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Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Nupital Ceremony

This ceremony seems very odd to me. Naturally everybody likes to go to wedding tn greet the Bride and Groom. Everyone interacts with each other with thier fine wearing clothes and mouth watering receipes and desserts.

Here I say the actual exams starts both for bride and groom. Before the marriage both the families of bride and groom inquire with their freinds and relatives about their families, standard of living, Qualifications,financial back ground, status in the society, materialistics holding of a groom like whether he owns a flat in his own name, Whether he is doing bussiness of his own or whether he is in family bussiness.

His past history, his past history of his family, his history of his own brothers and sisters. Moreover in the first meeting a girl will say to a boy that she would no more be a housewife as she likes to have her own carrier. She looks the financial backround of a boy and the same thing goes with a boy whether he takes anything from her or from her family in the form of dowry.

Here the total idea only envelopes with the physical holdings or materialists. Here only the measurement of quantity takes place but not qualities.

Qualities do plays a very impotant part in life. Here one has to see whether a girl or a boy has the power to tolerate, has the power to control anger, has the power to understand each other, has the power to sacrifice for each other, has the power to adjust in any situation with each other, has the power of love with each other. love in the sense not of sex but love from heart and mind, has the power to help each other in the form of illness, undebtness, has the power of respect with thier in laws, has the girl has the power to treat her in laws as her own family members

It is been righly said that marriages are made in heaven. But here it is totally been messed up as all the vices in the form of anger, greed, attachment, ego takes place. Here all artificial relationship one will get. In wedding ceremony by wearing new clothes and apparels does not mean they are happy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who is our Enemy ?

Hi Folks ! If someone does bad to us then that person becomes our enemy, We dislike that person or rather we at all don't like that pereson to such an extent that if one of our freind keep the relationship with that person to whom we called as an enemy, our freind will also become our enemy.

Enemy, jealousy, back bitting, et al are all vices which should be removed from us. No doubt if someone does bad with you, you may consider that there would be ten people who will favour me or rather that person is minimising your sin by criticizing you. You observe that those who become great in their life after surviving so much criticism and hardships. We can take the example of all the freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru etc.

This is an actual tests which one has to passed by not back firing him. We should handle the anger person with courtesy and politely. The anger person is not our enemy, but the vice of anger in him is our enemy. One has to remove anger from him that is our great enemy. If some one talks you nicely than that person would be good to you & if the same person gets wild on you than he will be bad to you.

Don't look the person or rather physical but look to his qualities or inner hidden feeling which could not be seen. Eradicate that anger from him forever and that person will become your freind.

There are five enemies for all the human beings which makes this world horrible and difficult to live . They are Lust (passion, ) Anger, Arrogantness, Attachment, and Jealousy. These vices kills the human beings from inside and makes life horrible in the form of hatred, bloodshed, war in the name of religions et all

These five vices has to get transformed in the form of Peace, love, Purity, brotherhoodness, respect, likeness, well being to others.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Defination of GOD

God is neither male nor female,God never comes in the cycle of the birth and death, God is immortal. God cannot be seen by the naked eyes but can only be seen through divine eyes.God is the point of light (Soul) and God is the father of all the religions.

The full form of the GOD is G stands for generator, O stands for Operaor and D stands for Destructor. Means God creates this world, God operates it and God will finally destory's this world in the form of natural calamities, man made bombs, nuclear war's , terrosists attacks et al.for more plz do visist www.bkwsu.cm

Friday, September 10, 2010

On line Etiquette's

Well, This is an interesting topic to discuss. This is indeed more in to professianalism in writing on the net with discipline and etiquette esp in chat rooms. Until and unless if you use a multimedia systems, more emphasis is not placed towards writing. Otherwise our each word and sentence counts since the opposite person cannot see us.

It goes here by,When you first contact someone, say hello with an e-mail. Lots of online dating services have smiles or flirts but you can't beat a personal message. You can mention parts of their profile that have caught your attention, and it shows them that you have actually read their profile.

