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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Intractable Issues

We hear ed many times the news which are very difficult to listen or rather to get understand. It is out of perception, beliefs and intractable. One cannot understand how this can happen. We get amazed and shocked to hear the typical news and information.

We need to go insight of this problem and need to redress this suffering's and turmoil of this news. In today's world we get all types of news only related to sorrow, criticism, sufferings, hardships, corruption and exploitation. The world is now no more philantrophic in its nature. Everywhere and every now and than the disasters, untoward and catastrophe events happens which brings blues in to our life. Forget about natural calamities but man made calamities are very brutal and violent in nature.

I shall discuss of my personal incident which happened to me where all the roads and ways were chocked off at the deluge day. News were spread not to come out from your houses because the heavy rain happened to be for next twenty four hours except in case of an emergency. I managed to get an errand with my brother at coastal dock where the security prevented us not to go near. I regretted him and told that it would be better for me to die in the hands of nature.
Why to die in Trains, Buses, Taxis or rather any public places where man made bombs has been clandestinely placed. It is better to give our life to god.

I never get scared of death. Who wants to live in this dark and black world where life is full of dust and waste. Where people makes money in the name of religion, Where there is no respect for elders, no respect for parents and teachers, Artificial life, Kidnapping, Raping, Aassination, rampage and etc.

One has to lead a beautiful life with as much as love and caring from others. Life should be filled up with Joys and delight. There should be a flora and fauna in our surroundings. There should be a happy and great news when someone glue to their TV. Otherwise it would be very hard to live in this demons world.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Small Task - Big Success.

Hi Folks, there lies a big success from the meagre and trival work. Initially it would not be worth to go for it. Afterwards there lies a long way and successful route towards your goal. Gaining lot of experience at the intial stage, gives you a lot of confidence and fortitudeness at a longer stage.

What is to embarss to start with the little work. It is but obivious that certainly you get a good experience to get a fruit in future. Until and unless if you would not strive at your work , you wont get success. The big shots today are there for their contribution for their small work in the past.

Even the former president "Abraham Lincon"hardship and hardwork. Through the small work one grows bigger in future. Make to get the least work and get it fulfilled so as to give you maximum benefits afterwards.

The success in business lies in itself with the proprietor who wants to grow his bussiness. The true bussinessman is who, who never say no to his customer even also for giving free service to customer. The gold and coal mines gets developed only after starting with the small work i.e. boring a small hole in the land.

Nowadays people gets hesitate to do a small work. Many students after taking degrees wants to have a good and decect job with handsome salary. They refused the job for less salary and I dont know what they does.

I had my own experience to share with you that a owner of the hotel was very rigid with his tariffs of his rooms. He never compromise with the rates from his customers. One day came he were forced to shut his hotel but before doing so I had given the suggestions that by lowering your tariffs definately the customers will come and also to make a moderation in his tariffs to suit ones budget.

He then afterwards moderate his tariifs and charged different tariffs depending upon their requirement like for 2 hours. half day, one nights, Duplex deluxe Rooms etc. I rather made him understand that you will not come in to loss but rather you will gain and also you will be expanding your cutomer base and also simultaneously doing advertisement of your hotel. He had compromised with his management and see today his hotel business is going superb.

Why not for acheiving success in business, businessman gives a long term benefits in the form of huge discounts, free samples, more credit periods, lower rates, quality products, sales service in the begining to flourish them afterwards.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Naam Bade, Darshan Chote.

Hi Folks, This article covers of those people who always brag and boast. They show their richness by showing off thier attire in the form of wealth. They throw huge parties, get together and more or less involved in all activities which they can brag and boast.

I had worked as an computer software consultant with many small and medium size traders. They did not hesitate me for any sort. They were regular with their payment and other things why not I was also providing sales services. When I got an inquiry from multinationals, I was amazed and eager to work with them. Afterwards it culminated in to sorrow and sufferings from their side towards me regarding very slow process in their infrastructure. Big companies are held only to give sorrow and sufferings.

It is very difficult to get the payments in government and legal bodies companies. I am very happy working with small compnies. I hesitate or rather stopped in taking even an inquiry with big corporates. So, Finally Naam Bade aur Darshan Chote.

I dont understand how these corporates manage their routines. The same thing is their with our faith and love towards God. We love god and we do charity and other good deeds to make God Happy. Nowadays, also it has become commercialised. People does good deeds only to show their richness to others. Muslims go to Haj. Haj is compulsory only for once in your lifetime.Today people go for several times and make feel others that they are elite and rich.

Once in a village the priests declared to all their people that god has made the presence on their land and declared that he will reward a person who is very generous and kind in all his deeds.There became a huge queue of beggars at the gate of temple for the rich people to give alms to them. These peeople thought that by giving more alms and other stuff to beggars we will be rewarded by god. A stranger passing from that village saw this sceneraio and gave some penny to a beggar without having the knowledge of this event.

He gave penny with his full heart and love to that beggar. Though in his full life time he had never gone to temples to worship god. He made the god to stay him in his heart and during his life time he was doing all good deeds without any intention of any sort of rewards. Finally that stranger was selected for the reward by the almighty.

So, Please be simple and live what you are. Dont ever try to show your wealthiness at the cost of your life. And finally Naam Bade aur Darshan Chote.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Decline Of Mumbai Mills

Once stood at Lower Parel and Byculla area, I had recognised the textile mills stood in these areas. There were huge source of employement in the city. Now there is no such sceneraio available to look in to these areas.

People used to live happily and natural life, why not, they were very hard working, deligent. There were no computers and experts who were having the knowledge to operate the machines were doing their job gracefully.

