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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ram Teri Ganga Maili.

Hi Folks, I have read an interested article in Gujrati Newspaper i.e. GUJRAT EXPRESS the article on the river of Ganga. Last week also there was a beautiful scene of the people taking a Holy bath in the river of Ganga in the recently realesed movie BHOOL BHOOLAIYA and LAGA CHUNARIYA PE DAAG. We come across with all such scenes of Ganga River, where people deep in to the water and get salvation.

They do POOJA and worship of the river and believe it as a Holy Water where one has to deep himself in to Ganga to make oneself pure and celibacy. People gives lot of respect to this river and there is a huge crowd at the time of festival. The situation of this river is really very pathetic inspite of the people respect and devotion to this river.

Firstly, people come there to pour the ashes of thier deceased and makes the water impure and dirty. Sometimes with addition to the ashes, the left over unburn bones and skeleton of the body gets mixed up with the ashes and does not get dissolved in water and makes the water to stink and dusty.

In the paper, the photograph of the left over of unburned bones and skeleton's was shown and thus makes the water dirty and smelly. In addition to that people deep to take bath and thus ganga water becomes MAILY (Dirty). Moreover, Thanks to our industrial development growth which throw their wastages and damages to this water making the river more polluted and dirty.

The real picture of Ganga is not pure and beautiful but becomes totally dirty and still it flows from the Homalayas and gets mixed up in to the sea without complaining and restricting to flow. It carries away the dust, impurity of Industries, Sin and sorrow of Human beings. It is ready to absorb all the dirtness of this world as to think in future that people will become pure and sinless. On the contrary, The wrong doings, sin, sorrow, humility, enemity, hatred are rising giving more burden to this river.

Our Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has taken a plan to clean the water of GANGA and hopefully the project was about to go and in beetween he died by leaving our ganga water like this. It is been rightly said that instead of getting drowned to the river as to make our body clean, one should be ever ready to clean his soul and mind first and then body.

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