Everyone is inquisitive when they start conversing with someone online but that doesn't mean you should continually ask questions. Don't give other singles a reason to be put off. You need to just let the questions flow with the conversation. Weave them in naturally. If they bring something up that can lead into a question then ask it. Also give some information about yourself as well then other singles will be more willing to let their guard down a bit.

Become a good listener. Most people like talking about themselves, and this can lead into you asking a few questions that they will be willing to answer. Plus this shows that you're paying attention, and that can only be in your favour.

Never ask questions or make statements that will put your date on the defensive. Subjects like politics and religion should be left alone for quite a while. Leave these topics of conversation till you know someone very well or even wait until you have met them offline.

Last but not the least, first impression is the last impression, so be careful talking or chatting with strangers. be polite, honest, sweet and simple in your approach.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celebrating the 64 th of Independence Day

Celebrating is not only hosting of flag, singing a patroitic song and remember the sacrifice made our freedom fighters. It is indeed to do some extra which could give console to our heart and mind. Besides, solving the country's problem (Unemployment, Population, Corruption, Politics) is one thing
If you love your country. You should buy Indian products rather than going for multinational products. There is a less demand for indian products and the result is less employment to our own country people.
Concentrate and consume more herbs, natural medicines, homeophatic, ayurvedic which is made up of Indian plants and seeds rather than going or some multinational allopathic medicines.

Don't go abroad and live a life of slavery in other countries, rather than stay in our own country and make our country more civilized and advanced.
Tend to make our country so developed in all the area of all the fields that other countries people comes to our country for employment.
Make our country as a tourists place so that the foreigners comes and visit our tourists place. (Goa is very famous for the foreigner's)

In Education stream take the degree's of our own country rather than going to others countries there by creating a lot of fuss in terms of caste, creed and colour.
Boost export as much as possible so as to earn foreign exchange and make the value of indian rupee high as compared to other countries.
This can only happens if you love your country from the bottom of your heart and not by merely singing a song and become patroitic.You should feel from inside and to put these sacrifices made by our great hero's in your practical life which has been mentioned above.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love and Attachment gives grief and sorrow

If you don't want to suffer from fear, anger or sadness, don't get attached to anything or anyone, to any expectation, any item, any particular outcome (result). That does not mean you shouldn't have possessions.
It does not mean you can't have people around you that you love. Nor does it mean you don't have expectations, goals, etc. You do. Your happiness does not have to depend on others & things.Dependent on any of them loose your peace and happiness. You choose to be peaceful and content in yourself only.
So when possessions are damaged or when people leave or die or when expectations are not met, all of which are inevitable, you don't become discontent. You have realized everything in life comes and goes, everything decays, every dynamic process is unpredictable and uncontrollable, and must end. You know this is a reality. Every time you get angry it means you are having an argument with this reality.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do not blame your luck, but deeds

We always complain our luck, if something goes weird we don't criticize ourself but ultimately blames our luck. Luck has nothing to do or rather the word luck is immaterial or rather do not exists.

It is ultimately our deeds (Karma) plays an important role in our life. Whatever we sow we reaps. One cannot expect rose from caccutus. If we do good to others, others will also do good for you.

One cannot expect good from our enemies or rivals, until and unless if we turn that enemy in to our friend. It is been rightly said that "BADLA NA LO BADAL KAR DIKHAO".(Do not take revenge, but do good and change that enemy in to your friend)

To bow ourself to others make humble and sweet going in front of others. Do not make things big from small and find the way out to come out from any tough or hard issues as soon as possible. Don't get adamant but if you are right and could not prove at that moment, let's face that situation in humble way and you could prove later because after some time all gets settled and at that time you could prove yourself that you were not wrong previously.

So ultimately it is in your hands to make yourself as a lucky person or unlucky.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Eternal Soul

Soul which is unseen and immortal works though the medium of our body. Soul take supports of the body which is made up of five elemnnts of nature viz air, water, earth, fire and sky. The best example is when a person dies irrespective of any religion his body decomposes and all the five elements are equally distributed to their respective components of the nature. Now, the remains is only the soul which leaves the body and takes another body.

