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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The meaning and the celebrations of the HOLI

Hi guys, Wishing you all the Happy and Joyful Holi. The meaning of Holi is let's forgive and forget. Ends the enemity and be the better friends in future.

All the Festivals helps us in ending enemity, sorrow, grief and pains,. atleast in the feast we see merry round and smiling, joyful faces. Any important work or assignments are always done in such auspicious occasions only.

Holi is the only day where friendship starts and enemity ends. Love, affections, and tenderness takes place in each and every heart. People become rather mischievous and childish while playing with colours. They all tend to come at one platform where they don'yt differentiate each other in terms of age, sex and status.

They laugh and merry and say "Aaj to Holi hai, Aaj koi bahane baaji nahin chalegee". So holi comes in such a situation where there is a hue and cry all around whether in terms of Tsunami, Climate, Unemployment, Disease and ill treatment.

The favor we can do to our society and man kind is that there is only a last resort which remains only with festival by cherishing our-self and give joyous movement to our relatives and friends so atleast for timebeing they should get relieve from their pains and sorrow.

Atleast by good wishes and lots of love we can wish them that also a big social service we can do to our society.

May God Bless you all and I pray to GOD that in this HOLI may thier forth coming days become joyful and brighter.
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