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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who is our Enemy ?

Hi Folks ! If someone does bad to us then that person becomes our enemy, We dislike that person or rather we at all don't like that pereson to such an extent that if one of our freind keep the relationship with that person to whom we called as an enemy, our freind will also become our enemy.

Enemy, jealousy, back bitting, et al are all vices which should be removed from us. No doubt if someone does bad with you, you may consider that there would be ten people who will favour me or rather that person is minimising your sin by criticizing you. You observe that those who become great in their life after surviving so much criticism and hardships. We can take the example of all the freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru etc.

This is an actual tests which one has to passed by not back firing him. We should handle the anger person with courtesy and politely. The anger person is not our enemy, but the vice of anger in him is our enemy. One has to remove anger from him that is our great enemy. If some one talks you nicely than that person would be good to you & if the same person gets wild on you than he will be bad to you.

Don't look the person or rather physical but look to his qualities or inner hidden feeling which could not be seen. Eradicate that anger from him forever and that person will become your freind.

There are five enemies for all the human beings which makes this world horrible and difficult to live . They are Lust (passion, ) Anger, Arrogantness, Attachment, and Jealousy. These vices kills the human beings from inside and makes life horrible in the form of hatred, bloodshed, war in the name of religions et all

These five vices has to get transformed in the form of Peace, love, Purity, brotherhoodness, respect, likeness, well being to others.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Defination of GOD

God is neither male nor female,God never comes in the cycle of the birth and death, God is immortal. God cannot be seen by the naked eyes but can only be seen through divine eyes.God is the point of light (Soul) and God is the father of all the religions.

The full form of the GOD is G stands for generator, O stands for Operaor and D stands for Destructor. Means God creates this world, God operates it and God will finally destory's this world in the form of natural calamities, man made bombs, nuclear war's , terrosists attacks et al.for more plz do visist www.bkwsu.cm