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Monday, July 21, 2008

Confronting with Dreadful Relationship

Hi Folks, Here are some peaceful tips as to avoid in skirmish or to tackle with dreadful relationship. Here we have tp play the safe game to come out from the grim situtation and also could not spoil our relationship with others. whether it is in our business or with our family memebers.

As it is been rightly said it takes a few seconds to break the relation but takes a long way to go to build that broken relations.

One way to come out from the skirmisk is let to make the opposite person to remove his wild anger without opposing in between, otherwise this will only lead to enhance in to more conflict. Be calm and quiet and make him speak as much as he wants. This is the one best way to come out from the situtation.

If he really feels guilty afterwards when he cools down, in that situtation try to explains the in's and out's of that skirmish. Always bow to others and always gives grandship to the person who indulge with you in fight.This is the correct meseaures to resolve the conflict or rather it will go to the extremes.

Here some are the few tips to resolve the Dreadful Situtations :-1. Don't take their hostility personally. Try to keep your emotions out of it.
2. Retaliate in king, with patience. Be Quiet, firm and detached.
3. Don't try to stop the harangue until the person has said everything he wants to say or until he stars repeating things.
4. Try to use positive body language and facial expressions.
5. Don't critize. Focus on isues, not personalities.
6. Use Careful questions to uncover the real problems.
7. Don't expect an irritate person to like you. Be satisfied if he or she will listen to you , or it you can successfully settle things.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Income Tax Exemption- Senior Citizens & Women Assessee

Hi Folks! This is indeed the very careful categories of our society to take care off. Senior citizens has been exempted from Income Tax up to Rs 2,25,000/- and for women assessees up to Rs 1,80,000/- leaving behind the normal man to suffer.

There is also the protection given to the senior citizen and women by the police department for their grieveances to make their complaint directly on the phone numbers 101. It is true to see their position in the society as there is no other way to lookout to themselves by their family members or rather they get exploited by their children and relatives.

Our Political, cultural and social systems always heed these sections first and provides them their fundamental rights and freedom. They also get priviliges in BEST buses and trains by reserving for them special seats and places.

It is not always true that whatever they demand or come out with any issue against anyone. I heard even a opposite side of it that his father was exploting his son in his tender age to earn for his needs of liquor. Parents discrimante their children and takes undue advantage by always crying for their sorrow without any reasons.

They always complain for one thing or other, they don't understand their children and if anything comes short they make hue and cry and criticize their children. A father always criticize his son by telling that one day he will grow up and gives all the things to his wife and pull out his father from the house.

Not to tell, about ladies and women they are the top of all the above, They make fools to man by crying and complaining always for her wants. They don't understand thier husbands earning capacity and gets envy with her neighbours status. Women have become indecent in their approach and they do not respect to thier inlaws and always prouds for her jobs, Her parents, her status and always makes low down to her in laws.

If this is the condition, Then our system shold take notice of that and should ammend the laws and procedures equal to all.