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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The end of this world in 2012

The world will going to stop functioning in the year 2012, The scientists and experts confirm and declared the year 2012. There are many factors such as Sun Storms, Mayan calendar, The atom smasher whatever it may be, I am least bother about it.

I really feel from inside that the world has to get stop. The reason is over population, unemployment, hue and cry, dirty politics, exploitation and corruption etc. i really feel amazed that the scientists is the first to declare where are all magicians, clairvyoant, feing shui, astrolger had gone. They should be the forst one to come forward as per thier astyrological accuracy and predictions.

If i want to start anything I will directly go to scientists and experts for their advice rather than going to astrologer and mahatmas. Astrologer's play a very important role in fixing the dates of marriage, time for inaugauration, Graha, Vastu Shastra.

I think it's a better time to take their advice and to tell them that the scientists are more experts than you. They reveal only the historical events but not the real time affairs and practical approach. We should ask them that why this wrong doings are there in our society in the form of growing corruption, exploitation, I think that they will not have hardly any answers.

The mystery of this life is unfold by the spiritual organisation "BRAHMA KUMARIS" and they declared that this world i.e. Kalyuga is in a final stage and will not last long. This organisation is started long back and they chun only one slogan that this world will going to get end and the new world in the form of paradise will going to come in this earth and that to in India.

The Causes of the heart attack

Hi folks ! First and foremost you all will wonder that I will give you some hints and precautions of this disease and will tell you the history of how this disease attacks you.

Not ofcourse at all, I don't know how it occurs, I seem about wrong food intakes, stress, lack of exercises, etc and etc. I do certainly go along with the stress. Stress plays a very important role in causing a heart attack.

I found the demise of many people cause by the heart attack and that to at the very first attack. They get expired at the very first attack. I lost my two uncles for this attacks , They had not lost their lives on the very first attack but though outside it comes to happen that on the very first attack but inside this process was continous.

Stress plays here a very important role, when a person doen't burn out, he will not get relief. they burn from inside and this causes to grow the disease slowly. When this disease attends at the last stage it gives the form of an heart attack and the person collapse. Mean to say that they absorbs the grief and pain inside in to them or rather they gets exploited and they never releases thier stress in any other forms.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shiney's Ahuja Rape Case

Hi Folks! The recent Buzz is around the rape case claimed by his maid servant against an actor.
The victim (Shiney Ahuja) has been interogatted by the department and soon his case will get settled as our PM Ashok Chavhan has promised and given to fasttrack court to ensure speedy justice.
Always, in the rape case , a man has to suffer and everyone's is pointing their finger towards the guilty of only man. Why there is so discrimination in genders. Man's are only responsibile for the guilty and why not women's. Women's are also human beings and they also have a urge to feel and satisfy their sexual orgasm and lusts.

As Shiney's wife has rightly said that two opposite sex are equally responsible. Women can also rape man. But there is no law in defence of man as man are physically strong than women. As there is a good saying "AKAL BADI YAA BHES BADI". Women can make man as scapegoat to satisfy her needs for sex and if man opposes then that women unecessary put him to blame that he has raped me.

Shiney is a well rich man and a handsome guy, I think he might have many girl friends with whom he can go for the sexual relationship with both the wishes of the two partners and in that case why he wants a maid to have a sex with him. I assume that there is a conspiracy led by his maid to make him a trap and to remove the money from him.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Betterment and Welfare of the Society

Hi Folks ! I had been invited to attend the seminar against an invitation send by my friend. He narrated to me over the phone about the Love, Relationships, Communication to be discussed in the seminar. I got shocked when I entered the banquet hall where it was clearly written the fees of the course. I did not understood the concept and it was begun to start, as we reached earlier.

The auditorium was fully air conditioned and it was really chilled and the weather outside was different from inside, I told some of the sub ordinates to put the A/c low as it was likely affects our health. . Finally, our suspension comes to an end as the seminar began followed by the speech of Sardarji and we came to know all about as it was the Self Development Course.

Many spiritual and commercial organisations teaches this course free of charge or the meagre amount. The Sardar at the seminar ridiculed the programms shown by the Aastha channel on self development and he also ridiculed the audience over there not appreciating his speech and appaulads to him. That sardar was also insulting the negative thoughts of the audience telling that I know that what is going in your mind , I will change your attitude and character.

A person in the seminar gave the speech how his broken relationship with his mother gets cured after doing this course and he was enthusiasing the people to go for this course. According to me, it's really absurd and fooling around the people and taking undue advantage against their grief and sufferings.

Indeed, this is a social service and for that you charge from the public. This should be free of cost . Those who want to contribute voluntarily, that is another question. I really love those who are in the efforts of social service and they are doing social service work.

I also did self development course that is free of charge from The Wold spiritual trusts "BRAHMA KUMARIS" their teachings and knowledge is manifold and it gives inner peace and happiness. I love to contribute voluntarily to this instituation as its teachings gave me a lot of relief and happiness. I contribute every month to this organisation at my own will.