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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sweet Unforgotable Memories

Hi Folks ! We always remind some of the sweet memories of past and reclloect those events which could not be forget. We even remember our friends, relatives and collegues for spending the time with us in the past. Past is unforgateble and future is to make our sweet memories to come in to existence.

We have our building friends where we conduct one day picnic every year as we could not forget our past picnics and it always happen to come to our memories and we go at every year. The person's company is also important to make that event more memorable. Like minded and easy going friends are more comfortable than reserved.

I can tell you one of my collegues who always gives me a very good advice and his advice remained in my mind as memory and I could not forget that friend. His advice was when I was getting depressed he used to tell me We have come in this earth all alone and we have to go from this earth also all alone so why there is so Hue and Cry for others and things.

Another friend told me that our two hands are not given for skirmish and fighting and with these two hands how many people you will make them defeat but with these two hands you can shake and make your join your hands together to say regards and courtesy in front of thousands of people.

Another friend of mine was really on the other sides of spirituality and hard core believer in spirits and ghosts. He told me when you urinate in open and calm spaces before urinating just signalise by making sounds so as to get vacate the ghosts from the places where you urinate.

Advices, Morals, Love, Freindship, Places, Movies, Spirituality plays a very important roles as these places are unforgatable and it makes our relationship more strong and build. For E.g. Two starngers when they happen to meet on a certain holidays or trips became husband and wife afterwards.

Sweet memories are always there for you forever and it is found by old and elderly people who always make them find in their past life and enjoying thier ancient age.