Soul is not material like body. Soul never dies, the most interesting part of the soul is that it has three parts i.e to identify soul we have to think over the man's behaviour , attitude and attire and it is not identification of himself i.e his body but soul.

Soul has MIND, INTELLECT and ATTITUDE or rather BEHAVIOUR. Mind works to capture the idea and gives to intellect to take a decision whether that tasks has to perform or not. If that idea or thoughts creted by mind got performed by the intellect than that tasks becomes the attitude of a person or rather his behaviour.

Mind creates the idea and intellect takes the decision and performs the actions and that actions are of two kinds one is positive and another is negative. If the soul of a person performs the good actions he would be called as generous and merciful person and vice versa.

As for instance a person can have the good vision for a women, he treats his counterpart nicely and respectfully and always treat them well. Another person has wrong sightedness as far as women is concerned he always behave rudely and underestimates them. So, the behaviour of the fisrt person is good and of another is bad.

Soul repent because of the bad deeds karma in this life and also of the previous life. As we truly say that what a soul did in his previous birth that he is born in such a wealthy family. It is the soul and only soul which reaps its benefits and sorrowness in the form of its next birth.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Day will never comes

Hi Folks ! A day which you prolongs your work will never come. At the very outset, If you don't like anything , don't give false promises of getting done. There are three types of people, one is that they never does the work and giving false dates and promises. Other one is those they like but they prolonged or rather procasinated or seems that they like it but not too much. The third one is very prompt and randomly does the work without any notices or reminders.

People save in their early age and they are worried of their futures, comes in the first category of randomly selected. The second one keeps their meagre amount aside for saving but not giving much more importance but in their uncounscious mind it is there of savings, comes under second category. Third ones are the dump never cares for their life and spends extravagant and if asked for the saving they say who cares, life is there for enjoyment, we will save or rather start saving at some other day but that day never comes.

Likewise, it goes to one's religion, a person who is very pious never forgets GOD and he always reminds him in his prayers and rituals and moreover in his each and every actions and works. He understands that if I remind almighty and follow his path than I will be loved by him and he will come at my rescue and helps me out. Second one's are those who only reminds GOD only in grief and sorrow and does the rituals only for name sake simultaneously GOD will also reminds him the same way as he does and never give's higher seat in heaven.

Third one, that they will always makes false promises but never do their rituals and makes the excuses that he is still very young and tender in his age and whole life is there for worship and finally he prolongs and that day never comes but his death comes first.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Myself calling Myself

Hi Folks! I got very much inspired with the movie Karthick Calli.... , why not, This is only best friend in your solitary, then there is one and only one and it is you ie yourself. Speak to yourself , go deep to your intuition and you will get amazing results.

Myself calling myself is not like standing in front of mirror and start talking to yourself. It is more and it finally touches your sub conscious mind and finally you come to a conclusion for taking a proper decision.

When you are distress at that time you want to remain aloof and you start avoiding people to meet and if someone intersects you , you will finally say that I want to remain alone. Talking to your ownself is taking out a hidden diamonds inside a coal mine.

It is well being said that think twice before you speak, so thinking is the other way round to asks or tell your mind whether I should say or not. Those who don't talk to themself never progress in their life and always becomer a damper in their life. For some problems You always takes help and guidance from different people and finally you yourself churn all those help and guidance of others in your mind and finally come out with a one and only one conclusion and that conclusion is exclusively of yours and yours only. So that your conclusion finally comes out of deep thinking and intuitions and ofcourse, Yourself speaking to yourself only.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Free Meditation / Raj Yog Meditation

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pure Thoughts / Impure Thoughts

Hi Folks! I just read Jeevan Darshan of Swami Ramdev Baba and indeed I really got enthusiastic to read upon his article of pure thoughts and impure thoughts. The content is so big that even you could not imagine. If we take the qualities and imbibe in ourself, the result would be genius.

