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Friday, March 30, 2012

Outsoucing the Work

In Today's IT Changing environment and modalities in every sectors and fields and due to high rise of infaltion and costs reduction measures in terms of production, trading, merchandise each and every sectors has applied the thumb rule of outsourcing their work.

The person who get engaged with these outsourcing are called Contractors and Freelancers in their respective fields. They get engaged up to the work assigned to them and afterwards their job has got over, to search for the new job work or outsource from other companies. Outsourcing really means assiging the work to other persons and contractors. Different sectors and different fields has thier own terminology for their contractors. Like For Income Tax related their would be Charterd Accountants hired only for the specific interval period of time rather them recruiting as on full employment basis. It goes with same with IT Programmers . There are two types of works, first is on employment and second is freelancers undertaking the work on contract basis.

Outsourcing has its own advantages to both the parties(Companies as well as Contractors) as they are not bound and liable to each other after their contractorship. Companies gets free in terms of monetary as they don't have to pay the salary packets to the free lancers as against the employees. The policy has now changed from employment towards outsourcing. We have heared many times the US Policy of "Hiring and Firing. Hiring and firing in easy terms means you are there in what you should be. It suits to Contractors and Freelancers as they does not get occupied with the same company over a life time and they are in a position to take as many contracts depending upon their capacity and expertise. Again here the services comes along with a tag on it sometimes the main freelancers again get divided with some other sub freelancers.

The main purpose of outsourcing is to get the work assigned to the contractors and again the contractors may get shifted to their contractors to get finally the finished products and services to its prime clients. The main and first contractor is only liable to his clients nor his sub contractors working under him.The Contractors may be in the form of Company or freelancers. and if company then there should be the management and work force in it. The question of trade unions and payroll staff does not arise in outsourcing as there would be no more employees in that comapany.

Sahiwala Software Company is the whole and sole providing the contractual services company in IT Field and provide valuable services in terms of management layouts, flow of the Software and studying the infrastructure and management and promotional tools and the flow of enterprienership towards the goals of company and providing the solutions and products in the form of software packagesof (ERP, Billing, Inventory, Export Documnetation, Excise, Transport, Bank Pass Book, Fashion Desigining Softwares etc) and expertise.

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Advertising via Internet & Social Networking Sites

Hi Folks, This very absurd to tell you that advertising and marketing is seamlessly unuseful through internet and social websites. I ungained wth this sort of advertisement. No doubt, I gain traffic for my website but ironically it did not pay the heed what I expected rather just got obsolete with it.

Many calls from the clients through phones, e mails, replies came but all was fruitless gave no returns. I recieved floods of inquries from my clients when asked the search for our company they replied that they searched from google search. No doubt. it is a good work done by the several search engines over the net. The problem rises that the inquires should get materialized rather just than inquiry. Google search give more number of results on a single page so the searchers who are in search of any stuff gets a varied number of choices in front of him.

The customer is in position to select any one from number of leads. In this case your company comes under the queue of so many leads. So it is very hard to turn that inquiry in to sales lead.
We nearly regret or give less importance to the inquiries over the net or some specialized services from the yellow pages or subscriptions made to a company for giving the sales leads.

The inquiries comes in many forms like some companies make an inquiry just for upgrations, some are invalid inquiries, fraudalent inquries, fakes inquiries and the chances are many inquiries comes from this category rather the genius inquiries. It's like to choose the pearls from the dusts particles and stones.

In IT there are many techniques to follow the inquiry rather going to the client's place. They are Team Weaver, MSN Messenger, Video Chat, and others. But many clients living in the same country wants physically present to thier office rather than chatting or video call over the net. The time consumes to go to their office and spending the time for sales talk and demo's and finally tha company is in ths chance of choosing one out of many.

The chances are very less to become progressive and productive, instead of getting our companies website on the top ten of any search engines. It is rather spending more than earning.