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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tare Zammen Par is Snowballed in this Winter

Hi Folks, No one likes degeneration or any decoy, defective, dull and bad in whichever form it may be. People dislikes and hate them without any reason. It is not a matter of solution to dislike when somthing or someone is there since hierarchy. It is well go on saying that even the mud of this earthl will come to use at any time and in any solution so hence forthwith don't try to oversee anything which is under its control.

The other way round is start finding the qualities in him which is offbeat and unconventional. Today's man are always want to choose those paths which are familair and understood by others. The hidden qualities are mainly overlooked. A lion is always arrogant and proud being the king of the Jungle and he takes in to consideartion to others. A mouse who is very trival in his looks is often overlooked by others.

A lion when get caught in cages by hunters cannot rescue himself other than by mouse who cuts the strings of cages by his mouth. Everybody and everyone is important in this life according to their capacity and limitations. You cannot expect lawyer to treat a patience, One cannot expecta businesman to become expert in any service like proffessionals. Cobblers are expert in their fields, Jewel Smiths in theirs and Glaziers in their fields.

Tare Zameen Par focuses on these issues that how a Dyslexic boy has been overlooked and forbidden by his friends and family. The Actor Amir Khan forcasts his hidden qualities and made a boy to arouse his morale and breaking personality to the top norch personality.

Indeed, the film is very good and a role of a dyslexic boy played by a junior artist is indeed the backbone of the movie. Its song like Title song and Tu Dhoop He, Jam ke Bichar have become popular and included in Top ten. Its back Ground music, Lyrics, Dialogues and Ambience made the film to boost still futher.

Likewise, KOi Mil Gaya is also a Block buster in bollywood movies which also shows the Dyslexic child. This filw was a fiction but a good film and a song Kaacha Nahin kuch bhi Pakka Nahin is an awesome song to hear and dialogue of Hritik Roshan that everyone is mental is a very good dialogue.

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