There are many books written in to thousand of pages of Truth, Happiness, Peace, Love, Sacrifice, Purity, Anger.Here I will showcase you some of the points where Baba has narrated regarding the thoughts. He discussed 60 thoughts points which are really remarkable and indeed surprisable. Here are to discuss :-
1) Thought is human, while lack of thought is animal,
2) Good thought is the root of good conduct,
3) Morality, Spirituality and humanitarianism are nothing but purity of thoughts.
4) Purity of thoughts builds up social capability,
5) Impure thoughts are the root cause of all problems such as hatred, tension, crime, murder and suicide.
6) Our sorrow and happiness do not depend on others but rather on our own thoughts.
7) You doubt yourself and the lord at times, However it is strange that people never doubt untruth and hatred.
8) When impure thoughts of jealousy, antipathy, anger and revenge can make a person hateful and criminal, then why can't pure thoughts make a person patriotic,spiritual and progressive.
9) If the seeds of hatred and dislike can be sown within a person with the help of bad thoughts, why can't the flowers of love,kindness and affection bloom with the help of pure thoughts.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soul Conscious

Hi folks! If someone says to give your introduction, you indeed say about your name, surname, father's name and your religion, further if that person wants something more about you than you will descibe about your occupation,native place, your address, your culture and indeed your relatives. Again, If he asks more description than finally you will close his topic or you will irritate on him.

The introduction which you had given is really not about yourself but pertaining about your body, Suppose if you had taken the birth in christian family you will be called upon as a christian.
You are a Soul, an eternal and immortal Soul. You are different from your body.

Let me expain you that how you are different from body and how you identify yourself that you are a Soul. Supose if your hands or eyes gets strain than you will say that my hands are paining, but you will not say like "I hands are paining" My and I is different, than who is I. I is your self and yourself is nothing than other soul.
If soul is not there in our body we become death. Soul is a driver and our body is the car. Soul drives our body and it is a soul that derives pains, happiness, peace, arrogantness, pleasure through the medium of our body.

when a patient comes to the hospital for his treatment he would be called by his own name and no sooner he dies, he would not be called by his name but he would be called as dead body.
so it is this soul which has left our body and gets disappear in to the universe to capture the another body to complete or rather to play his role.

So, finally if we consider ourself that we are a soul and not the body than this life will become heaven and everybody will consider one another equal as all human beings are soul. Body differs by the name, country, religion, culture, place and nation.

These conflicts, war, terriossism, battle, hatred, oppostion, difference of opinion, anger, attachment are all sign of our bodies and not soul.
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Friday, March 05, 2010

SEX Orgasm

Hi Folks ! This is not an adult topic to discuss of how to be excited and have fun with your bed partner. Many ads and media's promote how to be best with your partner on the bed. There are many books, articles, discussions related to boost sexual activity.

Sex has become an indespensable in our life. Thousand and huge amount has been spend under this issue. Many antibiotice like Viagra and others have come to fore to enhance your sexual intercourse. Everyone takes a stride or rather comes under the sex umbrella. Sex topics has been discussed openly and without any shame, not to tell about the children.

Previously, this topic was secret by the ancient people and they were arranging their children marriages by themselves. Sex has been discussed under an open air and one with a strong sex is considered to be a good person. Strong Sex, Changing partners, Pubs, Disco's, Prostitution, Foreplay, Viagra, Condoms (different flavours), and moreover thanks to our bollywood which boost the sex by showing vulger and nude scence.

I asked the question whether this has to go on or rather it should have to be stopped. Many of them connected sex with their religion. They say God has only created man and women for sex.

Without sex how our generation will proceeds. That's Ok With the generation. But now the Sex has been extented not to produce offsprings but for joy and fun. Thanks for Contraceptives , Condoms and Viagras which helps us to promote in sex activity.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Budget 2010

Hi Folks ! Is this a budget, there is nothing new that has come to the rescue for the old , poor and middle class person. It is just the name sake "BUDGET". I don't understand why our FM every year draws the budget for the nation. Budget means to give relief, happy life and controllable and cheerish life to all human beings. This budget has only affected to those coming in the tax brackets.

