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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pure Thoughts / Impure Thoughts

Hi Folks! I just read Jeevan Darshan of Swami Ramdev Baba and indeed I really got enthusiastic to read upon his article of pure thoughts and impure thoughts. The content is so big that even you could not imagine. If we take the qualities and imbibe in ourself, the result would be genius.

There are many books written in to thousand of pages of Truth, Happiness, Peace, Love, Sacrifice, Purity, Anger.Here I will showcase you some of the points where Baba has narrated regarding the thoughts. He discussed 60 thoughts points which are really remarkable and indeed surprisable. Here are to discuss :-
1) Thought is human, while lack of thought is animal,
2) Good thought is the root of good conduct,
3) Morality, Spirituality and humanitarianism are nothing but purity of thoughts.
4) Purity of thoughts builds up social capability,
5) Impure thoughts are the root cause of all problems such as hatred, tension, crime, murder and suicide.
6) Our sorrow and happiness do not depend on others but rather on our own thoughts.
7) You doubt yourself and the lord at times, However it is strange that people never doubt untruth and hatred.
8) When impure thoughts of jealousy, antipathy, anger and revenge can make a person hateful and criminal, then why can't pure thoughts make a person patriotic,spiritual and progressive.
9) If the seeds of hatred and dislike can be sown within a person with the help of bad thoughts, why can't the flowers of love,kindness and affection bloom with the help of pure thoughts.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soul Conscious

Hi folks! If someone says to give your introduction, you indeed say about your name, surname, father's name and your religion, further if that person wants something more about you than you will descibe about your occupation,native place, your address, your culture and indeed your relatives. Again, If he asks more description than finally you will close his topic or you will irritate on him.

The introduction which you had given is really not about yourself but pertaining about your body, Suppose if you had taken the birth in christian family you will be called upon as a christian.
You are a Soul, an eternal and immortal Soul. You are different from your body.

Let me expain you that how you are different from body and how you identify yourself that you are a Soul. Supose if your hands or eyes gets strain than you will say that my hands are paining, but you will not say like "I hands are paining" My and I is different, than who is I. I is your self and yourself is nothing than other soul.
If soul is not there in our body we become death. Soul is a driver and our body is the car. Soul drives our body and it is a soul that derives pains, happiness, peace, arrogantness, pleasure through the medium of our body.

when a patient comes to the hospital for his treatment he would be called by his own name and no sooner he dies, he would not be called by his name but he would be called as dead body.
so it is this soul which has left our body and gets disappear in to the universe to capture the another body to complete or rather to play his role.

So, finally if we consider ourself that we are a soul and not the body than this life will become heaven and everybody will consider one another equal as all human beings are soul. Body differs by the name, country, religion, culture, place and nation.

These conflicts, war, terriossism, battle, hatred, oppostion, difference of opinion, anger, attachment are all sign of our bodies and not soul.
for more please refer to http://www.brahmakumaris.com/

Friday, March 05, 2010

SEX Orgasm

Hi Folks ! This is not an adult topic to discuss of how to be excited and have fun with your bed partner. Many ads and media's promote how to be best with your partner on the bed. There are many books, articles, discussions related to boost sexual activity.

Sex has become an indespensable in our life. Thousand and huge amount has been spend under this issue. Many antibiotice like Viagra and others have come to fore to enhance your sexual intercourse. Everyone takes a stride or rather comes under the sex umbrella. Sex topics has been discussed openly and without any shame, not to tell about the children.

Previously, this topic was secret by the ancient people and they were arranging their children marriages by themselves. Sex has been discussed under an open air and one with a strong sex is considered to be a good person. Strong Sex, Changing partners, Pubs, Disco's, Prostitution, Foreplay, Viagra, Condoms (different flavours), and moreover thanks to our bollywood which boost the sex by showing vulger and nude scence.

I asked the question whether this has to go on or rather it should have to be stopped. Many of them connected sex with their religion. They say God has only created man and women for sex.

Without sex how our generation will proceeds. That's Ok With the generation. But now the Sex has been extented not to produce offsprings but for joy and fun. Thanks for Contraceptives , Condoms and Viagras which helps us to promote in sex activity.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Budget 2010

Hi Folks ! Is this a budget, there is nothing new that has come to the rescue for the old , poor and middle class person. It is just the name sake "BUDGET". I don't understand why our FM every year draws the budget for the nation. Budget means to give relief, happy life and controllable and cheerish life to all human beings. This budget has only affected to those coming in the tax brackets.

If asked to a slum person what budget has affected him , he will hardly have any answer to say. Budget means to convet the whole DHARAVI the biggest slum in Asia in to township. If I would be a FM, I would draw such a budget that really indeed makes a common man life in to more happy and cherishable way.

I would quote the price of each and every meagre item before the budget and after the budget. For eg As Bisleri mineral water would costs you now Rs 11.00 instead of Rs 12.00. Tea will costs you Rs 6.00 instead of Rs 8.00 Vada Pav would costs you Rs 4.50 instead of Rs 5.00. Bus Fare would costs Rs 2.50 instead of Rs 3.00. Groceries, Provisions, Crockeries, Confectionery etc and etc and most important all anti biotics and opertation charges would always have to go down.

The people are least bothered in exemption of I/Tax rates, Excise, Custom , VAT and Service taxes. If suppose if there would be increase in all these rates,people would indulge in to malpractice and wrong doings to evade the taxes and ultimately the poor people has to suffer.