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Monday, January 25, 2010

All is Well !

Hi Folks ! This mantra you know is about from a movie "THREE IDIOTS", its wanna a good movie and lots of morals attahed to it. First and foremost, it's all about our stereotyped system of our society, These great degrees and diplomas are there only to give grief and sorrows and to commit suicides to the students.

My grandpa used to tell me that what's the use of schooling if you doesn't know how to fix a srew and nut bolt, how to do repairs to electricals, and all other pratical issues which come up in our life. He used to say that we are least bother that which flowers and trees are growing in which countries and all algebratic and geometric formullas that is not really applicable to your daily life.

One has to be pratical and your knowledge pays a dividend when you become useful to others besides earning regular income . Degrees, Awards, Certificates, Medals are counted when you put your knowledge in to practise and more towards human welfare.

Remember, there are two types of accounts one has to maintain in their life one is monetory account and another is divine virtues and good deeds. A doctor has to see its patients in terms of wealth, he should charged heavy from a wealthy patients and the same has to be contributed free of costs to the poor patients.

Life is full of joy and guster and in anyways "All is well". Contribute everything to God. whatever will happen in your life , it will happen for good cause only. Problems and Sorrow will not remain forever. The shelther and sunlight are always there in one's life. So, let's be prepare and welcome with an open arms whatever comes in our life whether in terms of sorrow or happiness.