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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celebrating the 64 th of Independence Day

Celebrating is not only hosting of flag, singing a patroitic song and remember the sacrifice made our freedom fighters. It is indeed to do some extra which could give console to our heart and mind. Besides, solving the country's problem (Unemployment, Population, Corruption, Politics) is one thing
If you love your country. You should buy Indian products rather than going for multinational products. There is a less demand for indian products and the result is less employment to our own country people.
Concentrate and consume more herbs, natural medicines, homeophatic, ayurvedic which is made up of Indian plants and seeds rather than going or some multinational allopathic medicines.

Don't go abroad and live a life of slavery in other countries, rather than stay in our own country and make our country more civilized and advanced.
Tend to make our country so developed in all the area of all the fields that other countries people comes to our country for employment.
Make our country as a tourists place so that the foreigners comes and visit our tourists place. (Goa is very famous for the foreigner's)

In Education stream take the degree's of our own country rather than going to others countries there by creating a lot of fuss in terms of caste, creed and colour.
Boost export as much as possible so as to earn foreign exchange and make the value of indian rupee high as compared to other countries.
This can only happens if you love your country from the bottom of your heart and not by merely singing a song and become patroitic.You should feel from inside and to put these sacrifices made by our great hero's in your practical life which has been mentioned above.