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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Slack in Bollywood Industry

Hi folks! since a month there are no new releases of the films. This is ever happen in the whole life of this industry. This disaster in bollywood seems to be taken seriously and the matter should get resolved quickly.

Not to say of about the multiplexes, how these multiple screen survives.Multiplexes have a good infrastrusture and modern amenities with the food court and moreover it is in build with the main mall. I know the recently PVR cinemas newly opened at Lower Parel in Pheonix Mills.It is awesome to see a cinema in these multiplxes as it relaxes your muscles and get you refresh with digital sound and fully air conditioned foyer.

These multiplexes gets dusted with the slowdown of the films and how these owners absord the shock and not to say about the actors and others involved in this industry.Previously there were three to four films getting realesed every friday's when there was a rule of Govinda, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Sunney Doel. These actors films was getting released 20 to 25 every year.

Now, Hritik Roshan films are hardly to seen in our Indian cinema, where his time is there and he is a super star,. His last film was Jodha Akbar which got released 15 months back and after no film of him has come in the foyer.And needless to say our another super hero Vivek Oberoi, his choclaty style and masculine power had only seen in his Film Saathiya and Kyon ho Gaya naa and afterwards he became dumb and of no use.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Make Yourself More Comfortable

Hi Folks! My Articles are more related to a personal traits and development and moreover to the spirituality and other causes. This article shocks you as it is not related to the above mentioned subjects. This is concern with the computer savvy and that to more infomation and learning WINDOWES XP of sams teach youerslf Microsoft Windows XP in 24 hours.

But, obvious if you take any IT Books, it will contain the information of that particular subjects and I was shocked to read the offbeat content in hour 24 of this book which titled MAKE YOURSELF MORE COMFORTABLE. Ofcourse, One has to be expertise in their own field but besides the basic knowlege there are other supplementary awarness and knowledge that one has to abreast with so as to become more expertise and insight the qualities of that subject.

Here a writer describes that if you spend an hour or more a day at your PC, run, don't walk, to your local office furniture store and check out their desk chair selection. The better desk chairs provide seperate controls for the arm rests, back and lumbar support and height. Make sure that you can adjust these components easily while sitting in the chair.Look for a chair on wheeels that rolls easily so that you can move between your PC and other work areas.

Your most component is the very chair you sit in. Smart PC users spend more money on their chairs than on their operating systems.