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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anti Depression Tactics

Hi, folks! don't act like you fel, act the way you want to feel.Depression is the root problem of any disease. Todays life style is such that every one has to pass with blues and depression. If you fell insight in depression the result will be that you come out with the most difficult phase.Let it pass out the depression and feel in the opposite way in that way you will cope up with the bluez.

When you are depressed start smiling out not only with your mouth but also with your eyes. Think about something funny. Read a joke book. Listen to a comedy tape. Dressing up helps too. When you are down in dumps, pick your loveliest dress or your best looking suit. L ooking good makes it easier to feel better about your self.

The best thing to remove stress is to fake it out. Don't act like you feel, act the way you want to feel. If you feel depressed , act as if you are happy. If you feel like sighing, langh instead. Believe it or not, pretending is good for you. The more you act like you are happy, confident and relaxed, the more you feel like you are happy,confident and relaxed. In other words, your actions can change your feelings.

Happier in the sense that it should be in the preview of limits. There are various ways that one can get happiness like gambling, smoking, drinking, drug trafficing, molestation, eve teasing, which causes harm to others and to oneself. This happiness will last only if there activation gets over. This is a temporary relief and it causes great harm to our body and mind.

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