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Monday, August 24, 2009

More fun in less Expenditure

Hi folks ! I like to control my expenses as much as possible. I value my each and every coin of money and takes the perfect utility from a single paise, and why not this is our hard earned money.

I pay my utility bills from on line to save my time to stand in serpentine queues. Nevertheless I am searching in Google search for discounts and rebates and came across with visabillpay who gives 5 % discount on all your utility bills when you make from your visa Debit card.

My friend who was having the laptop is using full fledged doing business of share trading and earning enormous profit. Another Friend of mine is using his old bike to save his money and when asked he said that I am quite satisfied with his old bike and why not his purpose of travelling is getting solved and why to purchase expensive bike so as to show it off to others.

To enjoy the life is to live in a simple way. Fame, glory, arrogantness kills your happiness from inside. people spend extravagant amount and used only in single day. My friend always used to go for picnics, outings, holidays and when asked he said that I don't used an entire amount in a short span of time rather I spread out so that i can take the full advantage out of it. He had planned to go to UAE but as he decided afterwards that why to spend such a substantial amount at one go, instead he travelled in different parts of india and made his travel and holidays more enjoyable and everlasting. With the same amount he had travelled 7 to 8 places in india rather than going at one place i.e UAE.

Happiness comes from inside, but people think that to show off to others so as to know to others that they are also wealthy and of highly status by throwing huge wedding parties, ceremonies and in performing rituals.