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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - 2010

Hi Folks! The New Year 2010 has come and I am wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. This year we have to inculcate the new things in our life so as to come out in a different way. This new year we have to prepare ourself for the future and to learn the mistakes which we have done in the last year.

We have to improve and change and to prosper in the new year. In business also, the management tries to maximise more profits therby increasing efficiancy of the workers and reducing its costs. This can only be achieved by the proper& regular analysis and search and if any wastages and faults, it should be avoided or minimised.

The same things applies to our personal traits. We have to improve our self, our attitude, our behaviour and to become more philantrophic year by year. As a normal practice, one calculates its materialistic prosperity, earnings, prestige and ownership but the other side of personal traits like qualities,characters, happiness, love to all mankind, truthfulness, honesty, satisfaction, solace, contemptment, patience, endure, are losing its value day after day or rather year after year.

All these values and qualities does not measure in terms of money but it can only be measured that how happy and content you are. It is truly said that how a big millioner is but if he does not get a sound sleep than what is the use of his wealth. So folks,in this year check your moral account and see if there is no any degrade in any of these qualities.

Friday, December 11, 2009

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Investiong in Gold and In Real Estates is better option than any other Options

Hi Folks ! You all Guys are getting shocked to discuss and read about the gold and real estate investments, I know rather this is a new topic that ever has been discussed in my blog uptill now. As the name suggests HOUCHPOUCH means the blog covers all the topics.

So, it's a first time I have been covering the entire new topic about the investments. Well, Gold is not needed for the jewellary but it is a one kind of investemnt to oppose inflation. As the price of the gold rises day by day and it has reached up to Rs 18,000/- per 10 grams and it is earmarked rise and has to be notify about it. Secondly, investment in real estates also counts.

A person taken a house at Mira Road with one bedroom hall and kitchen before 8 months at around 8 Lakhs sold at a premium of Rs 10,00,000/- within arange of 8 months.

So, there is a immense growth of wealth in these two sectors and more obiviously one has to invest a huge capital. With gold, one can buy the raw gold and also the Gold Bond issued by the government of india and commercial banks in the form of gold coins and bars and with real estate one has to buy a plot of land which costs no more than atleast 75,000/- more in the remote areas.

The other advantges of investing in Gold is it is not volatile like other currencies and it is more stable and the safest kind of investment. Secondly gold is the best security to obtain loans from the bank.