temoerature with no quick service on time. The scenerio is of Nationalise bank where ther is a lot of red tapism and very slow process for any transcation and moreover it takes a lot of time to finish one transaction whch can be done through on line. I got fed up with their services which always makes me to get wild on them. I decided to switch over to another bank which can give free access internet on line information.
Today's people has lost patience and perservance. They does not believe in hardships and turmoil. No one likes to stay in big serpentine queues. Services sector which provide services has to get incorporated with the latest technology to give benefits to their clients and customers.

Bill Payments: Online's a good bet by Arti Sharma

Online bill payments are good medium of removing the hassle of bill payments. You no longer have to stand in line, keep track of last dates or go to numerous places to pay different bills.
You can pay all your bills whether electricity, mobile or credit card online. Today one can choose between using an independent bill payment service provider like BillJunction.com and TimesOfMoney.com or you can even opt for the service through your bank.
Banks like HDFC, ICICI and Citi provide this service to their customers and bills can be paid through phone or net banking or via the ATM (automatic teller machine).
The basic advantage to online bill payments is convenience. Different portals have different features. The advantage of the independent bill service provider is that you can hold any bank account and still use the facility.
However, you have to be a HDFC Bank account holder to use their service, which is a requirement for the other banks providing the service as well.
TimesOfMoney.com allows you to schedule future payments, issue standing instructions for automatic payments, use multiple bank accounts and it also provides you with an online archive of your bills.
All the service providers offer archival facilities for at least the last 36 months' bills. They also offer either SMS or email reminders for the bills that need to be paid.
You can choose from a manual facility, which requires you to view the bill and pay or an automatic pay route, through which you allow the bank or service provider to directly debit your account once the bill is presented for payment.
Unless the amount is unnaturally high, you will not be notified about the deduction. TimesOfMoney charges Rs 199 for a period of 12 months and allows you to pay unlimited number of bills.
TimesOfMoney offers the service in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore while BillJunction offers the service in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Chandigarh. BillJunction charges a one-time registration fee of Rs 50 and has designed packages you can choose from.
For instance, under the Supremo plan you will be charged Rs 160 for 20 bills and the validity period is one year.
Similarly if you choose to use the SMS bill pay service provided by BillJunction then under the Supremo plan you will be charged Rs 160 for 12 bills in a period of one year.
Compared with this, Citibank charges a transaction fee of Rs 10 if you utilise the net banking facility and Rs 25 if you use the phonebanking facility.
However, the facility is free to all ICICI Bank credit card and account holders but they need to register as Internet banking customers. HDFC also charges Rs 10 per transaction