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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hard Peoples are real life heros.

Hi folks ! Hard people always gets due respect in the society. They always like and love their work. They are work alcholic. They used to manage their work so efficiently and effectively not to describe in words. They always prosper and gets achievement in thier goals.

They want to keep themselves always in their work. They think, write, talk, listen and with every moments of their body wants to get involved in their work, In fact they are very hard working and deligent in their approach.

I wanted to share my experience with many guys who were really mind blowing in thier work. I really got enthusiasted and learned from them how to become smart, talented and easy going to your work. These two of my friends are doing not white collor jobs but as a salesman. This friend named RAJU who is doing the duty of 13 hrs in his vocation as a salesman in a medical shop.

Though I am from different field but I got impressed from his personality and the way of doing the work. This chap is working like a machine and that to non stop. He doent get the time even for his food. He narrates to me that he really gets exhausted and tired when he reaches home late night.The medical shop where his job is also located in a posh area and they have a huge clientele lists. He himself does a business of nearly 50,000/- to 75,000/- per day. He is really a mind blowing guy and he definately became one of my good friends.

I doesnt like people simply wasting time in unimportant issues. I hate lazy and dump people. I really doesn't like teenagers going to colleges in the name of studies but busy getting involved in some other unrelated subjects.

So, Keep your mind always busy in your work which keeps you energetic and successful. Epedemics and diseases always gets caught to those people who are lazy and lethargic. They have a very slow sysyem of digestion then to hard working people.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Procastination Leads to Failure

Hi Folks ! Procastination creates hampers in ones life. One cannot achieve success and attaining the goals of life. If one pushes its work for a longer time, he would not come out of it. The work becomes subtle afterwards. one can gets sublime if the task is finished within no seconds of time.

I had observed that man gets lazy and hestitate for a certain type of work. Why ? the reason is that , might that work is least interested to him or he is coerce to do that work. If one prolonges his work he will lose interest in that and he will never finishes his work.

I had seen in many big organisation, the management and infrastructure of that company is so build that they can achieve even a very substantial tasks through effective planning and proper management. If you manage your task even the boring work also will create an interest and you will be directed to finish it soon. If you could not cope up with your projest and eliminating by procastinating you will never accomplish it. Break thats tasks in to small modules and take those modules one by one so as to finish up that tasks fully.

Achievement and success will only comes in a way when you will tactfully complete that tasks. Completion of tasks will only takes place when it has been done fully. I observed the work in process to finish that tasks goes very smoothly and when it comes to near completion the hindrances arises in the form of procastination like people feels now there is more time to submit the reports or to take the blue prints or rather when the completion of repairation of any machines is done it does not mean that work has completed. The work only gets completed when its tools and other equipments for the repairation of machines has been placed at its original place.

Last time never comes and we loose the oppurtunity though we had done our great tasks but we fails to deliver it in a propoer time only for the procastination which we held at the last moment.