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Monday, August 05, 2013

The Real Happiness

Hi Folks, We always find happiness outside in terms of prosperity, achievements, victory, honour, medals, status and monetary gains.But these are all vanishable and perhaps these happiness are always combined with the other dark side of depressions and saddness.

Why not to find happiness which gives utter peace and comforts and which always remains permanent in youir whole life not to say but after your death also. It is one saying that "FAME DIES BUT COURTESY NEVER DIES".

But how this happiness comes from,this comes from within,insight from our heart, soul and mind. When mind corealtes with your heart and in turn your heart co related to your soul and when each of one co relates with each other then the real and true happiness comes from within.We have to be very natural, pure both from inside and outside.

We find people who are always good and pretty from outside but inside there lies an enemity and turbulent. Todays men are totally different from both within and outside.Your Deeds has to go for what you think and what you do. There should be conformity in doing and thinking.

So, the happiness is creative and it is created from inside by doing good deeds and to become pure both from inside and outside.


Anonymous said...

Nice posts i liked it..

Anonymous said...

hi hi hi om shanti