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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Day will never comes

Hi Folks ! A day which you prolongs your work will never come. At the very outset, If you don't like anything , don't give false promises of getting done. There are three types of people, one is that they never does the work and giving false dates and promises. Other one is those they like but they prolonged or rather procasinated or seems that they like it but not too much. The third one is very prompt and randomly does the work without any notices or reminders.

People save in their early age and they are worried of their futures, comes in the first category of randomly selected. The second one keeps their meagre amount aside for saving but not giving much more importance but in their uncounscious mind it is there of savings, comes under second category. Third ones are the dump never cares for their life and spends extravagant and if asked for the saving they say who cares, life is there for enjoyment, we will save or rather start saving at some other day but that day never comes.

Likewise, it goes to one's religion, a person who is very pious never forgets GOD and he always reminds him in his prayers and rituals and moreover in his each and every actions and works. He understands that if I remind almighty and follow his path than I will be loved by him and he will come at my rescue and helps me out. Second one's are those who only reminds GOD only in grief and sorrow and does the rituals only for name sake simultaneously GOD will also reminds him the same way as he does and never give's higher seat in heaven.

Third one, that they will always makes false promises but never do their rituals and makes the excuses that he is still very young and tender in his age and whole life is there for worship and finally he prolongs and that day never comes but his death comes first.