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Saturday, July 14, 2007

HIV and its sex related issues.

This is to the reference to the most dreadful disesese of HIV its causes and cures. The propaganda is going all around to prevent the HIV by using condoms and other lubricants. There are helplines, clinics, hospitals, care centres, rehabilitation, to help the patients to cure the disease. I don't know much about this disease its symtoms and cures. I really aware and visualize in TV and radio about on going struggle and efforts againts this HIV.

There is an anti HIV drive amongst the sex workers and urchins regarding its prevention and cures. It is going to seem to be good to acquaint the people to fight against HIV. There is one question which arises in mind that how this disesase comes or rather where is the root cause of this HIV.

The answer is simple is that our society becomes very open and liberal towards sex related issues and thanks to internet and other medias for the sites and shots which are very much vulger to see. Today even a child knows very well about this issue. Not to say to school and college goers they are very much advanced in this topic.

Prostitution, raping, kidnapping, smooching, romance in open air, etc makes the people more erotic which subjects later on sex. Opposite sex attracts each other with their outfits. women especially expose their body giving attraction of sex to males, which indulge in to sex relationship. Sex has now not become a taboo in our society anymore which gives rise to this HIV disease.

To prevent HIV , our norms of society should gets changed which discourage sex instead of encouraging it. Stop showing erotic movies, porn sites in internet, restrictions to be made in the outfits for college govers and office goers. This leads to the inclination of raping, indulging in bodily relationship, prostitution etc.

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