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Monday, February 07, 2011

How to become an Extraordinary

Hi folks! We seems to live our life as we are suppose to do so. In Childhood we used to go to schools, tuition's and by hook or crook we did our matriculation and then comes our college life. We take degrees and diploma for our carriers and start earning for our livelihood.

Then comes marriage and then our children and their children s and on and on. Our life has become the sets of limits and boundaries and in that limits we have to live. Suppose as one crosses the boundaries either that person become great or vice versa.

I can give the best example of our Great freedom Fighter like "Mahatma Gandhi". Gandhiji fought for our nation until his death. Even he can lead a life as all normal people live. Instead of that, though he had taken foreign education he did not spend his life like a normal person does.

He studied the people of our nation, their lifestyles, poverty, illeteracy and finally came to a conclusion that he will spend his whole life for the bettermen of his countrymen. Gandhiji was totally a respectful and remarkable person. I myself really gets admire for him and I love to visit his residence in Mumbai at Mani bhavan in Girgoan. Gandhiji though was Hnndu but respected for all the religiions and studied their sacred rituals and books in details, He was really a follower of humanity.

The opposite side is our great terrorists . They also chose to live their life in a different way. Kasab the terrorists who is found alive is also a sort of offbeat. One gets amazed by hearing his story of how he became a terrorists. He was imparted the knowledge for the betterment of his countrymen and his religion. His main objective to defeat his enemy and become popular in his caste and country. He chosen the different path to live his life as a terrorists.

So, I assume that some or the other many people tries to live in an unconventional way like remaining bachelor in their whole life, Sacrificing their life for doing social service, some become doctors not for money but to treat the needy people, Some gives higher donation, and the lists goes on and on.

So, intitutions yourself and ask your self whether I am extraordinary or with the routine way of life s your forefather does.