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Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a Reccession time

Hi folks ! The great festive celebration's is around the corner and the people awaits to rejoice , dance and swings in to mood in this festive season.Nowadys, people has lost the charm and stay away from this subdued festival.

The main basic reason supposed to be the terroists attacks few days back and the downward trend s of the share markets which turn the people to get dismay and stay away from the celebrations.

There is hue and cry, turmoil, disaster and unhappiness in everyone's life. Daily routines, chores makes people always busy and hardly they could refesh themselves only during the festivals and ceremonies.And thanks to the recent attacks and disaster which makes totally out from outings and celebrations.

It is very good to stay from all these artificial celebrations. Drinking, Dancing, dating, pubbing,etc makes man artificial from inside. Today man needs peace and bliss and atleast he will get when he is not partying. He sits with his family with a small get toghther and spends his festive moods with his dear and near ones.

Atleast, these days there would not be a showy or artificial show but more natural and practical celebrations by sitting home and munching their favourite dishes made in home. Atleast let's see and experience the feelings of this celebrations for the upcoming New Year and Christmas.

Monday, December 01, 2008

How the Fidayeen are trained

Engaging security forces in a battle for nearly three days is no ordinary feat. Security experts say that this is possible due to the rigorous training that these terrorists undergo before they launch an attack.

A fidayeen undergoes the toughest training, says an IB officer who has documented the training programmes of these people. The officer says that these men are trained first mentally and then physically. The mental aspect which involves rigorous brain washing is the most important part of the programme. Fidayeens are told that their ultimate goal should be to kill as much possible and they should also be ready to die. Once their mind is set to this, the physical aspect of the training begins. The officer says that training and brainwashing the mind is extremely crucial as the fidayeen become determined to pass the physical test in order to carry out the mission.

The physical aspect of the training is extremely difficult and only one out of 20 men selected for the programme are finally chosen. The official says that this programme was first started by the al Qaeda and then borrowed by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

The men who are selected for the training programmes are known as mujahids. A mujahid fidayeen training programme lasts between five and six months. It involves jogging, sprinting, combat, training in arms and ammunition. A mujahid is declared a fidayeen only when he able to sprint 100 meters in 12 seconds. He should also be able to jog for 10 kilometres with just a half an hour break. Further he should be march continuously for five hours carrying things weighing at least 20 kgs. Apart from this he should be able to stay awake for five days in a row and not lose concentration and should be able to go without food for two days. The final part of the programme involves training in combat with the use of guns and grenades.