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Monday, June 25, 2007

Sometimes, to become an Extra Ordinary

Hi folks want to be a successful bussinessman ? Want to be a No 1 in your business ? Want to make your company grow? These are all related questions that comes in to foray while perspecting the above issues.

Normally, the people tends to go in a systematic ways and approach to achieve the above targets like costs minimisation, quality control, time management, automation, labour costs etc.
These are all prime factors that has to be there for which there is no way out and why not, one cannot oversee these factors. www.AmericanSmallBusiness.com

Apart from the above factors there should be intense with the HRD Department which involves the administration and appproach towards its employees. Routine chores ammendment is fine with the management but besides these there should be more for which it contributes the overall growth and development of the company, like announces the special package for those who finishes their work for lesser time, outing, one day picnic for the staff, recretational activities, etc which could not be the part of their activities.

Inner cost minimisation and towards it if there is an increase in the morale and efficiecy in emplooyees then there is a bound of growth for the company. The sense of belonging has to be created in the minds of the employees .

Like wise in our personal life also there doesn't remain harmony with our family members.
Love, trust, mutual understanding had foregone and they live as they are forced to live with each other. The bond of relationship has to be remove, otherwise it is very difficult to live in the same house. One has to be open with each other as under prescribed boundaries and limits.Besides, fulfilling our daily chores with each other sometimes one has to become an extraordinary to create fun and thus to increase charm and love in one's relationship.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life After the Age of 35 years.

Life seems to be very miserable and confusing at the time of starting carrers, application for jobs, marriages, after marriages and then after the future of our kids. It is never ending process and continues. It is non stop and we people are endulged in fulfilling our responsibilties.

It is more to be complex and comprehend at the beginning of our teenagers as we had finished schooling, then comes for addmission in colleges and universities. After than that the confusion and stress comes for the jobs. After than that the choosing the correct life partners than the housing problems, family affairs, and other stuff. After that kids and their education. We never become tension free in life as it continues one after the another.

But as I said the life becomes very smooth and comfortable after the age of 35 years since all the process which he has to get completed has been almost done and that to successfully. The man looks more smart and handsome as compared to teenagers as he is very well secured with his life,wife, jobs & childrens as exceptional some are not happy with their jobs, family, financial problems as it is a different issues.

If all these above process can go along with the time and as he gets good results out of it so the man is complete in himself accurately after the age of only 35. As been said there are ups and downs in life and as rarely someone gets benefits at the age of 35,. I think only the Luckiest person gets happiness at this age otherwise there is a roaring and crying with some or other sorts of issues. A man doesn't gets all the things in a good ways. He suffers from one sort or other, like he is there with a good job but not good wife and vice versa and there the frustutation begins.

Normally, at the age of 35 a man can complete the whole process properly as he gets the resources in a proper way, otherwise his life will always be in tense even at the age of 75.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Creditworthiness of a Wealthy Person.

Hi Folks, This is wanna something related to show of to others in th form of attire, status, royality etc. I don't understand is that it counts to others in quality. Quality does not mean to lead a comfortable life or rather to put an image of an elite to others. Money, richness cannot judge the worthiness of a person.

On the Contrary they are very worst than to the ordinary people. They (Big tycoons) are very greddy and miser in their dealings. They are only there to accumulate weath but cannot give to others in the form of donation, charity or by helping others in the monetary form. They are there only to spend money on gambling, discotheques, Horce Races, Kitty parties, Buying all prestigious and valuable stuff. They make cry to their employees, workers by making them helpless and extracting very hard and more work from them.

I thought that they are ever happy in their life than to our ordinary people, but I was wrong they live a very hectic life and thay are always puzzle with their life. Their business mostly of them goes on a rolling basis. They are in a deep debt with the banks and financial institutions. Inspite of this they dont understand but always wants to show their richness by making a show of them with buying new bunglows, flats, large scale parties and wedding, so their reputation does not get disturbed among their circle.

They take due care of their prestige and status and they always maintain their status in the market and in their family at the expense of their life. They are very poor and sad from inside and always feel insecure with their life. What is the use of this wealth which cannot give happiness and comfort. They are very egostic and never manage themselves in low key areas.

They does not get a sound sleep but always getting worry with some sort or other. With this their heath gets affected and gets attached with many dreadful diseases. More the person is wealthy more he is close to diseases. I had seen many posh people consume more medicines than to hard working labour jobs. This is a lesson to you that money makes a person arrogant he loses his own identity and treating others as slaves. He becomes restful and so he gets caught by many diseases.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Adaptation for to go in the Changing Scenerios

Hi Folks ! There is need to be careful in this changing scenerio. I had observed a person who dare was a biggest enemy with his stenchmen and after couple period of time they again came close and afterwards again seperated and again came foreword. I did not understand their repo with each other. After with deep intitution it happen me to understand that in this world no one remains constant as every differs and change at a very specific time period.

To keep on going in to this world remember one proverb "lets forgive and forget others " . Not to remain in to the dogma of our principle line of code of conduct. The occean sometime become wild and stormy but it also have other shades of peace and calm. The best example is of the occean which keeps on changing its form from one to another like stormy, demon, wild, silent, slowy, etc. It is very important to be dynamic in this world you have to compromise with yourself to keep on going in to your life but not to that extent that it costs or need to pay price for some sort.

The management of a company was so superb that it can survive with any changing political, economical, natural scenerios. Why not because the dogma of the objectives was not fixed. One has to be flexible for others happiness and to our own habit. Remove the stigma of Stubborn from yourself and anything can happen at any point of time.

The agenda of the meeting was fixed that not to be part with their customers who have not cleared their dues mean time but it can be revoke after sometime only after detail study and the demand of changing time. Time plays very important role and time only says worthiness of clients. People are not bad but time makes them bad and they are coerce to do that work because of their dire needs.

There once travelled three persons in the yatch belonging to the different caste. The storm had taken its toll and they were toiled but indeed went in to vain. At the last moment they all three prayed to their respective diety for their saviour. Christian got acknowledge from his saviour. Muslim also got response from his saviour. The last one who was Hindu was a stong worshipper of Lord SHANKAR. His dogma remain fixed with his code of principle of worship that he died but never taken help from others who had come in betweem in disguise of fisherman, aircraft, loundge. His intellect said that LORD Shankara personally come to save him.

After his death, his soul departed to heavenly world where he met SHANKARA to remorse his death. SHANKARA told him that he knows that you are my true follower and I love my all followers. I came to your rescue but you denied and stuck to your dogma.

Turning point can happen at any time and at any momment but if you are flexible in your perception you can pursue this golden oppurtunity at an ease. God helps us that it does not mean that there will be rain of money. Rain of money will be their in the form of great business deal, unexpected flow of income, lottery winnings, legal heir in deceased property, Discounts, profits, increament, promotions, lieutments etc.