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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Attachment leads you to trouble

Hi Folks, Today’s topic is of about attachment. Attachment leads you to the wrong path and atlast will give you only grief and sorrow. Attachment towards materialistic possession will never solace you and your demand for new will get intensify and will put you in to trouble.

We undergo attachment with any one for getting returs from it. A father always has an attachment towards his siblings as he thinks that they are my own blood and never deceives me in my life and when it turns out to be opposite of his expectation it will lead to burn out and break off the relationship with his children.

I met an old man who was very happy with his family, He has a strong confidence towards his children and finally he got deceived by his own sons and his life got ruined and became turbulent. We have to be strong enough to take upon the returns as a result of an attachment whether the results may come positive or negative.

Resistant play a very important role in maintaining the relationship. A father cannot expect the same returns from all of his sons. Some sons may fulfil his needs and expectation of their fathers and some may not. We should not make hue and cry for the negative results but always see on the other side like,

1 ) my life does not get affected with anyone, I have my own savings and income which I rely upon. A man could not spend his entire earning for his children but he should be aware of keeping some portion out of it as saving for his old age.It is well go on saying that no one come up in your rescue except you have your own money.

2 ) Have expectation from God,. God is only the entity which gives you relief from your pains and will never deceive you in your bad times but always cares for you.

I can give an example of a man who was all alone in this world but at the times when he got old and he was finally looked upon by God through his neighbour who had cared him so much that he said finally that even my own son could not have cared me that much.

We have heard from many people that at their difficult time their children had turned them away and it was finally those (strangers or friends) who rescued them.

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