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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Attachment leads you to trouble

Hi Folks, Today’s topic is of about attachment. Attachment leads you to the wrong path and atlast will give you only grief and sorrow. Attachment towards materialistic possession will never solace you and your demand for new will get intensify and will put you in to trouble.

We undergo attachment with any one for getting returs from it. A father always has an attachment towards his siblings as he thinks that they are my own blood and never deceives me in my life and when it turns out to be opposite of his expectation it will lead to burn out and break off the relationship with his children.

I met an old man who was very happy with his family, He has a strong confidence towards his children and finally he got deceived by his own sons and his life got ruined and became turbulent. We have to be strong enough to take upon the returns as a result of an attachment whether the results may come positive or negative.

Resistant play a very important role in maintaining the relationship. A father cannot expect the same returns from all of his sons. Some sons may fulfil his needs and expectation of their fathers and some may not. We should not make hue and cry for the negative results but always see on the other side like,

1 ) my life does not get affected with anyone, I have my own savings and income which I rely upon. A man could not spend his entire earning for his children but he should be aware of keeping some portion out of it as saving for his old age.It is well go on saying that no one come up in your rescue except you have your own money.

2 ) Have expectation from God,. God is only the entity which gives you relief from your pains and will never deceive you in your bad times but always cares for you.

I can give an example of a man who was all alone in this world but at the times when he got old and he was finally looked upon by God through his neighbour who had cared him so much that he said finally that even my own son could not have cared me that much.

We have heard from many people that at their difficult time their children had turned them away and it was finally those (strangers or friends) who rescued them.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gain Traffic to your Websites- By Sam Barns

Web site traffic is the number one imperative of 99 % of the marketers on the Internet. How does one go about gaining more web site traffic? That is putting the cart before the horse. The first thing a person needs to do is measure current web site traffic before embarking on gaining more traffic. The second step is to use some or all of the methods listed below to gain more web site traffic and the third step is to measure current hits once again in order to calculate the success of the traffic-building campaign.

If someone else is hosting your site, most likely they'll have a traffic analysis package that you can access through the control panel. Packages such as Webalizer or AW Stats are common. Even if one of these web site traffic analysis applications is not offered by your host, most likely you'll still have access to the log files and can download these to a PC and use an application such as Funny Web Analyzer to give out the necessary stats.
If these web site traffic analysis packages are not available or understandable, you may wish to turn to an outside vendor who will give you a little Java code to put on the pages in order to give the necessary stats.

Once you have an idea of how many visitors per day you're receiving and where they're coming from it is time to start using some methods to gain web site traffic.
The best method with the highest return on investment of gaining web site traffic is to perform search engine optimization (SEO) on a web site. Traffic from the natural search engines such as Google is free and for some online businesses, this accounts for 80 % of their sales.
Since SEO is a slow, long-term plan for gaining web site traffic, typically taking months for the rankings to kick in, many web site owners choose to use a pay-per-click campaign to gain traffic in the short term.

Pay-per-click programs such as Google Ad Words and Yahoo / Overture Site Match are a way to see immediate results by placing a web site in the Sponsored Listings section of the SE's search results page. Traffic from these campaigns can also help you judge the viability of the keywords you've chosen for the SEO campaign. When doing pay-per-click (PPC) you basically bid on a keyword or key-phrase. The more you pay, the higher you appear in the Sponsored Listings and the more traffic the web site will receive. The downside of pay-per-click though is that you keep paying and paying and paying for the traffic. Soon youll spend way more on PPC than on the optimization services.
Search engine optimization is not an end all and be all for everyone when it comes to generating more web site traffic. Many different and varied online marketing practices should be employed. When employing these other practices, though, don't neglect SEO because you can be sure your competition isn't neglecting it.

