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Monday, May 28, 2007

Happiness is to make yourself happy.

Happiness not lies in attaining the goals or desired hopes. It lies with what you are and your present scenerio and surroundings. I always point out the most relevant points in almost all my posts of spiritual and positive thinking.Spiritual people are least effected in their ups and down in thier life rather they are with the melodious tune with the almighty.

They adjust their present scenrio and are are contend and happy with thier life. We normal people has a swinging mood of happiness ana sadness. The strong people can be called who knows to adjust with materilastic and mundane and calm down their nerves to soothe thier inner soul and intellect. They never get annoyed, happy, sad and arrogant as they think themselves that they are the actors in the drama and link this life which is full of happiness and sorrow as their stage which they want to perform in any changing situation.

Spiritual people prayers differ from our prayers. They meditate and link with the god to have a loveful and sweet conversation with him as we pray only for our hopes, desires, achievement which is never to be get ended. We people are very selfish and only ask for more and more to GOD instead of thanking and grateful to him with our present life and comforts.

I can narrate the best example of my friend who always seem to be very happy to others since he is a only son of the big business tycoon. I once asked him that you are lucky of having a big business, prestigiuos life & good comforts, he complained that he is very back as against with his compitetors in his business. He want to become a No 1 in his business field. He always complain to GOD for lacking of his knowledge, experience, know how & expertise in his business as compared to his competitors and thats fore his mind gets confused and always to be found in dilemma stage. Though he tends to remain happy from outside but inside he is half complete and lost his feeling of senses.

I made him understand not to under estimate yourself, rather stop brooming aroung your problems and grievences. Console yourself first, work as per your capacity, have a faith in GOD, dont look up but always looks down the people that atleast you have that advantage to live in palace and having a rich palate of dishes and food. Dont complain to GOD and fell regress as compare to your competitors but thanks to almighty for fixing him in the banner of his under arms and to remain always with him in the pink of health.

He practised the way which I taught him and soon his perception and attitude of life got changed with the happiness and spiritual sparks which he had from inside which was also getting tuned with his outer appearance.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Goods Deeds, What God Needs.

Good Deeds, Indeed Good deeds to say is to pray to god and observing rituals. In a complete sense it include all those stuff which makes you feel pure and better so as to able to live happily and to others. I had seen Gurus, Saints, Sanyasis, Maulana who are very religious and dear and near to God. Its really to believe are they happy from inside or pious in their dealing with others.

Enchanting Mantras and Rosary does not make one to come near to God. What God wants do all they people knows. They only know to worship almighty one has to go to Temples, Gurudwara, Masjid, Mosques, Church, Fire Temples, Pagoda etc. Worship in the real sense is to make capable to ourself in such a way as you cannot swing your mood in any circumstances. Anger, Greed, Arrogant make the man Evil. God like only those who can empower with all these evils.

To remain calm and intellect is the prerequsite to come close to almighty. I can narrate the very good example of Mr Swami Vivekanand, Who once visited to British Council at London. To show his generousity and populace of him he never got annoyed when the Bhagwat Geeta was placed at the bottom of all the religious books. The Veteren Officer insulted him by telling that Bible is more Popular and believable than Bhagwat Geeta. That's Why it is been placed on the top of all religious books.

Mr Swami Vivekanand did not lose his temper and he laughed and slowly he pushed the Bhagwat Geeta little to make all the books fall at one go. He explained and said that of on all the books bhagwat Geeta is the base or Foundation. If some one would there at his place he would make the situtation tense and wild and put unnecessary violent at the council. Everybody got admire with him and praised his intellect.

Even helping other in their rescue is the biggest prayers of all the prayers. Once in a temple the saint gone to a pool of water to have a bath for his session of mantras and artis to begin in a short time. When he saw the lady getting drowned in the pool, he abondoned his prayers for the sake of a lady to get her save from the death.
So be wanna become the children of God by only throwing the tantrums and becoming spiritual as shown in the above examples.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ways to Generate more income

I have noticed many people who are very eager to earn more as to make easy going with their livelihood. Working hard do not put you in to loss, but extremely too hard can cause a subtle effect. There should be always to maintain a balance in life. Too much or too less can put you in to harm.

There are side effects for any cause. Working more than 8 hours in a day puts your health in a pathetic conditions and you will be in the hands of many dreadful diseases. So one has to be very careful to take up with any issue, one has to study its pros and cons.

I can give you the best example of my neighbour who had come for my advice to give job to his wife from my circle. I told him that doing a job is not easy and that to ladies. He narrated me that there is no solution to run our house. I gave him a niche idea why you dont cut down your costs in your routine life so as to save more money and there by generating more income.

Cutting down your costs or expenses can give you better relief and peace of mind and thereby generating more income Like suppose

1 ) If you are non- veg put in a habit to become veg as non veg foods are more expensive and more over veg foods enhances your health and put you out from many dreadful diseases.

2 ) Try to make home made dishes as freaking out would be more expensive and time consuming.

3 ) Like wise for shorter distances go by walking instead of using vehicles there by reducing the costs of your fuel and moreover you would be getting good exercise to your body in the form of walking.

4 ) House wives also generate income in the form of saving as with office goers women in the form doing the household chores like cooking, washing, cleaning, buying groceries, caring, supervising, imparting education to their kids. As office goers women don t get the time and as they keep maids for which they have to incur higher expenses.

5 ) Changing habits and life styles also make contribution in the form of savings. Lead a normal and simple life which make you feel better and comfortable.

6 ) Showy people spend extravagant to show its prestige and there by incuring heavy expenses and loss.

7 ) Meditation, yoga, prayers makes your mind cool and relaxed and you will spend only on those subjects which really minds you.

There are many ways to make your expenses reduce but it should not go in that way that make you to put it in a great hardships otherwise the life will become dull and boring and make other people seem to believe that he is so miser that he cant intake proper food as to save his money.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Travelling - Mania

This is with reference to the trips done. People travel from one place to another with reference to holidays, relatives, native place or casual trips.

In journey we come across with many people and make friendship with them. We become so close that we get indulged with them and we cannot like by leaving them aside. Whereever we go we take with them. I remember my honey moon trip to Mahableshwar there we came across with a couple whose nature was very similar to us.

We used to had Lunch & dinner with them and for the sight seeing also we two couples were together. We used to share our feelings and opinions about our martial life and other issues with them. How we had spend those golden days that when I recollect those memories I really feel to get back those days again in my life. Really one can get very close to each other especially durng the journey.

There were many trips there we had done afterwards. Not to mention those trips where we made the friends in train journey. What had happened afterwards that all these freindships turned futile. They were the friends only with the journey and when journey got over they didnt remember and had gone to their real life.

Trips and journeys are forgetable, but the sweet memories spend with someone is not easily forgetabble and to retain those memories one has to keep in touch with those journey friends to make those memories in to reality.