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Monday, July 23, 2007

On Saturday Eve night

Hi Folks, This is to tell you that there is a different feelings and happiness on the weekends sep during the saturday late evenings and nights. There is more relaxation, peace of mind, happiness in each and every mind when saturday comes and why not since there is a great enthusiasm for the next day to come i.e on SUNDAY.

SUNDAY is the day which is offbeat and its a common man's day as they are free to do anything as they desires. SUNDAY is the king of all the days where we get the time to leisure and relax ourselves and thereby the day to meet our near & dear ones. The day which brings a lot of aroma of happiness and delightfulness in our dealings and behaviour.

Precedent to Sunday is the day of SATURDAY evening and night with a great array of festive time to enjoy, merry go round, parties, dance shows and pubs where number of people takes advantage of this time and satisfy their urges at this period of time. I am probably not a party goer and at this moment feels to ralaxed and planned for the next day for some excitement, munchings, outgoing, errands and lots more. Saturday evening is the dream for SUNDAY which will going to happen and for that we get busy in making schedule for our sweet SUNDAY.

And, finally our curosity and form gets fulfilled when SUNDAY comes, and the most worst part of the day also gets counted for SUNDAY as SUNDAY evening is the most worried and horrible part of the day as every one gets indulged for the next day i.e. busiest day of the week to see the arrogant and wild face of our boss and seniors.

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