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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Suicide Bomber's At TAJ in Mumbai

Hi Folks ! This news is not new now, as it became familair to all of us that ever lasting disaster and turlelence happened to occur in Mumbai by the terrorists.

We became familiar with these news whenever we tune to out TV Channels. Everybody is talking and discussing of this turbelence. I happened to come think me that why these (Fidaeen) i.e sucicide bombers are putting their own life in danger.

It is a normal practice that everybody is doing work or some activity for his livelihood and that to only up to his livelihood but not at the the cost of his life. It is exceptional to our Navy, Soldiers as these people are getting enormous training and perks and moreover they get due respect and discipline from the people of their own country who contibutes their lives for the betterment of our country.
Here also our great ATS chief officer and NSG Commando Mr Sandeep Unnikrishnan and other two officers who laid their life by protecting our country from these terroists.It is not and end to this issue, but the question arises how these terroists gets ready to laid thier life by doing these vehement and terroists activities.

If we think from their own point of veiw, I suggests that monetory or some other factors motivate them to indulge in to these activities. I viewed in TV channels the communication between terroists and our media persons asking them that you are not being bothered of about your family.

Thet are trainied so meticulously and proffessionally, emotionally, spiritually, strongly that they have only one mission in thier life to attain this target (ofcourse it is a terroist activity for us), or rather they think that it is a salvation path or rather JEHAD of their community with which they will sacrifice and become nearest and dearest to the GOD. These type of moral, teaching, knowledge has been given in their training camp.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Values for a Better World.

Virtues / Values

Take one of the following virtues or values per day and spend five minutes thinking about its meaning and its application during the day.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bikni Babes

Hi Folks ! This is indeed shameful in our society to make women to give undue importance to their livings, problems and their life styles.There has been special squad for women in the police department for their redrresal problems.

Man are always been criticsed in the hands of women as man are incapable for every thing. Man indeed are fools and idiots that inspite of getting exploitated, they always use to have soft corners for ladies. They leave their seat in Buses and trains to accommodate them and especially with morden and beautiful ladies.

In Miday newspaper it is always been foung every day MIDDAY Mate's and that to in Biknis and Panties. Better employment chances are always given to beautiful and sexy girls. Today is the world of women and that to especially beautiful ladies.

If a nude and poor man will walk on a road everyone will slander him and utterd him the bad words to him and if any nude girl would be there everyone will come to her rescue and cover that girl with clothes.

Rape and kidnapping scences are always found here and there and who has to blame for that? only gilrls and ladies they should been abolished for wearing tight skin touch clothes encouraging in to orgasm in man.Giving undue advantage to this sections of the society will one day make this country totally ruin. And is been rightly said that "Aurat Narak ka Dwar Hai"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to master the art of Winning

Hi Folks this is an indeed a very good article from rediff mail about the art of winning any game in any situation.

It requires a lot of patience, Hard work, Struggle, Efforts, Disclipine, Positive attitude, Co operation and last but not the least love and affection from your collegues and sub ordinates.

Here is an article

I believe, it is a series of events (education, job, personal experiences and so on) that all collaborate to make a personality or a career. My MBA education taught me a couple of memorable things: make the most of a given situation, look at the problem and not the person responsible for it, and true accountability.Through all those case studies and internships we are taught how to prepare for varied business eventualities. However, in the real world, each situation is unique; every problem/challenge requires a renewed approach.
When success is defined by how fast you change with the dynamic socio-economic environment, there are no standard solutions. And the only thing that you carry forward from your education is the attitude, the philosophy and certain examples of what "not" to do.
Let me draw an analogy with my favourite sport soccer. At B-school one gets good coaching - one gets to learn about how to kick the ball, control the ball, field movements and so on.
In a profession, one is playing a match and individual skills picked up at B-school are not enough to win it; one needs to coordinate, play his role, create opportunities, take initiatives and rejoice in the celebration of the entire team. I strongly believe that in real professional world there are no individual triumphs. Individual accolades and medals end with the alma mater.
To all those stepping out into their careers post their MBAs, I would strongly advise that they look for linear organic growth at the beginning of the career. Exponential growth, especially in the initial days, results in dilution of certain fundamental strengths. I am reminded of the story of a butterfly coming out of the cocoon.
If you do not let it struggle through the entire process and try cutting open the cocoon to help the butterfly out, all you will get is a butterfly with underdeveloped wings that cannot fly. Similarly, one should try and gain operational level experience first.
Additionally, I think, every individual should contribute towards a "learning organisation" - this is a term coined by Peter Senge; and implies that everyone in the organisation has the power to contribute positively and should aim at achieving an overall synergy through harmonic coordination of work profiles.
Subrotah Biswas did his MBA from Pune University
Visit the link : http://www.rediff.com/money/2008/oct/29spec.htm