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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Eternal Soul

Soul which is unseen and immortal works though the medium of our body. Soul take supports of the body which is made up of five elemnnts of nature viz air, water, earth, fire and sky. The best example is when a person dies irrespective of any religion his body decomposes and all the five elements are equally distributed to their respective components of the nature. Now, the remains is only the soul which leaves the body and takes another body.

Soul is not material like body. Soul never dies, the most interesting part of the soul is that it has three parts i.e to identify soul we have to think over the man's behaviour , attitude and attire and it is not identification of himself i.e his body but soul.

Soul has MIND, INTELLECT and ATTITUDE or rather BEHAVIOUR. Mind works to capture the idea and gives to intellect to take a decision whether that tasks has to perform or not. If that idea or thoughts creted by mind got performed by the intellect than that tasks becomes the attitude of a person or rather his behaviour.

Mind creates the idea and intellect takes the decision and performs the actions and that actions are of two kinds one is positive and another is negative. If the soul of a person performs the good actions he would be called as generous and merciful person and vice versa.

As for instance a person can have the good vision for a women, he treats his counterpart nicely and respectfully and always treat them well. Another person has wrong sightedness as far as women is concerned he always behave rudely and underestimates them. So, the behaviour of the fisrt person is good and of another is bad.

Soul repent because of the bad deeds karma in this life and also of the previous life. As we truly say that what a soul did in his previous birth that he is born in such a wealthy family. It is the soul and only soul which reaps its benefits and sorrowness in the form of its next birth.