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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cricket Mania

This is to share the joyous event of winning the 20-20 World Cricket Cup in favour of our country. Our Great New Captain Mr Mahendra Singh Dhooni had embarked the great achievement in his life history in his first captainship for an Indian Team. Congrats to Mr Mahinder Singh Dhoni and to his family Members. The full Jharkhand in Ranchi are in the mood of celebration of India 20-20 World cup under the leadership of Mr Dhoni.
This match was snowballed as it was between India and Pakistan and Morever it takes a turning point as we made 157 runs and the Pakistan batsman was out at zero run. The bluez of the people wiped away as they saw continuously falling the wickets of Pakistan. Again the grip got increased with anxiety and curiousity when the fast pacer Mr SREESANTH gave too many runs in his overs. But thanks to Mr Afridi who got out at zero run.
Lastly, it was an interesting match as no one could predict that who will won and lastly the vaccum of curiousity and tension got rise as Pakistan team has only to score 6 runs out of 4 balls. But at the last moment Irfan Pathan took the wicket and finally the victory came in India's hand. There was a giltz and glamour all around and why not India had won the World cup after 24 years. It was in the year of 1983 when India won the world cup in the captainship of Mr Kapil Dev.

There was a huge embarkment at the house of R.P.Singh at RAIBAIRELI as R.P. Singh took the 2 wickets of Pakistan and the full trust was all upon the Pacers of Indian team. There was no electricity in RAIBARELI but everybody was worried that there are still hope and chances to win for an Indian team and that full faith was upon R.P. SINGH.
Anyways, it is immaterial to tell what got happened and how they win, but atlast we got relief that India had come up at the very first 20-20 World cup. I really got happy to see my pride and prestige of my country, and finally I was sad also at the same time that what's the use to get happy and whatever the rewards i.e Rs 1 CRORE to Mr Mahender Singh DHONI and 20 Lakh Dollars to Indian Team will going to go in their pockets.
The poverty problem of India will not get solved until and unless if these players will play not for the commercial purpose but rather some social cause. The monetary benefits will definately will going to pass in our economy and there will be Good Nutrients, hygiene, Housing, Education, Empolyment will get solved. The rich people day by day are becoming rich, So there is a need for an hour to solve the key problems of our country and will finally say that India will always should be in front not only sports but in also all other areas.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Satyamev Jayate.

Hi Folks, This is really absurd when I come accross with any person who always speaks lie. Liars always gives you trouble in your life they are never to be trusted and always mislead you. I really hate with the liars and I always incorporate in my life that whatever the situation arise I will always speaks truth.

Once a teacher shows the picture which shows that there are two paths, one path is covered with red carpets and flowers and other path is covered with thorns, leaves, dust and stones. Then the teacher asked a questions to her studends that which path you will choose, all of them chosen the path which was covered with flowers.

So as in todays life also by speaking lies one gets escaped temporaily and in future they have to repent thier wrong doings as well as false statement given to unhide their doings. Truth will harm you temporaily and it will give you better results afterwards as what the two paths shown by the teacher.Intially at the beggining the flowers were seen and later on when you move futher the flowers will soon disappear and will be replaced by thorns and stones and vice versa.

There are many types of lies. One is lie to defend himself from a difficult situation, Another lie is to brag and boast, third type is to give temporary happiness to others like eg a husband always flatter his wife but his affair also goes on with his secretary or girl friend, fourth lie is that there is no any formal reason but it is there because of habit and it is found specially in childrens. All forms of lies are harmful and the person is not trusted at all and his character will get lost. Once the character is lost it cannot be rebuild fast and lie is one of the greatest evil among all other evils.

One more thing to observe that a when a person speaks lie he is always found to take a vow or promise of the dieties or other beloved person to prove his genuity. So, Please be aware of this evil it will disturb your life as well as of others. One good example in a movie where Munnabhai depicts his wrong doings to the soul of Mahatma Gandhiji and the soul says that you should have a strength to speak truth and confess your guilty. It is very easy to speak lie but one has the strength to overcome the situation not by speaking lie but to face the situation with calmness, peacefulness and truthfulness.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Reduction in Wastages and Expenses.

Hi Folks, I met a dietician few days back to check my health status. That is another question of related health problems but she quoted a remark to me as soon as she checked my pulse rate that I am very managable person and I would not let the things go off in the air without looking in to it. Why not, We have to care our belongings, Our Financial Plans and strategies. Each Issues whether small or big cause you.

I came across with many people who always take the things on stride and they never hassle to see in to it and thus making an increase of wastages. One has to avoid wastages in terms of Money, Time , Energy, Labour and Expertise. You can take my example as well to develop this blog of mine I had spend 1,400 bugs and first my blog got stucked because of the fraudalent clicks on the google links. I got dissapointed but thanks to my courage and motivation I did not let goo off my money in waste. I had continued and started incorporatng other links on my sites.

I intially got confused what to write on my blog as an article to make my blog continually going and moving. I struggled and maked hard efforts and studied other blogs too and therby gaining some sort of knowledge I continued my blogging and today as of now I had finished my one year with this blogger party.

I notice from others they always complain of time. They dont have time for nothing. As In my case I really dont understand about the time problems. If Interest stimulates in your mind than there is everything without any complains. I can full heartedly convinced that I had made proper use of money of 1400 bucks spend on making this block.

In big companies and Industries there is problem of wastages in terms of production, management, planning, organising etc and as if in the long run if these wastages are not put in to control then there is definately bound to shut that industry and organisation. To earn more means to avoid your wastages, or rather to convert your wastages in to some produstive use. Majority people thinks to grow more always in terms of money, Sales Turnver, Capital Markets but no more think to reduce their expenses and wastages.

Only intellegent and strong IQ level person has that expertise to reduce the wastages and expenses and thus shows the overall development.