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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Must Use


Here is the link to send group SMS to your friends and family in India, from anywhere in the world. I use it too :-)
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Best Regards
Khozem Sahiwala

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Myself calling Myself

Hi Folks! I got very much inspired with the movie Karthick Calli.... , why not, This is only best friend in your solitary, then there is one and only one and it is you ie yourself. Speak to yourself , go deep to your intuition and you will get amazing results.

Myself calling myself is not like standing in front of mirror and start talking to yourself. It is more and it finally touches your sub conscious mind and finally you come to a conclusion for taking a proper decision.

When you are distress at that time you want to remain aloof and you start avoiding people to meet and if someone intersects you , you will finally say that I want to remain alone. Talking to your ownself is taking out a hidden diamonds inside a coal mine.

It is well being said that think twice before you speak, so thinking is the other way round to asks or tell your mind whether I should say or not. Those who don't talk to themself never progress in their life and always becomer a damper in their life. For some problems You always takes help and guidance from different people and finally you yourself churn all those help and guidance of others in your mind and finally come out with a one and only one conclusion and that conclusion is exclusively of yours and yours only. So that your conclusion finally comes out of deep thinking and intuitions and ofcourse, Yourself speaking to yourself only.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Free Meditation / Raj Yog Meditation

Free Meditation / Raj Yog Meditation: "�ANTI DEPRESSION AND ENJOYABLE,HAPPY LIFE FROM BRAHMA KUMARIS�Self-Management Leadership�Stress Management� Living Values � Positive Thin..."