If asked to a slum person what budget has affected him , he will hardly have any answer to say. Budget means to convet the whole DHARAVI the biggest slum in Asia in to township. If I would be a FM, I would draw such a budget that really indeed makes a common man life in to more happy and cherishable way.

I would quote the price of each and every meagre item before the budget and after the budget. For eg As Bisleri mineral water would costs you now Rs 11.00 instead of Rs 12.00. Tea will costs you Rs 6.00 instead of Rs 8.00 Vada Pav would costs you Rs 4.50 instead of Rs 5.00. Bus Fare would costs Rs 2.50 instead of Rs 3.00. Groceries, Provisions, Crockeries, Confectionery etc and etc and most important all anti biotics and opertation charges would always have to go down.

The people are least bothered in exemption of I/Tax rates, Excise, Custom , VAT and Service taxes. If suppose if there would be increase in all these rates,people would indulge in to malpractice and wrong doings to evade the taxes and ultimately the poor people has to suffer.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dilwale Dhulhaniya Le Jayege.

Hi Folks! This is my favourite movie, where I like the dialogues delivered by our King Badshah"Mr Sharukh Khan" when kajol tells her to make her run or leave her family to run away with him, but Sharukh refuses and tells her that he is not so coward to maker her run away with him and tells her that he will by his own accord will ask her hand to his father.

For that, he undergoes so hard and turmoil and finally wins the battle. Similarly life is like a battle, we have to fight till our last breath and we should not get upset against up and downs which comes in our life. To achieve gains and incomes many people use shortcuts or rather dishonest and fraudalent paths and ultimately ends with pains and failures.

To live life honestly, we have to follow the true path, no doubt we will come across with many difficulties and pains, hue and cry but finally there will be relief and real life afterwards. Again, in this movie Sharukh says that there are two ways or paths in one's life , one path is fully covered with flora and fauna and another is covered with stones, pubbles and thorns.

The flora and fauna path is choen by all the people as this path is full of fraudalent and fame at the beginning achieved by unreal and dishonesty means and afterwards there would be pains and repentance forever, as this path is covered at the begining with flowers and as you go futher and futher, ultimaely black thick clouds will engulfed you.

The second path are rarely chosen by the people as it is greatly chosen by our religious preists, saints, biceps and no more than other our freedom fighters. This path is very lovable to GOD and whict at the beginning defames you but at the end there would be huge respect, love, philantrophic, medals and awards. As in the begining there will be thorns and at last there would be a flowers and brightness in your way.

Monday, January 25, 2010

All is Well !

Hi Folks ! This mantra you know is about from a movie "THREE IDIOTS", its wanna a good movie and lots of morals attahed to it. First and foremost, it's all about our stereotyped system of our society, These great degrees and diplomas are there only to give grief and sorrows and to commit suicides to the students.

My grandpa used to tell me that what's the use of schooling if you doesn't know how to fix a srew and nut bolt, how to do repairs to electricals, and all other pratical issues which come up in our life. He used to say that we are least bother that which flowers and trees are growing in which countries and all algebratic and geometric formullas that is not really applicable to your daily life.

One has to be pratical and your knowledge pays a dividend when you become useful to others besides earning regular income . Degrees, Awards, Certificates, Medals are counted when you put your knowledge in to practise and more towards human welfare.

Remember, there are two types of accounts one has to maintain in their life one is monetory account and another is divine virtues and good deeds. A doctor has to see its patients in terms of wealth, he should charged heavy from a wealthy patients and the same has to be contributed free of costs to the poor patients.

Life is full of joy and guster and in anyways "All is well". Contribute everything to God. whatever will happen in your life , it will happen for good cause only. Problems and Sorrow will not remain forever. The shelther and sunlight are always there in one's life. So, let's be prepare and welcome with an open arms whatever comes in our life whether in terms of sorrow or happiness.