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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Social Service - II

Hi Folks, This is an indeed good work and it gives peace and happiness to you. Social work not only in terms of money but also in kind and love. If you do some activity without any intension or purpose or with any intension of getting returs than that work comes under social work.

I remember a gentleman who runs a big company with so many employees. I asked that gentleman about his richness and genorisity, He utterd and said that his employees are not serving him but he serves to his employees and said my is first responsibility to make them happy first in terms of facilities and payments and whatever is left behind it owns to me.

Normally boses makes their employees as slaves and here he serves his employees and he always tell others we are only the trustees of our property and whatever I have , I devote to God and I am only the trustee of almighty. What a superb imagination and thoughts.

A man was there who never bothers his money and he spends lavishingly and always invites to charge him more for the superb services. If he has to borne the charge of say Rs 500/- he would pay 600/- instead for quality services and he always tell us when he does like this way more money stared coming towards him. He never runs after the money but makes money to run after him.

Giving a smile to a ambigious stranger and escort to an unknown person at any party or gathering is also one kind of social service. Positive thinking, honesty, benevolence, obedient are also other kinds of kind and help to give others.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Healthy Tips - Lose and Adopt

L - Lose A - Adopt
L- White Sugar and ...............A - Jaggery, Honey;

L- Maida or Fine atta and .....A - Rough Atta, Sprouted Wheat;

L - Fried vegetables and .......A - Raw, Boiled Vegetables ;

L - Tea, Coffee and .................A - Basil, Saunf, Soup;

L - Pickle and ..........................A - Fresh Chutney;

L - Soft Drinks and .................A - Coconut Water, Juices;

L - Sweets, Confectioneries ....A - Dates, Raisins, Sweet Fruits;