I have my own experince of mill workers to share with you. These blue collars are very good by their heart. I really respect them but they are all disappeared as the mills shut down. In place of mills big malls, shopping complex and residential towers had emerged. This is the grim postion of our Indian land.

Indians culture and tradition were ever there for these blue collar people. Nowadays it got so modernised that manufacturing activities had vanished and malls, multiplexes had come in to foreplay.I really love workers and eurchins as they are very good and polite in their hearts.

During my childhood I remember those days af Lalbaug area where people used to go to mills and eating Wada Paav and chilling out at JHUNKAA BHAKAAR. Not to say of BHARAT MATA cinema. Where Marathi Pictures were getting released every friday. I respect Maharashtrians and their culture. Married Women used to tie Mogra Garlands on their back of head, Green bangles and Red Sindoor. Still you can see that glamour in Lalbaug and surrounding areas. Now it is fast vanishing.

Our culture has been getting detoirated in the hands of western culture which is very artifical.

People nowadys are become showy . We always take care of our heriage sites and do want to preserve them so as to remember our past and golden days.Why people never restore their original culture and traditins, occupations which was like a heaven in this lands of India.

This land of our country has been sold off to the western culture by our dirty politicians. They play a dirty game and spoiling our heritage and culture for the sake of money.

I do tell you about my experience at Lower Parel area in the year 1995 where I were used to work as an Accountant in the Printing press. During those days my Boss was undertaking the job of printing work from Kwality Icecreams. We were printing the Icecreams wrappers of Kwality Products. I had a very long Experience of these blue collar workers.

They used to come at thier usually job timings of about 8.30 am in the morning. Before delegating to their work they used to wear thir Job Clothes and after that Puja Path of Ganesha, Durga matta whatever and lighting of agarbattis and Diyas. They were distrubuting prasad among each other. This loveness and kindness are rarely seen in todays modern and mobile world. I really adore and admire their characters and personality which is been due share in our developing our country and to preserve its rights and privildges.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bollywood Buzz

Hi Folks ! This is to tell you why there is so much fuss and buzz of any celebrity. I dont know that why people go in such a long way to interfere in someones life. I am talking of about the bollywood celebrities.

The people are very concern of about their personal life. when they will get married or whether it is a second marriage or not?. Why they go to temples bare foot. Lets all celebrities go to hell why to bother them. They all are paid personalities. They are been paid for their glamour, glory, acting, performance etc.

I mean to say that you should not be so crazy after them. I have seen many people getting crazy after Big B. When they discuss or apreciate, I feel really disgusting about it. He has been paid by us, On the contarary he has to be after us. In business point of view sellers are always after the customers and not vice versa.

Lets discuss some good personalities whom had change and support our daily life like great scientists. Last but not the least even politicians are also very helpful to us. We should discuss of about them their Birthdays, Likings and moreover their personal life.

I always remember the great personalities for thier fortitude and greatness. One should remember those personalities , whom had given their life for good cause. A person is always remember for ever when he comes to use for others. People always reminds him even after his death.

Lets spends no time in intervening the bollywood personalities but to remember those who really does good deeds and to become one like them.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Business Tactitcs

As this is the world of Business. Everbody is eager to grow its business. One has to face many difficulties which comes in a way. One has to adjust so as to comply with customer needs and satisfaction.Customer is the king in todays market.

Being proffessional in your approach and outlook will not support your management in getting success in your business. One has to be flexible with the changes in the business. One has to take attention of their competitors role in the market. One has to take care and needs for the customers and also support after the sales.

Everyone liked to be graced and appreciated in their spending. The good seller is the one who always take care and love their customers. What kind of love he will give to his clients?, by giving a long term credit period, heavy discounts, free samples, gifts on high purchases, etc and etc.

One will loss his clients if he doesnt compensate with the prices of his product. To establish ones business intially one has to keep the prices of his product low and that to offer good quality product at the cost of his loss. If he boom afterwards and making place in the hearts of his customers he can claim for normal prices.

Never say no to your customers. If the service or product you cannot provide arrange for him from the different source. Likewise it will create good repo for your customers and alternate or third party seller. Do your work honestly and do not consider your high profit margins. Offer services and products to your customers loyally and honestly.

Place the trust in Cutomers, adjust with them, be polite with them, learn from them, provide good and quality products and services with them and see the results, after a short span of time the result is that you will definately rule the entire market and you will become king and millionare.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

This year has come with new offerings, challenges, oppurtunities, ideas and new concepts to change the enity of ones self. This is the only time to give up with the bad ideas and develop contemporary styles and ideas. We always takes new resolutions in the new year to put in to habits those reslutions in our entire life.

This is only the time to rejenuavete ourself and the aura of our body and suroundings.We have to enlighten ourself so as to see changes in ourself and surroundings. I have seen many people who are stereoyped and restrict to change themselves. We should be dynamic in our attitude and approach. We should develop new ideas and beliefs as per changing world environment.

Todays coomunication is so fast to reach our message with no seconds of time. In this Information technologhy one can accesss internet to get information and knowledge of the whole world. The world is becoming shorter and shorter that even we could not believe the person there at overseas is there next to us thanks for internet chatting and e mail.

In this world, I find many people orthodox and unfamiliar with this concepts. They never change their attitude and always stick to their old attitude. They are always sick in their outlook and dealings. An intelliigent man is so called when he has couraged to change his attitude and nature. One has to be dynamic like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was a dynamic person who always love to live with changes.

Changes makes a perfect man. Without changes he always remain stable and fugile. His life will become dull and boring. So with new year change your habits like change your habits for your outlook, food patterns, changing Life styles, Behaviour patterns, ettiquete patterns, dealings, etc.

Welcome this new year by taking the new resolutions and adhere to your new resolutions to your entire life which makes your life fresh and recreating .