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Friday, September 10, 2010

On line Etiquette's

Well, This is an interesting topic to discuss. This is indeed more in to professianalism in writing on the net with discipline and etiquette esp in chat rooms. Until and unless if you use a multimedia systems, more emphasis is not placed towards writing. Otherwise our each word and sentence counts since the opposite person cannot see us.

It goes here by,When you first contact someone, say hello with an e-mail. Lots of online dating services have smiles or flirts but you can't beat a personal message. You can mention parts of their profile that have caught your attention, and it shows them that you have actually read their profile.

Everyone is inquisitive when they start conversing with someone online but that doesn't mean you should continually ask questions. Don't give other singles a reason to be put off. You need to just let the questions flow with the conversation. Weave them in naturally. If they bring something up that can lead into a question then ask it. Also give some information about yourself as well then other singles will be more willing to let their guard down a bit.

Become a good listener. Most people like talking about themselves, and this can lead into you asking a few questions that they will be willing to answer. Plus this shows that you're paying attention, and that can only be in your favour.

Never ask questions or make statements that will put your date on the defensive. Subjects like politics and religion should be left alone for quite a while. Leave these topics of conversation till you know someone very well or even wait until you have met them offline.

Last but not the least, first impression is the last impression, so be careful talking or chatting with strangers. be polite, honest, sweet and simple in your approach.