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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dilwale Dhulhaniya Le Jayege.

Hi Folks! This is my favourite movie, where I like the dialogues delivered by our King Badshah"Mr Sharukh Khan" when kajol tells her to make her run or leave her family to run away with him, but Sharukh refuses and tells her that he is not so coward to maker her run away with him and tells her that he will by his own accord will ask her hand to his father.

For that, he undergoes so hard and turmoil and finally wins the battle. Similarly life is like a battle, we have to fight till our last breath and we should not get upset against up and downs which comes in our life. To achieve gains and incomes many people use shortcuts or rather dishonest and fraudalent paths and ultimately ends with pains and failures.

To live life honestly, we have to follow the true path, no doubt we will come across with many difficulties and pains, hue and cry but finally there will be relief and real life afterwards. Again, in this movie Sharukh says that there are two ways or paths in one's life , one path is fully covered with flora and fauna and another is covered with stones, pubbles and thorns.

The flora and fauna path is choen by all the people as this path is full of fraudalent and fame at the beginning achieved by unreal and dishonesty means and afterwards there would be pains and repentance forever, as this path is covered at the begining with flowers and as you go futher and futher, ultimaely black thick clouds will engulfed you.

The second path are rarely chosen by the people as it is greatly chosen by our religious preists, saints, biceps and no more than other our freedom fighters. This path is very lovable to GOD and whict at the beginning defames you but at the end there would be huge respect, love, philantrophic, medals and awards. As in the begining there will be thorns and at last there would be a flowers and brightness in your way.