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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Helping Hand

Hi Folks ! There are certain activities which does not involve an element of gain or whatever sort in doing that work. There are people who are willingly helping others for not any gain. They do so as to make their self pleased with the good deeds and helping others in their difficulties.
They find their place on the top and in the eyes of others and they do believe that their life has been given by GOD to make helpful to others. They spend their life in doing services for others without any intention of gain. Helping others not in the sense of money but also in other forms. A beggar in the street always tell other people that he help others or to his fellowbeings. Once asked how its possible he himself sort the help from others. He replied that he always atleast pray to GOD for the well beings of others.
Prayers for others also comes under the terms of help. God is the almighty to give us whatever we are in a need and if that need for others we inform almighty to fulfill his needs also comes under the purview of helping others.
On the contrast, don't harm others and also do not play with their emotions. Always have a positive approach and attitude towards others. Back bitting, revenge, treachery, turbulent are the opposits side of support and help. Atleast say some good words or praise anyone with their outfit, intellect, that also contribute of making you fit in the eyes of others.
Helping even for trival makes you worth in front of others like pick up groceries for an elderly neighbour, give a lonely looking stranger a smile, or any sort of work without any return can also make you fit and you will become a HERO in front of others.

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