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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bad Transportation

Hi Folks, Today's life has become very hectic day by day and thanks to our transportation of our country, which add only dismay to our life. A very rare BEST Buses found to propogate the large population of this contry. Day by Day eveyone sees the huge stempede in Trains, Buses, Serpentine queues for Auto Rikshas and Taxis.

Todays transportaion becomes very weak to inculcate the huge population of this country. People only rely with only one resource of Buses and Trians which thus leads to chaos and terrible reprimand and battling with each other. Its an horrible experience to wait for 30 to 40 minutes for buses. Trains are also not enough for this population esp Virar trains which after every 15 minutes.

People at the surburbs falls a very bad at the hands of Local Trains and thus their transit from office to home causes a great dismay ,turmoil and hardships. I love to live in suburbs of its great serenity and beauty but I get stop because of this great hardship while in transist between to and fro. I think that private companies should open their doors for transportation and provide relief to a common man.

There should be a substitute for these subtle local trains and BEST Buses. Private Companies should allow to ply thier own vehicles besides these modes of transportation. Everyone will get relief and feel energetic and happy. Half of our energy goes only in travelling and that to a very gruesome travelling where a man does not get a sit to seat or rather put in this that he does not get space to even stand also. There is no value for ones life. A man can esaily gets dropped standing at the doorstep. Even Passenger Trains are also highly gets flooded and not to say how these passengers travel by standing for so many hours.

This is a very high time to come out with alternative ways to combat the gruesome situation of our infrastructure of transportation. Otherwise a day will come that these only one transportation could not cope up with the rising population of this country and ultimately it will collapse.

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