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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Visualization For Relaxation?

Creative visualization may be used in various ways to experience true relaxation of the mind. It is by definition, positive. Removing the negative mental scenario, we emerge positive images in our minds that enable us to see our situations, even our own identities, constructively. These images help us in experiencing peace, satisfaction, happiness, love, joy etc. that are the foundations (basis) of relaxation.
Practice the basic visualization for relaxation given below:
Visualize a beautiful and real place, where you would like to be right now, if you had all the time and money in the world. We are now going to travel to that place using the power of the mind and intellect.
“Become aware of your body sitting here on the chair.
Do you feel heavy or light? Feel comfortable, your shoulders relaxed.
You become aware of your breathing.
What we are going to ask you to do is to go to a place, which is very special to yourself.
It may be a place, which is away outside the city; it may be a place inside a house.
It may be a place of colour and sound, which is not real at all.
Now you are sitting in that place.
Notice the colours that you can see.
The sky or ceiling or just light.
What is the texture around you? Fresh, clean or a natural place?
What are you sitting on? Something soft?
What can you hear around you?
Is there silence or are there the natural sounds of nature?
Are you walking or dancing or sitting still?
Can you see very far or is everything very close to you?
Why is it that you are enjoying the experience so much?
Why is there pleasure?
What are the feelings that you are having?
Now you are returning to the room,
back to this body sitting on the chair,
and writing down your relaxation experience.”??