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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ladies Specal

Hi Folks ! Here indeed a topic of a soap in SONY daily from Monday to Thursday at 9.00 pm. This is a dramatic soap and revolves around the stories of four women of different ages and different backgrounds.

Who has a time to see the serials. Don't worry guys. Here's a very interesting climax that I want to discuss is that in this serial a lady who plays a protagonists had won a Quiz contest against a car. She and her family went to receive their gifts, but unfortunately returned back with an empty hands.

The lady had boosted so much about the quiz contest that everybody including her neighbours awating to see her with the beautiful car. But to her dismal, the winner has to pay the tax amount worth of Rs 1,25,000/-.

Here is to mention is that the advertiser lure the people in the form of quiz contest and the final picture is very different from the picture which is intially mentioned. These guys went to receive their gifts but what happen, on the contrary they were told to pay the tax amount for the receipt of the gift.

I also got several calls from tours and travels, electronics departments and not to say the e mails mentioning the winner of several dollars. But finally it comes out to be fradulent and bogus. They use this tactics for the sales promotion and marketing strategy.