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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sabbatical overrules the Polls

Hi folks! here comes a tedious and tiresome election day to cast the votes, everytime the same manner and route to select the canditate and to elect him as a minister which has nothing to do with human welfare.

Well it's my opinion towards the poll. Different people has different opinion and t o change the scenerio of this country one has to change its norms and procedures and the way of working of the systems. Our people should come out with new things and concepts. I believe that the person for the posts of minister should get selected with our own likes and wishes and afterwards he should get the tickets to contest the elections.

The selections of the people will contest with each other in their constituency and will definately will come out as awinner who has done the good job or rather has good profile.Here the same canditates we see as usual or rather their offsprings to make usless interested in politics.

Nowadays people go for a trip or leave and enjoying the whole day instead of going and contesting their votes. They believe that nothing good will happen and they don't want to waste their time in electorial polls.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Law of Good & Divine Deeds

Once Shiv & Parvati were on the tour of earth. While they were passing through Punjab, Parvati saw Sikh Kisaans (farmers) were dancing due to good season. They were so involved in dancing & were busy within themselves that they dint realised that Shiv & Parvati were also present there.

Being ignored Parvati got angry and said, they are so selfish that they dont even realise that we are here. She gave them a Shraap (curse) that there would be no rain for seven years in that region. Hearing this, Shiv said this is too much of a punishment for just small mistake that too happened out of ignorance.

Well, time passed and after two years again Shiv & Parvati passed from that place and saw people were still happy, content and ploughing their field. Seeing this Parvati got surprised and asked them when this place is so dried, drought is all over and the fields are barren, still how are you content and why are you ploughing the field in this hot sun.

The farmer replied we are content because we have accepted our fate and we are ploughing our fields because we know we have been cursed but we also know that after five years it is going to rain, so in order to not to be out of practice and turn lethargic & lazy we are ploughing our fields.

Hearing this Shiv was extremely happy, took out his Dumroo and started playing it. Surprised Parvati asked him why are you playing this dumroo at this odd hour? Shiv said I have not played this dumroo in a long time may be since last 250 years, i'm playing it so that i may not run out of practice.

The sound of dumroo went up till sky. Hearing the sound of dumroo, the rain god said that i've not showered the rain since last two years, now I should rain so that I may not run out of practice and then the rain god showered in that region.

Learning : Always remain positive & contented in life and never leave your Purshaarth(karma)


Monday, April 06, 2009

Election Mania

Hi Folks! Election is round the corner,The candidates of their respective parties debates with each other to gain confidence and love from thier countrymen and to boost them to vote against their name.

It is a dirty game and nowadays minister and their staff shows utter respect to the people at the time of electorial polls and afterwards it restore in to silence and whatever the promises they had given before the polls are all gone to vain.

They shows thier prestige only at the time of polls. Honesty and true love had gone from them. Servicing to the mankind had only remained in their dictionary. They want to come in politics to earn and enjoy.

I know the story of an angel, who was busy in writing the names of those who always pray and remind to god. A honest person saw ih his diary where his name has appeared or not, but to his knowkledge he found that his name was not there, as he was not praying to God.

After some days he saw the same angel reading the dairy of those names that were liked by God. Surprisingly , The same person name was found in God's diary. You know, Why? as he was taking care and helpful to others. Mankind Service is the most favourite service to God.

But today's minister forget about the mankind service and they show their artificial service in the form of appearing as a guest to inaugaurate some kind of functions, Seminars, speeches and giving condolences and paying surprised visit to drought relief areas, natural calamities.

Today's artificial life of ministers have been overssen and in taday's life there should be a real true minister that sould have a true profile and portfolio in the form of leadership, personality,looks, courage and well discipilned like Ms Indira Gandhi.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Luck By Chance

Hi Folks! In our daily like we give utter importance to our luck. We rarely look in ourself of our failures rather than giving total credit to our luck. These people fails when they depend totally on their luck.

Success never comes at one step, continuous efforts and support leads you to success. Endeavours and struggle makes a man experienced and perfect. Learn to fight your problems but with patience and calmness. Losing control and patience leads to failures and to get you beleive in luck.

Once I heard the speech of KISMAT means luck, Kismat is nothing any extra power or rather any spiritual force acting upon us. It is been said by the people that he is unlucky person, he will not make it out because his stars are worst. A person needs to improve his character rather than cursing his luck. Man makes luck or KISMAT means Kis ki Mat or in whose path we are leading our life.

A person whose company of Friends circle is bad indulging in to smoking, drinking, gambling will defianely leads him to that path. So if in any situation any adverse condition comes, don't rely on KISMAT , It is that KISMAT which you have made.