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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Values of Proverbs, Slogans and Thought for Today

Hi Folks, I had come across with many slogans, proverbs, Thought for Today, Pearl of the Day and good sayings. I had read many sayings, proverbs that feels you good and to learn somethingfrom it and moreover it gives equanimity and peace in yourself.
Thought for the Day

Be true to yourself and be less concerned with what others

think of you.Don't accept thier defination of you,but grow into a

self defination of your own.

Slogans and proverbs are very good to read and understand, Have you ever imagine and thought or rather checked yourself from within that ever I had applied those thoughts readings, scriptures in my daily life.

It is very important to apply those thoughts in your daily life and see the results coming out of it. We observe our riligious rituals obediently but we failed to find out ever that preachings we keep in touch in our daily life or apply in our pratical approaches.

Religious festivals comes and go, but the impact of those festivals should always be there in our within.Festival practices us or rather making us to habitat those values which is imbided in it. But Today's man observes for thier own bwenefit and to its restricted period. When gone everything is gone.

Ramzan's and Friday's are very pious and precious to Muslims sects. Other days they don't consider as good as friday's and as such they indulge in to wrong doings and thus becoming ungrateful to themselves.

Slogans, Preachings, Thoughts for the Day, should always be there with you and has to apply whenever and wherever the situation demands. It is not to be placed or praised by writting down or mesmermising or to be put in a golden plate or rather to show off, but one has to apply it in their situation.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

On Line Worship.

Hi folks, On line worship has become an indespensible in tody's life. To get relief from stress and to devote to God, there are several tactics and ways to attend sermons, ordinance, in indirectly ways through internet like on line prayers, on line sermons and so forth and on.

A resident of Mira Road cannot present physically to Siddhi Vinayak Temple every tuesdays, but he takes the help of on line worship from his computer at home and console himself.

Today's life is very fast and challenging. In this competitive world one has to cope up with everyone and in every situation. We should not lapse from our side for any reason and if we lapse, our chance or oppurtunity gets missed.

One of my friend is working in a private corporate sectors .He cannot take a sabbatical for his pilgrimage as he gets insecure for his vocation that he doesn't get replaced or kick out from his present job. In such circumstances, people take the short cut ways to approach their worships, prayers, sermons, ordinances through internet, mobile SMS Services, voice recording, printed literatures , video screening so as not to miss out his religious rituals and observances.

There are various medias and TV channels opened for the person to get peace and to observe his respective religious sermons, rituals and observances. Various TV Channels have been regularly telecasted like AASTHA, ZEE JAGRAN, SANSKAR, SADHNA, MIRACLE NET to update and make available easily to their devotees to visualize their prayers.

In this contemporary world, to take care of their devootees, religions have made the arrangements for the alternative approach to get indirectly get present in their sermons, rituals so as to make easily available through the above mentioned approach.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Satisfaction & Contentment

Contentment and satisfaction are two important factors to be considered in our life. Without satisfaction life will be boring and dull. In this life, Satisfaction graph never increases with the rise of our income, finance or achievement. With the rise in our income, we greed for more materialistic matter and as our satisfaction level decreases.
One has to create satisfaction within himself. Satisfaction gives peace and happiness to us. One cannot remain happy if he is not satisfy with any or rather something.

One way to eliminate the deteiorable situation in life when we expect something and it does not turn out in our favour. We should take it easy or rather just let it go out that situation in a lighter way. Simimilarly when we achieve something, our mood gets swing and we become delight and joyful. We merry and laugh and we come in a very good mood. This is the two face of the same coin. We should not get so depressed in unfavourable situation and not to be get too happy when the situation comes in our favour.