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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quiting Long Hours in Commuting

Hi Folks ! This is regarding the problem faced by the commuters in travelling.I surprised with a middle class and middle aged lady travelling in jam packed locals from her house in Vasai up to the Wadala for her vocation.

She spends nearly 2 hrs in commuting. Some people are not afford to travel as they easily get exhausted in their work and it shows low capabality and less efficiency in their output or results. Most Mumbaikars rather prefer their jobs near to their place so as to save timings in their travelling. In addition to long hours, one detoirates their health as there are many breathing diseases comes in to faray like swine flu etc and moreover the firing from their boss as getting delayed.

It's really hectic to spend long hours in commuting.Many employers especially mentioned for recruiting staff in classifieds the place they preferred like around people from the western lines or rather near by surrounding place.

In this IT world, work can also be done from the remote places as there are ways of aveneues like e mailing, video conferencing, internet, short sms's , reminders, faxes etc. so one need not to be physically present at their work place just to ease them for physically getting present. Most banking are in to on line and many transaction of banking are in the on line.

Thanks to the internet,Technolgy and Mobiles for making us free from long time in travelling.