Some of the ways by which Traffic can be gained are:

1. Search Engine and Directory Submissions. If you need alot of hits, then submitting to search engines and web directories will do the trick.
2. Submit your site in chat rooms. This is a guaranteed hit. Youre guaranteed to at least get 50% of the people in the chat to visit your site. Imagine you submitting to over eighty people, and they all visit. That is a lot of hits!
3. Submit your site to larger sites. This is the second best way of doing things. For one a lot of people look at the links section, and if your link is there, there is a good chance of that person going to it. I would submit your link to any site you feel that would give you good hits.
4. Submit to Top Site Lists. This isn't the best way of doing things, but it helps somewhat. Most people won't visit your site if it is a low rank, which isn't that good. So try to take a top site list that lets the people vote. This way, even if your hits aren't that good, you can possibly achieve a high rank. Even if your site is a low rank, at least it is there.

About the Author:
Sam Barns owns Links-Exchange.net the internet best link-exchange system. For more information on search engine optimization and other services you can email him at sam@links-exchange.net

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Role Male model

Hi folks, there is a huge demand not only for females model but also male model. There
are heavy shows conducted for males and every year there is a Mr India or Mr world.

In this competory world there is a huge demand for male role model not in the terms of their deeds and vigour but also in their attire, looks, personality and outer form.In ancient times the people ideals in terms of males were Subhash Chandra Bose, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Lala Lajpatrai etc, Nowadays role models of todays people are Hritik Roshan, Salman Khanm etc.

Todays man have become very cautious in terms of thier looks and attire.Recently an add
has come for man's glory and fairness cream i.e "Mardon Wali Cream" to look shiny and fair. Sharukh Khan appeared in a bath Tub of Lux Advertisement, many anti-persperient spray with only male role models are seen with half nude bare chest and sometimes an erotics scenes also with females.

There is a lure and demand for good looking guys with body build and wide chest. So many health spa and beauty saloons have been opened to lure males to make excite and gorgeous in front of females. Males join the gym to make their body mould and look more handsome and lovely going with thier females counters.

I can narrate my example where I had been boarded in a hotel and to the next door there was a man . I happened to suddenly entered in his room by mistake and was astonished to see his stuff with so many beauty aids and attires which he was very found. i saw there is a one man show spray, gel cream for his hairs, Danddruff shampoos with conditioner, toiletery soaps and tissues, creams, shaving creams, After shave lotions, Fairness cream, Dyes and colors for hairs. and bla blka.

Indeed really no one can say that only womens are happen to look gorgious and good looking. Today even a man want to make his look attractive, slim , trim and his ideals are always one of some our boolywood heros like JOHN ABRAHAM or SHAHID KAPOOR.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bad Transportation

Hi Folks, Today's life has become very hectic day by day and thanks to our transportation of our country, which add only dismay to our life. A very rare BEST Buses found to propogate the large population of this contry. Day by Day eveyone sees the huge stempede in Trains, Buses, Serpentine queues for Auto Rikshas and Taxis.

Todays transportaion becomes very weak to inculcate the huge population of this country. People only rely with only one resource of Buses and Trians which thus leads to chaos and terrible reprimand and battling with each other. Its an horrible experience to wait for 30 to 40 minutes for buses. Trains are also not enough for this population esp Virar trains which after every 15 minutes.

People at the surburbs falls a very bad at the hands of Local Trains and thus their transit from office to home causes a great dismay ,turmoil and hardships. I love to live in suburbs of its great serenity and beauty but I get stop because of this great hardship while in transist between to and fro. I think that private companies should open their doors for transportation and provide relief to a common man.

There should be a substitute for these subtle local trains and BEST Buses. Private Companies should allow to ply thier own vehicles besides these modes of transportation. Everyone will get relief and feel energetic and happy. Half of our energy goes only in travelling and that to a very gruesome travelling where a man does not get a sit to seat or rather put in this that he does not get space to even stand also. There is no value for ones life. A man can esaily gets dropped standing at the doorstep. Even Passenger Trains are also highly gets flooded and not to say how these passengers travel by standing for so many hours.

This is a very high time to come out with alternative ways to combat the gruesome situation of our infrastructure of transportation. Otherwise a day will come that these only one transportation could not cope up with the rising population of this country and ultimately it will collapse.